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Bikers for Trump Founder Is Running for Congress

He wants to unseat 'liberal Democrat' in SC

(Newser) - The South Carolina man who founded Bikers for Trump to block protesters at Trump campaign rallies now plans a campaign of his own. Chris Cox says he plans to run against Charleston Democrat Joe Cunningham for a US House seat, the State reports. Cunningham defeated Katie Arrington in the 2018... More »

Feds: Congressman Spent Campaign Cash on 5 Affairs

More legal woes for Rep. Duncan Hunter

(Newser) - US Rep. Duncan Hunter of California illegally used campaign money to finance romantic flings with lobbyists and congressional aides, spending thousands of dollars on meals, cocktails, and vacations, federal prosecutors say. A government court filing Monday detailed allegations about the married Republican congressman's affairs with five women following an... More »

They Debated Abortion. What She Said Next Brought Groans

Calif. Rep. Norma Torres got irritated during conversation

(Newser) - Remarks by a California Democratic congresswoman during a debate about abortion on the House floor Wednesday spurred "audible outrage," per Roll Call . Lawmakers were discussing Health and Human Services appropriations bills and how spending on abortion fit in. Florida GOP Rep. Ross Spano objected to some of the... More »

Republican Who Called Trump 'Impeachable' Quits Caucus

Justin Amash has quit the House Freedom Caucus

(Newser) - A Republican congressman who's been going hard after President Trump, calling his actions "impeachable," made a big move Monday, stepping down from a group he co-founded. Politico reports that on Monday night, Michigan Rep. Justin Amash—deemed the "lone-wolf GOP Trump critic" by the Washington Post ... More »

Congress Finally Approves $19B Disaster Aid Bill

Trump deletes tweet after calling for Senate to approve bill it passed 2 weeks ago

(Newser) - A long-delayed $19.1 billion disaster aid bill sailed through the House on Monday and headed to President Trump for his expected signature, overcoming months of infighting, misjudgment, and a feud between Trump and congressional Democrats. Lawmakers gave the measure final congressional approval by 354-58 in the House's first... More »

A Republican Again Prevents House From Passing Disaster Aid

John Rose calls spending 'irresponsible'

(Newser) - A House Republican lawmaker on Thursday prevented the House from sending a multibillion-dollar disaster relief bill to President Trump. This time, it was John Rose of Tennessee who objected when the package came up for unanimous consent—the only way legislation can pass when the House is on recess, CNN... More »

'Full Rights' for LGBT People, a Pelosi Priority, Clears House

Similar measure lacks GOP support in Senate

(Newser) - Democrats in the House carried sweeping anti-discrimination legislation to passage Friday, a bill that would extend civil rights protections to LGBT people by prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. The protections would extend to employment, housing, loan applications, education, public accommodations, and other areas, the AP reports.... More »

Ocasio-Cortez Sets Record as She Takes the Gavel

Youngest woman to preside over House likes the view

(Newser) - Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez achieved a first when she briefly presided over the House on Friday. That made her, at age 29, the youngest woman to do so, Reuters reports. The speaker's job is Nancy Pelosi's, of course, but when she's away, the gavel rotates among members of the... More »

DOJ to House Committee: Don't Hold Your Breath

William Barr may not show up Thursday as expected

(Newser) - The Justice Department has informed the House Judiciary Committee that Attorney General William Barr may not attend a Thursday hearing to review special counsel Robert Mueller's report due to objections over the panel's format, according to a Democratic senior committee aide. The department has balked at the panel'... More »

House Unanimously Votes for Mueller Report to Be Released

House passes non-binding resolution calling for report to be made public

(Newser) - In a unanimous 420-0 vote Thursday, the House passed a resolution calling for special counsel Robert Mueller's report to be made public once it is complete. Though Democrats and Republicans alike overwhelmingly supported the non-binding measure, four Republicans did vote "present," and one explains to the Hill... More »

Pelosi Closes Pence's House Office Space

He was first VP to get bonus office in 25 years, Democrats say

(Newser) - The Democrats are now in control of the House—and Mike Pence has lost the bonus office space he was awarded by the Republicans in 2017. A House Democratic aide confirms to NPR that the rarely used office has been reassigned under House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. As president of the... More »

Now Dividing House Dems, GOP: Nickelback

Congressmen spar over the notorious '90s band

(Newser) - It seems Democrats and Republicans can't even agree on one of the world's most-hated bands. "I didn't think we were gonna talk about Nickelback on the floor today," Rep. Mark Pocan, a Democrat from Wisconsin, said Thursday after he himself broached the subject while stating... More »

House Easily Passes 'Anti-Semitism' Resolution

Resolution actually covers all sorts of bigotry

(Newser) - Divided in debate but mostly united in a final vote, the House passed a resolution condemning anti-Semitism and other bigotry Thursday, with Democrats trying to push past a dispute that has overwhelmed their agenda and exposed fault lines that could dog them through elections next year. The one-sided 407-23 vote... More »

House Passes First Major Gun Control Measure in Almost 25 Years

Bill requires background checks for all gun sales

(Newser) - The Democratic-controlled House on Wednesday approved a measure requiring federal background checks for all firearms sales and transfers, the first major gun control legislation considered by Congress in nearly 25 years. Democrats called the 240-190 vote a major step to end the gun lobby's grip on Washington and begin... More »

House Wields Vietnam-Era Power in Rebuking Trump

Lawmakers pass a bill regarding the war in Yemen

(Newser) - The new Democratic-led House sent President Trump a message Wednesday, and it's a doozy: Stop supporting Saudi Arabia's war in Yemen. Lawmakers easily passed the measure, 248-177, in a display of frustration over the war's humanitarian crisis and Washington's ongoing ties to Riyadh after journalist Jamal... More »

Longest-Serving Lawmaker in US History Dies

John Dingell served with presidents from Eisenhower to Obama

(Newser) - Former US Rep. John Dingell, the longest-serving member of Congress in American history, has died. The Michigan Democrat, who mastered legislative deal-making and was fiercely protective of Detroit's auto industry, was 92. Dingell, who served in the US House for 59 years before retiring in 2014, died Thursday at... More »

Whitaker Sets Condition for House Testimony

Committee authorizes a subpoena if necessary

(Newser) - After a House panel authorized a subpoena to summon the acting attorney general to appear Friday, Matthew Whitaker said he'll testify—as long as there's no subpoena. Whitaker said in a statement that the subpoena vote broke his agreement with the panel to appear voluntarily, the Washington Post... More »

House Dems to Force Vote Against Shutdowns

GOP not happy about symbolic vote they call 'totally partisan' messaging

(Newser) - House Democrats are planning to hold a vote against government shutdowns on Wednesday—a symbolic move that will do nothing to prevent another shutdown, but will force House Republicans to go on the record as being for or against shutdowns. A draft of the measure seen by Politico states that... More »

War Veteran Throws Hat in the Ring for 2020

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard says it's about 'war and peace'

(Newser) - Think Democrats are running the same old faces in 2020? Try Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii, who revealed her candidacy Friday: "I have decided to run and will be making a formal announcement within the next week," said the 37-year-old Army National Guard veteran on CNN's The ... More »

After House Vote, Shutdown Now Looks 'Almost Certain'

Bill with border wall funding passes 217-185

(Newser) - The conservative House Freedom Caucus scored a huge victory Thursday night—but it was one that may lead to a government shutdown by the end of Friday. After conservatives dug in their heels over a short-term spending bill from the Senate that did not include funds for President Trump's... More »

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