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Polls Show Georgia Races Are Tight
Polls Show Georgia
Races Are Tight

Polls Show Georgia Races Are Tight

Control of the Senate hinges on 2 runoff elections next month

(Newser) - With about a month to go before Georgia's crucial runoff races for the Senate, a new poll suggests tight finishes loom in both contests. In a SurveyUSA poll commissioned for 11Alive , Democratic challenger Jon Ossoff (50%) is essentially deadlocked with GOP incumbent Sen. David Perdue (48%), while in the...

Georgia Republicans Worried About Trump&#39;s Message
Georgia Republicans Worried
About Trump's Message
the rundown

Georgia Republicans Worried About Trump's Message

They fear his claims of election fraud will depress GOP turnout in Senate runoffs

(Newser) - President Trump's insistence that the election was rigged appears to be having an unintended effect in Georgia: Republicans are voicing concerns that his angry supporters won't turn out to vote in next month's two runoff races for the Senate because they see it as futile. Coverage:
  • The

Icon's Grave Gets Protection From Election Tributes

'I Voted' stickers are hard on Susan B. Anthony's gravestone

(Newser) - Susan B. Anthony remains an inspiration, but her headstone just can't take an Election Day honor anymore. Visitors to the cemetery in Rochester, New York, where the suffragette is buried often leave "I Voted" stickers behind. Adhesive residue and solvents that were employed to remove the stickers have...

Victory by Morales' Party Could Swing Bolivia Left

Arce claims victory and suggests stopping the nation's shift to the right

(Newser) - Evo Morales' party has claimed victory in a presidential election that appears to sharply shift Bolivia away from the conservative policies of the US-backed interim government that took power after the leftist leader resigned and fled the country a year ago. The leading rival of Morales's handpicked successor, Luis...

Ardern Wins NZ Reelection Amid a 'Major Shift'

Prime minister's Labour Party may end up as first party to have majority of votes in nearly 70 years

(Newser) - She first gained international attention for her empathy while handling the 2019 Christchurch mosque shootings and the White Island volcano eruption . Then she led New Zealand out of the worst of the coronavirus outbreak. Now, another victory for Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern: She's won her reelection bid, in a...

NYC Scrambles to Remedy Ballot Snafu: 'So Disappointed'

Absentee voters in Brooklyn receive return envelopes with wrong name, address due to printer error

(Newser) - As the election nears and more people than usual are opting for absentee ballots due to the pandemic, voters in one New York City borough have flagged an error that officials are now scrambling to remedy. Per Gothamist , multiple voters in Brooklyn have reported that the absentee ballot they received...

One Way Trump Could Try to Contest Results
Refuse to Concede?
Here's One Theory
the rundown

Refuse to Concede? Here's One Theory

'Atlantic' reports Trump could ask GOP state legislators to set aside electoral results

(Newser) - President Trump set off a political ruckus Wednesday when he declined to commit to a peaceful transfer of power after the results of the election are in. "We're going to have to see what happens," said the president, who again questioned the accuracy of mass voting by...

Facebook to Employees: Here's Time Off, Go Work Those Polls

Company joins in efforts to alleviate shortage of poll workers for Election 2020

(Newser) - With shortages of poll workers looming before the election, one big tech company is stepping up to help fill that gap. Facebook executives told Axios this week that it will be offering its employees additional paid time off so they can become poll workers if they so choose, which would...

Zuckerberg, Chan Just Gave Huge Boost to Election Setup

Goal of $300M donation: 'to preserve the integrity of our elections'

(Newser) - Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan are donating $300 million to help secure the November election. The majority of that—some $250 million—will go to the Center for Tech and Civic Life, a nonprofit that seeks to modernize US elections, according to a Tuesday announcement, per Axios . The remaining $50...

Top General: Military Won't Get Involved in Contested Election

Joint Chiefs of Staff chair Mark Milley says courts, Congress would have to settle any such dispute

(Newser) - Two weeks ago, what the National Review calls a "bizarre open letter" emerged regarding the upcoming election. The letter from the Defense One site offered a hypothetical in which President Trump refuses to leave office in January after losing the election, then reminded Joint Chiefs of Staff Chair Gen....

