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New Poll Assesses 4 Key Senate Races
New Poll
4 Key
Senate Races

New Poll Assesses 4 Key Senate Races

Democrats lead in 3, including Pennsylvania, and are deadlocked in Nevada, per 'NYT' data

(Newser) - The midterms are just eight days away, and new polls continue to roll out—including a major one from the New York Times and Siena College. It looks at four key Senate races and finds that Democrats hold slim leads in three, with the last one deadlocked.
  • Arizona: Democratic Sen.

Polls Show Dr. Oz Closing Gap on Fetterman
Polls Are Looking
Better for Dr. Oz

Polls Are Looking Better for Dr. Oz

Fetterman still has an edge, especially with favorability ratings

(Newser) - According to Real Clear Politics' polling history of the Senate race in Pennsylvania, Republican Mehmet Oz hasn't led in any of the 18 major polls conducted since June, but the spread has narrowed considerably between him and Democratic opponent John Fetterman. Per Politico , a recent poll sponsored by the...

Democrats Hear Common Theme After Latest Polls

'We peaked a little early'

(Newser) - The latest polls ahead of next month's midterm elections have generally not been kind to Democrats, and the resulting sentiment is reflected in two similar headlines out on Tuesday: "Democrats worry they peaked too soon ahead of midterms," reads one at the Hill . "Democrats' midterm hopes...

Pollsters Don't Seem Very Confident Ahead of Midterms

Polls are looking up for Dems in all the same places they were in 2020, when they were wrong

(Newser) - If past performance is any indication, polls ahead of this year’s midterm elections may be setting Democrats up for another major letdown. That’s according not only to pundits but also the pollsters themselves, who according to Politico have been wringing their hands and tweaking their methods ever since...

In Our Recreational Substances of Choice, a Big First

11% of US adults tell Gallup they smoke cigarettes; pot smokers surpass that for first time, with 16%

(Newser) - In the mid-1950s, nearly half of US adults copped to smoking cigarettes. After decades of PSAs and warnings from the medical community on the dangers of smoking, it's probably not surprising that that figure has plummeted to just 11%—and it's now been surpassed by Americans who say...

Poll: Trump Gains Steam Among GOPers After FBI Raid

Percentage of GOP voters who support Trump over Republican Party spikes from May, per NBC poll

(Newser) - After the FBI search of Mar-a-Lago earlier this month, the walls may feel like they're closing in on former President Trump, at least from a legal standpoint. In the court of public opinion with fellow Republicans, however, that search may have helped to give Trump a boost, at least...

Most Trusted News Source Is ... the Weather Channel?
Most Trusted News Source
Is Bit of a Surprise
in case you missed it

Most Trusted News Source Is Bit of a Surprise

52% of Americans trust the Weather Channel in latest YouGov poll

(Newser) - When it comes to the weather, most of us are on the same side of things—or, at least we're all watching and believing the same reports. That's according to YouGov , a UK market research firm whose latest poll on the media found that the most trusted news...

Americans Are Majorly Stressed Out
Americans Are
Majorly Stressed Out

Americans Are Majorly Stressed Out

87% say mental health has faltered under 'constant stream of crises without a break' since 2020: APA

(Newser) - Feeling stressed out more than you were, say, in 2019? Makes sense, according to a new survey from the American Psychological Association, which says that a COVID-fatigued America now grappling with higher prices at the pumps and supermarkets, as well as gruesome images from a war overseas, is being hit...

Biden May Have Just Hit 'Rock-Bottom' Numbers

56% of Americans think president's first year was a failure, with a current 39% job approval, per new poll

(Newser) - President Biden's State of the Union is set for Tuesday , and now that he's got just over a year in office under his belt, the pollsters are out to see how America viewed those initial 365 days. Per a new NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist survey , not that hot. Turns out...

Giant Swing in Polls Doesn't Bode Well for Democrats

Gallup puts GOP up 5 points in US support, a shift from trailing by 9

(Newser) - The midterm elections could spell disaster for President Biden and the Democrats, if recent polling is any indication. A new Gallup poll shows an average of 47% of Americans surveyed in the fourth quarter of 2021 identified with or leaned toward the Republican Party compared to 42% for the Democratic...

