Parkinson's disease

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Neurologist's Frequent Visits to White House Draw Scrutiny

Media exchanges with White House press secretary get 'testy' at daily briefing

(Newser) - A neurologist who specializes in movement disorders and is an expert on Parkinson's disease was at the White House eight times in eight months between July 2023 and March 2024. The New York Times confirmed the visits as documented on visitor logs released by the White House; more recent...

Skin Test May Flag Parkinson's Early
Skin Test May Flag
Parkinson's Early
new study

Skin Test May Flag Parkinson's Early

The test uses skin samples to detect protein buildup in nerves

(Newser) - Doctors have a new tool to diagnose Parkinson's disease, which (behind Alzheimer's) is the second-most common neurodegenerative disorder in the US. Per the Wall Street Journal , a paper published in the medical journal JAMA this week says the Syn-One Test accurately detected a buildup of proteins in the...

The Globe's Leading Ailments Are in Our Heads
The Globe's Leading
Illnesses Are in Our Heads

The Globe's Leading Illnesses Are in Our Heads

Neurological conditions like stroke, dementia affect 43% of global population, per new research

(Newser) - The leading cause of all ill health and disability around the globe isn't cancer or heart disease—it's a wide umbrella of neurological conditions, ranging from migraines to strokes, dementia, or Parkinson's, among other maladies. Per a new study published Thursday in the Lancet , scientists found that...

Michael J. Fox Makes Surprise BAFTAs Appearance

Actor battling Parkinson's receives a long standing ovation as presenter

(Newser) - One of the warmest ovations of the night at the BAFTA Film Awards on Sunday in London came for one of the surprise presenters—Michael J. Fox. The 62-year-old received a standing ovation as he came on stage in a wheelchair to present the best picture award, reports People . Fox,...

Injection May Be Able to Forecast Parkinson's
Injection May Be Able
to Forecast Parkinson's
new study

Injection May Be Able to Forecast Parkinson's

Early detection could make a big difference

(Newser) - There might be a way to know Parkinson's disease is progressing in people long before they sense the physical changes. Researchers in Australia injected patients with a synthetic compound formulated to bind to a protein in the brain known as VMAT2, the Guardian reports. A PET scan then can...

Congresswoman Will Retire After Diagnosis Worsens

Democrat Jennifer Wexton of Virginia has 'Parkinson's on steroids'

(Newser) - When congresswoman Jennifer Wexton of Virginia revealed that she had Parkinson's earlier this year, the 55-year-old said she planned to continue serving in Congress for years to come. On Monday, however, the Democrat announced that while she'll serve out her current term, she won't seek reelection because...

Research Finds Clues to Spread of Huntington's, Alzheimer's

Finding also could help combat Parkinson's

(Newser) - A finding about the progression of Huntington's disease might inform efforts to prevent its spread through the brain—and help the fight against Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, as well. Scientists know that neurodegenerative diseases occur when proteins in the brain fold into an abnormal shape and start to...

Michael J. Fox on Parkinson's: 'It's Banging on the Door'

Iconic actor says things are getting 'tougher'

(Newser) - Michael J. Fox has lived with Parkinson's disease for more than three decades now, but in a new interview, the beloved actor says he doesn't think it'll give him two more. "I’m not gonna be 80. I’m not gonna be 80," Fox, 61,...

Comedian Richard Lewis Has Parkinson's

He's done with stand-up, but will continue acting, writing

(Newser) - Comedian Richard Lewis has been battling Parkinson's Disease for two years, he revealed Sunday in a video posted to Twitter . Lewis, a regular on Curb Your Enthusiasm who just wrapped on the show's 12th season, said he had stopped touring just before his health struggles began, and is...

Virginia Congresswoman: I Have Parkinson's

Jennifer Wexton announces her diagnosis on National Parkinson's Day

(Newser) - Virginia Rep. Jennifer Wexton survived a dogfight of a re-election campaign in November, but she's got a personal fight on her hands now: As Politico reports, the 54-year-old Democrat revealed on Tuesday that she has Parkinson's disease, saying in a video that if "there’s one thing...