Delay the Election? Trump Can&#39;t Do Much
Delay the Election? Trump
Hemmed In by Constitution
the rundown

Delay the Election? Trump Hemmed In by Constitution

Only Congress can make such a move

(Newser) - President Trump just went there . In a morning tweet on Thursday, he raised the possibility of delaying the Nov. 3 election because of the pandemic. But as many have been quick to point out, the president doesn't have the authority to make such a move himself. Coverage:
  • The Constitution:

Ominous Warning from Counterintel Chief on Election

NCSC's William Evanina says Russia, China, Iran are trying to sway voters; Dems want more

(Newser) - The country's top counterintelligence official issued a warning Friday regarding the US election in November, though he's getting some pushback from Democratic leaders. "Foreign nations continue to use influence measures in social and traditional media in an effort to sway US voters' preferences and perspectives, to shift...

It's Official: Progressive Ousts Longtime NYC Congressman

AP calls the race for Jamaal Bowman, leaving Democrat Eliot Engel out after 16 terms

(Newser) - Former middle-school teacher Jamaal Bowman declared victory shortly after the June 23 New York primary in his race against longtime New York City Congressman Eliot Engel. But with a large haul of mail-in ballots to be counted due to the pandemic, Bowman wasn't able to officially be deemed the...

Newcomer Declares Victory in AOC-Like Stunner
Newcomer Declares Victory
in AOC-Like Stunner
the rundown

Newcomer Declares Victory in AOC-Like Stunner

Jamaal Bowman says he has ousted longtime Congressman Eliot Engel in New York City

(Newser) - The race hasn't been officially called, but it appears that longtime New York City Congressman Eliot Engel is being ousted by a political novice in the mold of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The newcomer is Jamaal Bowman, a 44-year-old middle school principal and progressive, who declared victory in the Democratic primary...

Blind Voters Worry About Balloting Changes

In an election during a pandemic, many fear loss of privacy and independence

(Newser) - Not that long ago, Ann Byington had to squeeze into a voting booth with a Republican poll watcher on one side and a Democrat on the other reading her voting choices out loud so her ballot could be marked for her and the selections verified. Blind since birth, Byington welcomed...

Georgia&#39;s Election: &#39;Some Sneaky Trick&#39;?
Georgia Election:
'Some Sneaky Trick'?
the rundown

Georgia Election: 'Some Sneaky Trick'?

Republicans and Democrats duel over who to blame

(Newser) - Democrats and black activists are saying Georgia's botched primary election was no mistake—it was by design, and someone needs to pay. "There's always some sneaky trick that's played," Democratic activist Bobby Fuse, 68, tells CNN . "This time, they had a whole bunch of...

Biden Raises Prospect of Trump Escorted From White House

He says it would happen if president loses election but refuses to leave

(Newser) - Joe Biden already has voiced worries that President Trump may try to delay the November election. On Wednesday night, he went further, telling Trevor Noah of The Daily Show that he's worried Trump will try to "steal" the election if he's heading toward a loss. "It'...

Kushner Causes a Fuss Over Possible Election Delay
Causes a Fuss
Over Possible
Election Delay
the rundown

Kushner Causes a Fuss Over Possible Election Delay

He clarifies comments, says he knows of no discussions to postpone November vote

(Newser) - Joe Biden, for one, thinks President Trump will try to postpone the November 3 election. Trump himself has adamantly denied this, insisting as recently as last month that the vote will take place as scheduled. Now Jared Kushner has injected a new dose of controversy into the issue with comments...

Trump: China 'Will Do Anything' to Spoil My Reelection

President also doesn't believe polls giving Biden the edge

(Newser) - President Trump's reelection bid is shakier than it was at the end of 2019, thanks to the coronavirus and an upended economy—and he's now pointing the finger at China for that. Trump, who has been vocal in blaming China for the spread of the virus by not...

Elijah Cummings' Replacement Has Been Elected

Kweisi Mfume wins over GOPer Kimberly Klacik for 7th Congressional District seat in Maryland

(Newser) - It was a race in Maryland "dramatically reshaped by the coronavirus pandemic," and one man has easily emerged victorious, per NBC News . Democrat Kweisi Mfume, 71, who was the head of the NAACP for nearly nine years, defeated Republican Kimberly Klacik in a special election held Tuesday to...

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