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Santos Rung Up on 3rd Expulsion Resolution

It's the 'most appropriate punishment,' says House Ethics Committee Chair Michael Guest

(Newser) - George Santos has survived two attempts to expel him from Congress, but can he escape a third? Less than 24 hours after the House Ethics Committee issued a damning report accusing the New York Republican of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign funds— purportedly used on personal trips,...

After Scathing Ethics Report, Santos Won't Seek Reelection

House ethics panel finds 'substantial evidence' he broke federal laws

(Newser) - George Santos says he won't be running for reelection to Congress in the wake of a devastating House Ethics panel report. Not that he's contrite: In a long post on X , Santos called the report a "disgusting politicized smear," per the Washington Post . Near the end...

House Dems Whisked Out of DNC HQ Amid Ceasefire Protest

USCP says 6 officers were injured by 'violent' protesters; protesters say police attacked them

(Newser) - A protest Wednesday outside DC's Democratic National Committee headquarters in favor of a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas war led to an evacuation of House Democrats sheltered there, as well as violent clashes between demonstrators and law enforcement. US Capitol Police and DC's Metropolitan Police were on the scene...

Texas Rep. Does U-Turn on Leaving Congress

Pat Fallon says son talked him out of leaving Washington to return to Texas Senate

(Newser) - Rep. Pat Fallon announced Monday that he was going to run for his old seat in the Texas Senate instead of seeking a third term in Congress—but he changed his mind within 24 hours. The Republican lawmaker said Tuesday that he plans to seek re-election to the House after...

Johnson Cites 'Misunderstanding' on Separation of Church, State

Christian conservative speaker claims religious influence on public life was meant to be protected

(Newser) - The new House speaker has thrown his support behind former President Trump while aiming to correct what he claims is a "misunderstanding" about a core principle of US government. According to Mike Johnson, the Founding Fathers very much wanted faith to influence public life, despite the First Amendment prohibiting...

Rashida Tlaib Censured by House
House Censures
Rashida Tlaib

House Censures Rashida Tlaib

She says her criticism of Israeli government does not amount to antisemitism

(Newser) - Days after a resolution to censure her was blocked in the House of Representatives, the chamber on Tuesday voted to censure Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib. The Republican-led resolution passed 234-188, with four Republicans voting against it and 22 Democrats voting for it, CNN reports. Tlaib, the first Palestinian-American woman to...

House GOP Tries to Slash Buttigieg's Salary to $1

Though amendment is unlikely to go anywhere

(Newser) - House Republicans on Tuesday once again used one of the chamber's rules to rebuke a member of the Biden administration, moving to reduce Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg's salary to $1. The salary cut was passed via voice vote as an amendment to a 2024 spending bill, Politico reports....

House Approves Taking Money From IRS, Sending It to Israel

Biden, Senate Democrats say they won't approve splitting off funding for Ukraine

(Newser) - The Republican-run House approved $14 billion in emergency assistance for Israel on Thursday, but it has strings attached that President Biden and Senate leaders say they won't accept. The bill would cut about the same amount of funding from the Internal Revenue Service, the Washington Post reports. And the...

Santos Survives Vote on Expulsion
to Keep

House Votes to Keep Santos

Republicans help block censure of Tlaib

(Newser) - Rep. George Santos easily survived a vote to expel him from the House on Wednesday night as most Republicans opted to withhold punishment while both his criminal trial and a House Ethics Committee investigation proceed. A resolution to censure Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib over her criticism of Israel also was...

Dems Tried, Now GOP Takes a Swing at Booting Santos

New York Republicans make good on threat to make a motion to expel freshman congressman

(Newser) - Earlier this month, a group of House Republicans announced they'd seek to purge a fellow New York congressman from their ranks, with one calling Rep. George Santos "a stain on the institution." Now, they're making good on their plans. The Hill reports that on Thursday, Rep....

