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Buffalo Bright Spot: Baby Born in Fire Station

Firefighters couldn't make it to the hospital

(Newser) - Seven people have now died as a result of Buffalo's freak snowstorm , reports AP , but little Lucy Hojnacki provides an antidote to the depressing stat. The Buffalo News recounts her amazing delivery story: When mom Bethany went into labor in their South Buffalo home yesterday morning, dad Jared had... More »

Meteorologists Have No Term for Buffalo's Freak Storm

5 dead, some motorists trapped for nearly 24 hours

(Newser) - A 46-year-old man died overnight in a car buried in snow in a Buffalo suburb, becoming the fifth casualty so far in the monster storm that dumped up to 6 feet in the region. The freak "wall of snow" has no meteorological term, according to a National Weather Service... More »

Buffalo's Snow Is a Little Crazy

In one suburb, 10 of 22 plows were stuck in 4 feet

(Newser) - They're measuring snow in feet, not inches, today in and around Buffalo, reports AP . And while that's not too rare for western New York, today's storm off Lake Erie is eliciting lots of quotes like this one from West Seneca highway chief Greg Zimmerman to the Buffalo ... More »

Lululemon Marketing Misfire Ticks Off Buffalo

Company apologizes after message doesn't 'land well'

(Newser) - Lululemon pored over two years of market research and came up with an interesting way to woo Buffalo shoppers: Twist a dagger into their very souls as they walk into the store. The yoga-accessory maker thought it would be a swell idea to have the words "Wide Right" and... More »

It Takes 7 Police Agencies to Break Up Wedding Brawl

There was 'blood everywhere,' says witness of Orchard Park, NY, melee

(Newser) - The way you don't expect a wedding reception to be described: "I'm telling you, there was blood everywhere. There was holes punched in the walls." But that's exactly what transpired at a Saturday reception outside Buffalo, NY, according to an unidentified worker at the Orchard... More »

Bus Driver Stops, Pulls Woman Off Ledge

Buffalo man credited with preventing a suicide

(Newser) - A Buffalo bus driver is getting the hero's treatment after stopping his bus to get a suicidal young woman off a bridge overpass, reports WIVB-TV . Darnell Barton, who had just picked up about two dozen high school students, spotted the woman on the wrong side of the ledge, seemingly... More »

Neighbors Praise Crack-Dealing Grandma

Residents say Buffalo neighborhood has gone downhill since she was busted

(Newser) - For a dozen years, Theresa Anderson was the queen of Deshler Street. The unassuming 58-year-old owned five small wooden houses along the poor side street, filling them with her children, grandchildren and other relatives who kept their lots tidy, watched out for trouble, and pitched in with the family business.... More »

$3 Estate Sale Find Gives Up a Treasure Trove

...but New Jersey stakes claim on rare documents

(Newser) - A Toronto woman spotted a $3 box of documents at a Buffalo estate sale; at the time, "I had no sense of their history or value," she says. Turns out they were worth a heck of a lot more: One was signed by Benjamin Franklin's illegitimate son,... More »

700 Possibly Exposed to HIV at Buffalo VA

Insulin pens were accidentally reused at hospital

(Newser) - More than 700 patients at the Buffalo VA Medical Center may have been exposed to HIV, hepatitis B, or hepatitis C because of accidental reuse of insulin pens, says the Veterans Administration. Authorities said there is a "very small risk" for the diabetic patients who may have been exposed... More »

Cops Bust Guy With 640 Pot Lollipops

Alexander Zito had just a few drugs at Buffalo party

(Newser) - Ah, Halloween, that special time of the year when you get an excuse to throw a party ... and in the case of one Alexander Zito, that's a party with chocolate with pot, hard candy with pot, 640 "Jolly Lolly" pot lollipops, and five pounds of plain old Mary... More »

After 21 Years in Coma, Woman Dies at Home

Bernadette Jones' family built a room for her so she could stay near

(Newser) - An upstate New York woman has died at age of 51 after 21 years in a coma, and the Buffalo News recounts the story of how her family cared for her—at home—all that time. Bernadette Jones of Niagara Falls descended into the permanent state of unconsciousness after her... More »

Couple, 85, Getting Married— 48 Years After They Divorced

Lena Henderson and Ronald Davis getting married again Saturday

(Newser) - They got hitched while still in their teens, divorced 20 years later, and are getting remarried after nearly a half-century apart. For Lena Henderson and Roland Davis, the second time around is finally here, even if they're both 85. The Buffalo-area couple plans to get married again on Saturday,... More »

Buffalo Doc Wanted for Murder Found Dead: Cops

Timothy Jorden apparently killed by gunshot wound

(Newser) - Looks like the search is over: A body believed to be that of of the Buffalo surgeon suspected of murdering his ex-girlfriend has been discovered in a ravine near his home. Dr. Timothy Jorden appears to have been killed by a gunshot wound, the Buffalo News reports. Police today told... More »

After Hospital Shooting, Buffalo Cops Hunt Surgeon

Military-trained doctor on the run after ex-girlfriend shot

(Newser) - Police in Buffalo are hunting a trauma surgeon and former military weapons expert they believe has gone from lifesaver to murderer. Timothy Jorden, 49, is suspected of luring his ex-girlfriend into a stairwell at the hospital where they both worked before shooting her dead at point-blank range, reports the Buffalo ... More »

Escaped Gorilla Bites Buffalo Zookeeper

Worker escapes to other gorillas' enclosure

(Newser) - A quick-thinking Buffalo zookeeper locked herself in with a female gorilla and her newborn after being attacked by an escaped 400-pound silverback male. The 24-year-old gorilla, which had escaped through an unsecured door, remained in an area closed to the public. It was tranquilized by a zoo worker using a... More »

Domestic Dispute Blamed in 'Bomb' That Diverted Flight

JetBlue flight lands after phone call indicating passenger was dangerous

(Newser) - A Boston-to-Chicago JetBlue Airways flight was diverted to Buffalo and a passenger detained today after the airline received a phone call indicating she may have posed a bomb threat. But the FBI now says there was no real threat, and that a domestic dispute was likely the root cause of... More »

Parents Smoking Mad Over Pot-Shaped Candy

Some fear it could lead to kids trying real thing

(Newser) - Would you buy your child a marijuana leaf-shaped (but totally drug-free) lollipop? One aghast Buffalo parent most definitely would not—and after she alerted the City Council to the controversial candy, city leaders and anti-drug activists started working to get it off shelves. “It's the whole idea that... More »

National Weather Service: 'Do Not Take Threat Lightly'

29 states remain under heat advisories

(Newser) - Twenty-nine states are under advisories as a blistering heat wave continues, MSNBC reports. East Coast temps are projected to hit highs in the 90s and 100s, says a meteorologist, but the heat index—what it feels like—could be closer to 115 degrees through tomorrow, says the National Weather Service.... More »

Cheerios Still Dominate at Age 70

The iconic breakfast cereal hits a major milestone

(Newser) - Cheerios, possibly the most iconic cereal ever made, is 70 years old this year and still a force on the breakfast cereal market. One out of every eight boxes of cereal to leave the shelf in America carries the Cheerios name. And Cheerios aren’t that hard to make, as... More »

Mosque's Neighbor Puts Up This Sign

Man says he wants 'answers' about Islamic center

(Newser) - Michael Heick isn’t feeling particularly neighborly about the Jaffarya Islamic Center that sits next door to his house in the suburbs of Buffalo. He’s posted a sign in his lawn reading, “Bomb Making, Next Driveway.” Needless to say, Muslims are not pleased. “I would think... More »

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