Church Attendance Hasn't Recovered, Polls Show

People don't seem to want to leave home, pastor says

(Newser) - When Westminster United Methodist Church in Houston resumed in-person services late last year, after a seven-month pandemic halt, there were Sundays when only three worshippers showed up, said the pastor, Meredith Mills. Since then, attendance has inched back up, but it's still only about half the pre-pandemic turnout of...

Biden's Latest Approval Ratings Fall Below 40%

President is at 38% in new 'USA Today'/Suffolk University survey

(Newser) - The 2022 midterms are exactly one year away, and President Biden's ratings have just taken another dip. A new USA Today /Suffolk University poll of 1,000 registered voters taken Wednesday through Friday shows that approval for Biden now stands at 38%, a drop from the low 40s he...

Pollster Apologizes to New Jersey: 'I Blew It'

Monmouth's Patrick Murray acknowledges late poll was way off in governor's race

(Newser) - Less than a week before Election Day, Monmouth University put out a poll showing that New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy had a comfortable lead of 11 points over GOP challenger Jack Ciattarelli. The race turned out to be much, much closer—the AP has indeed called it for Murphy , but...

Independents Send Biden's Approval Rating Way Down
Biden's Approval Ratings
Keep Getting Lower

Biden's Approval Ratings Keep Getting Lower

Quinnipiac's latest numbers give him 38% overall

(Newser) - Update: President Biden's approval rating as released by Gallup in September wasn't so hot, and now Quinnipiac University is out with even worse numbers. It puts Biden's approval rating at 38%, down 4 points from mid-September. As with Gallup, USA Today reports independents are among the drivers...

Latest Polls Are Not Good News for Biden

His approval rating has hit its lowest point since he took office

(Newser) - Two new polls show President Biden's approval rating declining as COVID surges and bad news related to Afghanistan abounds:
  • NBC News: The poll found Biden's approval rating hit 49%, the first time it has dipped below 50%, and his disapproval rating hit 48%. In April, NBC's polling

As 100th Day in Office Nears, Biden's Approval Ratings Are In

59% of Americans approve of how the president is doing, 39% disapprove, per new Pew poll

(Newser) - President Biden is nearing his 100th day in office, and so far, most of America is giving him the thumbs-up for the job he's doing. A new Pew Research Center poll finds that 59% of US adults approve of Biden's performance in office, with 39% registering disapproval. That'...

Democratic Pollsters: We Got It Wrong Again

5 firms admit 'major errors' in predicting 2020 outcome, have no definitive solution

(Newser) - Five of the Democratic Party's six biggest polling firms are admitting "major errors" in their 2020 polling data, with "no consensus on a solution." A Tuesday letter signed by ALG Research, Garin-Hart-Yang Research Group, GBAO Strategies, Global Strategy Group, and Normington Petts describes a months-long effort...

Trump's Final Approval Rating: A 'Personal Low Note'

President is leaving with a 34% approval rating

(Newser) - As he gets ready to head out of the Oval Office and back to life as a private citizen, President Trump just received his final report card—and Gallup notes he's leaving "on a personal low note." In a survey of 1,023 random American adults taken...

As the Vaccines Roll Out, a Shift in Perceptions

46% of Americans now willing to get one ASAP, compared to 26% in late October

(Newser) - Two months ago, a USA Today/Suffolk University poll showed a wariness among Americans toward the coronavirus vaccine, with only 26% willing to roll their sleeves up for the shot as soon as it became available to them. Now, just days after the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine rollouts began for health...

Biden Keeps Double-Digit Lead as Democratic 'Anxiety' Persists

President trims disadvantage from 14 to 11 points in NBC poll

(Newser) - President Trump doesn't appear to be closing the gap with Joe Biden in the final weeks of the election in the same way he did against Hillary Clinton in 2016. A new NBC News / Wall Street Journal poll still has Biden up by double digits. Among registered voters,...

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