House GOP Looks to Go From 8 Hopefuls to 1

Vote on speaker candidates set for 9am ET

(Newser) - The three-week-old GOP leadership crisis could be resolved Tuesday, though some Republicans remain doubtful. House Republicans will gather at 9am ET to vote again for speaker after denying Majority Leader Steve Scalise and Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan. They'll choose between the eight candidates that remained on Monday night...

Reports: Jim Jordan Won't Seek a 3rd Speaker Vote

He's expected to back a plan to give more power to interim Speaker Patrick McHenry

(Newser) - After losing two votes for the House speakership, Jim Jordan will forgo a third, reports the Washington Post and CNN . The conservative Republican is instead expected to back a plan to allow interim Speaker Patrick McHenry to remain in the post longer, with increased powers, per Axios . The plan was...

Jim Jordan Is About to Try Again
Things Got Worse
for Jim Jordan in Round 2

Things Got Worse for Jim Jordan in Round 2

He got 199 votes, needs 217

(Newser) - As Jim Jordan and some of his allies predicted, things got worse for the would-be House speaker in the second round of voting. He could only afford to lose four Republican votes but lost 22 on Wednesday, up from 20 in Tuesday's vote; that gave him a total of...

GOPer Explains His Choice for 'Terrible' House Speaker Job

Colorado Rep. Ken Buck voted for colleague Tom Emmer as a 'joke,' rather than vote for Jim Jordan

(Newser) - Republican Rep. Ken Buck's choice for House speaker on Tuesday was a person he doesn't want to be speaker, which, in the words of CNN's Dana Bash, "says a lot about where we are right now." Sitting down with Bash after Tuesday's speaker vote,...

Amid Uncertainty in House, a Bipartisan Deal Looks Possible

Meanwhile, Nikki Haley tries to shift blame to President Biden

(Newser) - As the chaos in the House of Representatives continues, with the latest GOP nominee for speaker, Jim Jordan, nowhere close to the votes he needs and the House-wide vote reportedly set for Tuesday , some were starting to discuss the possibility of a bipartisan deal while others were trying to shift...

After Meeting Ahead of Speaker Vote, No Idea 'How You Get to 218'

2 candidates spoke at closed-door conference meeting, but consensus seems hard to reach

(Newser) - By the end of Tuesday night's closed-door meeting, the AP was reporting that the Republican House majority appeared "stuck ... in a stalemate that threatens to keep Congress partly shuttered indefinitely." The two House speaker candidates who spoke at the meeting, Reps. Jim Jordan and Steve Scalise, appeared...

McCarthy Is Now Open to Returning as Speaker

Ousted leader reverses himself after ruling out the possibility last week

(Newser) - After he was ousted as House speaker last week in a historic vote , Kevin McCarthy could not have been clearer: "I will not run for speaker again," he said, per the Washington Post . "I'll have the (GOP) conference pick somebody else." But with the conference...

McCarthy on Leaving the House: That's a No

Ex-speaker addresses rumors; meanwhile, TV forum for his possible replacement falls through

(Newser) - Kevin McCarthy has already indicated he won't run for the House speaker position again, after a historic vote that booted him from that seat. On Thursday, the rumor mill started churning anew after sources told Politico and NBC News that the California Republican was considering stepping down from the...

Trump Makes His Endorsement for Speaker of the House

He backs Jim Jordan

(Newser) - Former President Trump officially endorsed Jim Jordan as the next House speaker early Friday. Jordan—who himself had said he'd rather Trump be president than speaker of the House —is running against Steve Scalise for the role after Kevin McCarthy's historic ouster. "Congressman Jim Jordan has...

House No. 2 Confirms Bid for Speaker

Steve Scalise is competing with Jim Jordan for gavel

(Newser) - Rep. Jim Jordan was the first Republican to announce a bid to replace Rep. Kevin McCarthy as House speaker Wednesday, but he wasn't in the race alone for long. House Majority Leader Steve Scalise announced his bid hours after Jordan, telling fellow lawmakers, "We all need to come...

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