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Boeing Red-Faced on 'Appalling' Messages About 737 Max

'This airplane is designed by clowns, who are in turn supervised by monkeys'

(Newser) - Lawmakers are calling newly revealed messages from Boeing employees on the company's beleaguered 737 Max—involved in two horrific crashes that killed 346 people— and the Federal Aviation Administration "astonishing," "appalling," and "incredibly damning," in what the New York Times deems the "... More »

Ukraine Not Ruling Out Missile in Jet Crash

'Too many things are unclear,' says one official about Iranian tragedy

(Newser) - Iran says it's confident that some kind of mechanical failure brought down a Ukrainian passenger jet near Tehran this week. Ukraine, however, isn't so sure. Its investigators are looking into the possibility that a missile or perhaps an explosion inside the jet as part of a terrorist attack... More »

New Plane Stats: One Fatal Accident Per 5M Flights

Total number of deaths fell by half, to 257, in 2019

(Newser) - It may seem surprising in a year filled with gloomy headlines about the 737 Max , but the number of deaths in major air crashes around the globe fell by more than half in 2019, according to a report by an aviation consulting firm. The To70 consultancy said 257 people died... More »

737 Max Controversy Costs Boeing CEO His Job

Dennis Muilenburg resigns effective immediately

(Newser) - Boeing will have to recover from its escalating trouble with the 737 Max under the leadership of a new CEO. Dennis Muilenburg is resigning effective immediately, reports the AP . As the Wall Street Journal reports, Muilenburg has taken much criticism for his handling of the aftermath of two fatal crashes... More »

Boeing to Shut Down 737 MAX Production

US economy likely to feel the effects

(Newser) - With its backlog of 737 MAX planes growing to about 400, Boeing plans to suspend production of the grounded airliner next month. The company has lacked regulator approval to fly the plane since March, after two of the jets crashed and killed a total of 346 people. Layoffs aren't... More »

Boeing's New Problem: Planes Are Cracking

Up to 50 737NG planes have been grounded

(Newser) - It's been a rough week for Boeing as its CEO was grilled by a Senate committee about deadly issues with the company's 737 Max jets and told to quit by the mother of a crash victim. And Thursday didn't make it any better: Boeing announced cracks had... More »

In Testimony, Boeing CEO Denies Blaming Pilots

Senators grill Dennis Muilenburg

(Newser) - Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg faced withering questions from senators Tuesday about two crashes of 737 Max jets and whether the company concealed information about a critical flight system, the AP reports. "We have made mistakes, and we got some things wrong," Muilenburg conceded. Some members of the Senate... More »

737 Max Sensor Faulted in Lion Air Crash

Indonesia completes investigation

(Newser) - Faulty information from a single external sensor forced down the nose of Lion Air Flight 610. So conclude Indonesian investigators a year on from the crash that killed 189 people and raised safety concerns about the Boeing 737 Max. The jet's new flight-control system was vulnerable to errors—that... More »

Pilots Weren't Told How to Fix 737 Max System's Problems

Indonesia releases details on Lion Air investigation

(Newser) - An Indonesian investigation found that a combination of design flaws, inadequate training, and maintenance lapses doomed a Boeing 737 Max 8 jet that crashed a year ago, killing 189 people, per the AP . A summary of the final accident report released Friday said Lion Air flight 610 from Indonesia's... More »

Boeing Responds to 'Granted I Suck' Text Messages

Mark Forkner warned that the plane's automated MCAS system was 'egregious'

(Newser) - Boeing says it regrets concerns raised about internal communications it recently handed over to Congress and federal regulators that are investigating two deadly crashes of the company's 737 Max airplanes, the AP reports. The company said in a statement Sunday it's unfortunate that messages between co-workers it turned... More »

Pilot's Text Reveal Concerns With 737 Max Back in 2016

Boeing just now turned over transcripts to FAA

(Newser) - A Boeing pilot using a flight simulator to try out the 737 Max in 2016 complained in text messages that a new automated system was making the plane hard to control. Boeing found the texts four months ago, Reuters reports, and the FAA now wants to know why they weren'... More »

Structural Cracks Ground 38 of 810 Boeing 737 NG Jets

Parts will be repaired or replaced

(Newser) - Another 38 Boeing 737s are being removed from service for repairs. This time, the problem is structural cracks. The FAA had ordered inspections of all 737 NG airliners, the predecessor of the 737 Max now grounded worldwide, Reuters reports. The Max does not have the cracking problem. Of the 810... More »

Boeing 737 Max Could Be Back in the Sky Come January

Per a new American Airlines filing with the SEC

(Newser) - All Boeing 737 Max aircraft were grounded after two crashes involving the jets over the past year killed a total of 346 people. But come January, the planes will likely be in the air again. American Airlines announced in a Securities and Exchange Commission filing on Wednesday that two software... More »

Southwest Pilots Sue Boeing Over Grounded 737 Max

Union says members are losing of millions of dollars per month

(Newser) - Boeing has been sued by the Southwest Airlines pilots union, accused of hurrying its 737 Max into service while claiming it was safe. The plane was grounded after two fatal crashes. The suit says the grounding is costing the almost 10,000 union pilots millions of dollars a month, the... More »

Pilots in Safety Tests Are Too Skilled, Investigation Finds

Government calls for manufacturers, FAA to change assumptions

(Newser) - The federal investigation of the Boeing 737 Max crashes has recommended changes to address one of its findings: Highly trained test pilots are likely to respond to problems better and faster during the safety certification process than airline pilots in the chaos of a real-life air emergency. The NTSB made... More »

Someone Else Is at Fault in Boeing 737 Crashes

Inexperienced pilots are also to blame, says the New York Times

(Newser) - Boeing isn't the only one to blame. So concludes an impressively detailed New York Times article about two fatal Boeing 737 Max crashes since last year—which, it turns out, were caused at least partly by pilot error. "Look, we know as a fact that half of airline... More »

Judge: No Bail for Airline Worker After 'Disconcerting' Find

Prosecutors say mechanic who allegedly tampered with plane may have ties to terrorists

(Newser) - After American Airlines mechanic Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani was arrested earlier this month and accused of tampering with the navigation system of a plane he'd worked on in July at Miami International Airport, he admitted he'd done so. But he told investigators it was done out of a... More »

Boeing Isn't the Only One to Blame for 737 Crashes

The FAA had surprisingly lax oversight

(Newser) - Boeing's role in adding dangerous technology to the 737 Max is well-documented —but the Federal Aviation Administration fumbled this just as badly, the New York Times reports. According to insiders, the regulatory agency was too cozy with Boeing and ultimately let the airline oversee the development of MCAS,... More »

Airline Cancels Major Boeing 737 Max Order

Switch to Airbus could be worrying sign for Boeing

(Newser) - Boeing's campaign to restore the reputation of its best-selling plane after two deadly crashes suffered a blow with a Saudi airline canceling an order worth up to $5.9 billion in favor of a European rival of the US manufacturer. Flyadeal, the budget airline arm of Saudi Arabian Airlines... More »

Boeing Hopes Its $100M Will 'Bring Comfort'

Sets aside that amount to help affected families in wake of 737 MAX crashes

(Newser) - Boeing says it's providing $100 million over several years to help families and communities affected by two crashes of its 737 MAX plane that killed 346 people. The company said Wednesday that some of the money will go toward living expenses and to cover hardship suffered by the families... More »

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