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Domestic Dispute Blamed in 'Bomb' That Diverted Flight

JetBlue flight lands after phone call indicating passenger was dangerous

(Newser) - A Boston-to-Chicago JetBlue Airways flight was diverted to Buffalo and a passenger detained today after the airline received a phone call indicating she may have posed a bomb threat. But the FBI now says there was no real threat, and that a domestic dispute was likely the root cause of... More »

Parents Smoking Mad Over Pot-Shaped Candy

Some fear it could lead to kids trying real thing

(Newser) - Would you buy your child a marijuana leaf-shaped (but totally drug-free) lollipop? One aghast Buffalo parent most definitely would not—and after she alerted the City Council to the controversial candy, city leaders and anti-drug activists started working to get it off shelves. “It's the whole idea that... More »

National Weather Service: 'Do Not Take Threat Lightly'

29 states remain under heat advisories

(Newser) - Twenty-nine states are under advisories as a blistering heat wave continues, MSNBC reports. East Coast temps are projected to hit highs in the 90s and 100s, says a meteorologist, but the heat index—what it feels like—could be closer to 115 degrees through tomorrow, says the National Weather Service.... More »

Cheerios Still Dominate at Age 70

The iconic breakfast cereal hits a major milestone

(Newser) - Cheerios, possibly the most iconic cereal ever made, is 70 years old this year and still a force on the breakfast cereal market. One out of every eight boxes of cereal to leave the shelf in America carries the Cheerios name. And Cheerios aren’t that hard to make, as... More »

Mosque's Neighbor Puts Up This Sign

Man says he wants 'answers' about Islamic center

(Newser) - Michael Heick isn’t feeling particularly neighborly about the Jaffarya Islamic Center that sits next door to his house in the suburbs of Buffalo. He’s posted a sign in his lawn reading, “Bomb Making, Next Driveway.” Needless to say, Muslims are not pleased. “I would think... More »

Ten Dead American Cities

Buffalo and Flint lead the way

(Newser) - It's another cities-in-trouble list, although this one from 24/7 Wall St declares these "desolate urbanscapes" not just dying but dead. (For the usual reasons of population loss, manufacturing exodus, crime, etc.) Here's the top 5:
  1. Buffalo: "Wounded irreparably by the de-industrialization of America."
  2. Flint: It's simple:
... More »

Buffalo Cops Got the Wrong Guy

Charges against Keith Johnson dismissed

(Newser) - Buffalo city police took a suspect in yesterday's grisly multiple shooting into custody, only to have the charges against Keith Johnson, a 25-year-old paroled just 2 1/2 weeks ago, dismissed this morning. "I am not going to prosecute someone for a quadruple homicide unless I'm absolutely sure that he... More »

4 Dead in Buffalo Restaurant Shooting

Four more wounded; cops take suspect into custody

(Newser) - Four people died and four more were injured in a flurry of gunfire outside a popular downtown Buffalo restaurant early this morning, reports the Buffalo News. (Earlier media reports of a fifth death were the result of confusion with another city homicide.) A private party—the celebration of an... More »

Police Find Live Cat 'Marinating' in Car Trunk

Owner was going to eat 'greedy' feline

(Newser) - A live cat was "marinating" in oil and peppers in the trunk of a car when Buffalo cops pulled the driver over for running a red light, reports the AP. Officers noticed meowing coming from the trunk, and found a 4-year-old cat named Navarro in a cage with his... More »

Top City for Working Moms: Minneapolis

Forbes weighs women's salaries, safety, unemployment

(Newser) - With its low rates of unemployment and violent crime, combined with relatively high salaries for women, the Minneapolis/St. Paul area tops the Forbes list of best cities for working mothers. The magazine gave added weight in this year's rankings to women's income, and when the numbers were crunched, the Minnesota... More »

Woman Regrets Flirting With Obama

'I was just trying to be funny'

(Newser) - Luann Haley didn't mean any harm when she paraphrased Toby Keith and told President Obama he's “a hottie with a smoking little body.” But for some reason the remark, blurted out during Obama's stop at a Buffalo wing joint yesterday, has become a news story, reported in the... More »

Obama Fan: 'You're a Hottie With a Smokin' Little Body'

Buffalo admirer veers a bit from protocol

(Newser) - Generally speaking, this is not how to address the leader of the free world: "You're a hottie with a smokin' little body." And yet that's exactly what a Buffalo woman told President Obama when he visited a chicken wing joint today, reports the Chicago Sun-Times . The president responded... More »

Breakdancing Teen in Felony Bust for Scratching Floor

Cops say diamond belt buckle caused $3K in damage

(Newser) - Police in suburban Buffalo made what's probably their first-ever breakdancing felony arrest after a teen ruined a home's hardwood floors while busting moves at a house party. The local sheriff says the intoxicated 18-year-old scratched the floors with his diamond belt buckle and caused some $3,000 in damage, the... More »

Most 'Miserable' US Cities

Forbes list includes Memphis, Stockton, Detroit, and Miami

(Newser) - Forbes is out with its list of the "most miserable cities" in the US, based on a host of factors including unemployment, violence, weather, taxes, corruption, and sports teams. New York City made the list at No. 16, thanks its commute times and taxes. The top 10 honorees:... More »

Man Charged With Holding, Raping Teen for 6 Months

Buffalo suspect blamed son's burn on runaway

(Newser) - A Buffalo man is charged with holding a 13-year-old runaway in his home for six months, and raping her more than 100 times. Michael J. Abdallah, 26, is jailed on charges of second-degree rape, unlawful imprisonment, and custodial interference. The case came to light after police questioned Abdallah about a... More »

100-Year-Old Child Molester Freed

Pedophile is still a threat to kids, say officials

(Newser) - The oldest sex offender in New York state and possibly the world is on his way to a halfway house. Authorities warn that Theodore Sypnier, 100, is still sprightly enough to pose a serious danger to children. His last arrest was 10 years ago for raping and sodomizing two girls... More »

Cops Nab NHL Player in Cabbie Beating

Blackhawks' Cane accused of pummeling Buffalo driver over 20¢

(Newser) - Buffalo police arrested Chicago Blackhawks player Patrick Kane today for allegedly beating a cabbie who refused to give him change, the Buffalo News reports. Kane, 20, and his cousin James Kane, 21, are facing second-degree robbery and two misdemeanor charges in the incident. The 62-year-old cabbie told police that the... More »

Bush Considered Deploying Military for US Terror Arrests

(Newser) - President Bush seriously considered deploying the military to arrest terror suspects in a Buffalo suburb in 2002, former Bush administration officials tell the New York Times. Dick Cheney was in favor of the almost unprecedented deployment of troops on American soil, the officials say, while Condoleezza Rice and others were... More »

Pilot Transcripts Show Idle Talk, Then Terror

Flight 3407 transcript released ahead of public hearing

(Newser) - Just seconds before the worst US air crash in more than 7 years, the pilot exclaimed "Jesus Christ" and moments later his first officer screamed as Flight 3407 plunged to the ground. A cockpit voice-recorder transcript released today shows that only minutes before the Feb. 12 crash outside Buffalo,... More »

Pilot Training Faulted in Buffalo Crash

Captain did opposite of proper procedure when plane stalled

(Newser) - The captain of the commuter plane that crashed in Buffalo in February, killing 50 people, wasn't properly trained on the plane's stall-protection system and had failed several flight tests, the Wall Street Journal reports. When the plane warned of an imminent stall, the pilot did the opposite of proper procedure,... More »

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