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Terrified Residents Run to Roof in High-Rise Blaze

6 are hospitalized in Los Angeles, 2 with critical injuries

(Newser) - Los Angeles firefighters rescued 15 terrified residents from the rooftop of a 25-story high-rise apartment building where a windswept fire broke out on the sixth floor and sent choking smoke billowing through the upper levels Wednesday morning, the AP reports. Two people were critically injured, authorities said. There were early... More »

Condo Owner in Trouble for Creating 4th 1/2 Floor

Xue Ping Ni allegedly turned his condo into a bustling, if cramped, multi-unit rental

(Newser) - A New York condo owner is in hot water after allegedly making Being John Malkovich a reality, the New York Post reports. Officials say Xue Ping Ni turned his Lower East Side Condo into a bustling village of 11 sub-units, some of which have 4 1/2-foot-high ceilings—not unlike the... More »

'Tremendous Inequity' Made Clear by 2 Cats With a Sweet Pad

Tina and Louise are living large in a $1.5K-a-month apartment in Silicon Valley

(Newser) - Thousands of people are homeless in San Jose, Calif.—but Tina and Louise have a cozy setup in a $1,500-a-month apartment with an Apple TV (but no kitchen), scratching tower, and a landlord who pops in to rub their bellies. The two tenants are cats, and the Mercury ... More »

They Were Sleeping In on New Year's Eve. Then, an Explosion

At least 2 are dead, dozens missing after blast in Russia causes building to partially collapse

(Newser) - An early morning explosion Monday in an apartment building in Russia has left at least two dead and dozens missing after the building partially collapsed, the New York Times reports. Officials suspect a gas leak as the cause of the 6am blast, which damaged nearly 50 of the 110 units... More »

1.8K Items Taken From Alleged Serial Killer's Home

Bruce McArthur's place was searched inch by inch

(Newser) - After four months of painstaking work, police in Toronto have completed their search of the apartment of the man believed to be the city's worst-ever serial killer. Police say at least two forensic officers have been at Bruce McArthur's 19th-floor apartment every day since mid-January, looking for evidence... More »

She Died at 84. Then People Found Out About Her NYC Rent

Late actress Patricia O'Grady was forking over $28.43 a month for Greenwich Village apartment

(Newser) - The subject of rent control has prompted some big headlines over the past few years, but one out of Manhattan will likely cause fellow city dwellers' jaws to drop. A New York Times obituary notes that in March, 84-year-old Patricia O'Grady was hit by a car near her Greenwich... More »

Teachers in This County Could Soon Live at School

Miami-Dade in preliminary planning stages for apartments on school grounds

(Newser) - Home is where the heart is, and maybe soon for some South Florida teachers, where the whiteboard is. Miami-Dade County has worked up a rough draft of plans for apartments on school properties in an effort to make housing for teachers more affordable and the commute obviously easier, per the... More »

3 Luxury Apartments Will No Longer Be Called 'Trump'

Residents signed petition to ditch Trump name

(Newser) - Three luxury apartment buildings in New York City are having their names changed because residents don't want to be associated with the next president of the United States. The gold letters spelling out "Trump Place" at 140, 160, and 180 Riverside Blvd. in Manhattan will be taken down... More »

Boy Cuts Worker's Safety Line on 8th Floor

10-year-old in China says he couldn't watch cartoons

(Newser) - A guy doing handiwork outside an apartment building in China got quite the shock when a boy severed his safety line, leaving him to dangle 100 feet above the ground, reports NPR . Why the unkind cut? The worker, named Liu, apparently made so much noise installing lights that the 10-year-old... More »

Nation's Priciest Rents Found in, Er, North Dakota?

Williston, specifically, which is exploding in ND's oil boom

(Newser) - The worst place in the nation to be writing out the monthly rent check? Not Manhattan—by a long shot. Rather, the rapidly growing North Dakota oil patch city of Williston has the highest average rent in the United States. A 700-square-foot, one-bedroom apartment in Williston costs an average of... More »

Mom Buys $6.5M NYC Apartment for Toddler

Because she assumes the 2-year-old will go to a prestigious Northeast school

(Newser) - We get it, parents. You want the best for your kid. Sometimes, that means feeding them nutritious food, reading to them, and being there for them. And sometimes, it means buying them a $6.5 million high-rise apartment in a city on the other side of the planet. That's... More »

Berlin Wall to Be Razed for ... Luxe Housing

Petitions spring up to protect East Side Gallery

(Newser) - Once again, the Berlin Wall is coming down—but this time, it's so swanky apartments can rise up in its place. And Berliners aren't happy about it, the Local reports. Thousands have signed online petitions against the move, confirmed by an eastern Berlin mayor, who argues that razing... More »

Housing Starts Soar to Highest Since 2008

Almost all of the growth comes in apartments, townhouses

(Newser) - The housing market might finally be coming around. The number of new homes that began construction last month took a surprise 3.6% leap to an 894,000 annual rate—the highest since July 2008, the Commerce Department announced today. That's well above the 840,000 economists surveyed by... More »

Rent Obama's Old Apartment for $2.4K a Month

NYC 2-bedroom went up in price

(Newser) - Barack Obama's old New York apartment needs new tenants. For $2,400 a month, you can live like—well, if not a king, then at least a future president. The two-bedroom Upper West Side abode was last available two years ago, Daily Intel notes, for just $1,900 a... More »

Bloomberg Plans Teeny NYC Apartments

Contest looks for designs in 275 to 300 square foot range

(Newser) - Just when you thought New York City studio apartments couldn't get any smaller, the mayor comes up with this idea: apartments that measure up at just 275 to 300 square feet. Michael Bloomberg launched a city contest yesterday to develop the "micro-units," which will be housed in... More »

60 Homeless After San Francisco Fire

Daytime blaze hits apartment building

(Newser) - It took three hours and 150 firefighters to calm an apartment blaze in San Francisco that left 60 people homeless. Three buildings were caught in flames in the fire, whose cause will be investigated today. It apparently started in a neighboring Victorian home and spread from there, reports AP . The... More »

New York's Priciest Rental: $165K a Month

Astor Suite at the Plaza is now on the market

(Newser) - New York's most expensive rental is now available, and it's a steal at $165,000—some $15,000 more than the runner-up. The 5,087-square-foot Astor Suite at the Plaza boasts three bedrooms, five bathrooms, and a library, not to mention a separate apartment for guests. The suite... More »

Online Apartment-Hunter Finds Pads With Facebook

'ApartmentList' scans your activities to find the right place

(Newser) - Your mind-numbing hunt for an apartment may have gotten a little bit easier. A new apartment-matching engine called ApartmentList personalizes listings by connecting to your Facebook page and scanning your activities and those of your friends, TechCrunch reports. It also asks questions like, "Do you have money in the... More »

Renters Flock to Whitey Bulger's Santa Monica Digs

Residents to want live where a fugitive escaped a decade-long manhunt

(Newser) - The simple Santa Monica apartment where James "Whitey" Bulger hid from the FBI for more than a decade could soon be one of the hotter properties in the city's rental market. The door to unit 303 remains sealed with police tape as FBI agents continue to pick the... More »

How One New Yorker Lives in 90 Square Feet

Felice Cohen makes every inch count in her tiny Manhattan apartment

(Newser) - Felice Cohen's Manhattan studio is all of 90 square feet, and she seems to have plenty of room for all the necessities. “I think a lot of people have a lot of space that they’re not using," she explains in a video from faircompanies . It also helps... More »

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