Research Suggests a Link Between Chemical, Parkinson's

Environmental factors must be behind proliferation of disease, expert says

(Newser) - A widely used, cancer-causing industrial chemical could be one factor in the rapid increase in Parkinson's disease, new research shows. Thousands of US sites are contaminated by trichloroethylene, which has been employed to remove paint, gunk from jet engines, and stains from shirts by dry cleaners, the Los Angeles ...

Wife's Sharp Nose Leads to New Test for Parkinson's

Joy Milne noticed her husband smelled different before his official diagnosis

(Newser) - A relatively simple way to detect Parkinson's might be possible thanks to a Scottish woman's unusually sharp sense of smell. As the BBC reports, researchers at the UK's University of Manchester say their newly developed skin-swab test proved to be 95% accurate in a new study published...

Writer Who Captured the 'American Experience' Dead at 84

Larry McMurtry won Pulitzer for 'Lonesome Dove,' Oscar for 'Brokeback Mountain' screenplay

(Newser) - He was a novelist, screenwriter, and nonfiction author, known for several books that ended up adapted for the big screen. Larry McMurtry, described by the Los Angeles Times as "one of the most acclaimed writers of the American experience," died at the age of 84 on Thursday at...

Star Reaches Acceptance on Retiring From Acting

Michael J. Fox will focus on writing instead of memorizing scripts

(Newser) - "My short-term memory is shot," Michael J. Fox said in announcing that he is stepping away from acting. "My time of putting in a twelve-hour workday, and memorizing seven pages of dialogue, is best behind me," the 59-year-old writes in his new book, No Time Like ...

Goodbye, Bilbo Baggins
Bilbo Baggins

Goodbye, Bilbo Baggins

Ian Holm, famous for his role in 'LOTR' series, is dead at 88

(Newser) - British actor Ian Holm, best known for playing an android in Alien and Bilbo Baggins in the Lord of the Rings film series, has died at the age of 88, per a statement from his agent, report CNN and the Guardian . "It is with great sadness that the actor...

Ozzy to Fans in Wake of New Diagnosis: I Need You

71-year-old rocker says he's been diagnosed with a form of Parkinson's

(Newser) - In a Monday interview with Robin Roberts on Good Morning America, rocker Ozzy Osbourne revealed that 2019 hadn't been a great year for him. In fact, "[it] was the worst, longest, most painful, miserable year of my life," he said, noting that he'd had a bad...

Parkinson's May Not Start in the Brain
Parkinson's May Begin
in Unexpected Place
new study

Parkinson's May Begin in Unexpected Place

Study adds to evidence that the trouble begins in the gut, travels up

(Newser) - A new study provides the most compelling evidence yet that Parkinson's disease begins in the gut and not the brain, reports New Atlas . If borne out, the findings could lead to preventative treatments that detect flawed proteins in the gut then cut off their path to the brain before...

Appendix Removal Tied to Lower Parkinson's Risk
Where Parkinson's May
Start: the Appendix

Where Parkinson's May Start: the Appendix

But scientists say don't run out and get an appendectomy just yet

(Newser) - Scientists have found a new clue that Parkinson's disease may get its start not in the brain but in the gut—maybe in the appendix. People who had their appendix removed early in life had a lower risk of getting the tremor-inducing brain disease decades later, researchers report. Why?...

Alan Alda: I Have Parkinson's
Alan Alda:
I Have

Alan Alda: I Have Parkinson's

Actor wants people to know it's still possible to live a full life with the disease

(Newser) - Alan Alda revealed on CBS This Morning Tuesday that he was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease three and a half years ago—and it's important to him that people know he's still been able to live a full life since then. "I've acted, I've given...

Promising Parkinson's Drug Now Has Critics Worried

FDA sped it to market, but reports of deaths rising

(Newser) - The idea is to help people so desperately ill that they can't afford to wait for a drug to clear the standard FDA approval process. The agency received permission in 2012 to give certain drugs, those deemed to provide a "breakthrough therapy" for serious illnesses, a speedier route...

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