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Iraqi PM's Big Announcement After Deadly Protest Day

Day after dozens killed in clashes with security forces, Adel Abdul Mahdi says he'll resign

(Newser) - Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi said Friday he'll submit his resignation to parliament, a day after more than 40 people were killed by security forces and following calls by Iraq's top Shiite cleric for lawmakers to withdraw their support of the country's leadership. In a statement,... More »

At 'The Game,' Protesters Chant 'OK, Boomer'

Crowd of mostly students disrupts annual Yale-Harvard showdown, 20-30 arrested

(Newser) - Protesters in the colors of both Harvard and Yale staged a sit-in at midfield of Yale Bowl during halftime of the 136th edition of the annual football rivalry known as The Game. Most walked off after about an hour, reports the AP , and 20-30 who remained were arrested. A few... More »

Ann Coulter Quips About 'Red Carpet Walk' in Berkeley

Hundreds of protesters came to greet conservative talking head

(Newser) - Ann Coulter showed up Wednesday night at the school she once called a "radical thuggish institution," and protesters were there in force to greet her. The San Francisco Chronicle reports hundreds of demonstrators were on hand— KTVU says it was "several hundred," while protest organizer Atlas... More »

Report: Iran Is Killing Protesters

Amnesty International says at least 106 are dead

(Newser) - Amnesty International says at least 106 people have died in Iran amid protests over rising fuel prices—and the number could easily be double that, the AP reports. A mix of video footage, eyewitness testimony, and information from activists reveals that Iranian security forces have "used excessive and lethal... More »

Hong Kong Protesters Now Have Arrows, Catapults

Cop shot in the leg with an arrow amid ongoing tensions

(Newser) - A Hong Kong police officer was hit in the leg by an arrow Sunday as authorities used tear gas and water cannons to try to drive back protesters occupying a university campus and blocking a major road tunnel under the city’s harbor. Police said the arrow struck a media... More »

Beijing to Hong Kong: 'Use Every Necessary Measure' to End Unrest

Government told to 'restore order as soon as possible'

(Newser) - Beijing has urged Hong Kong authorities to crack down even more harshly on pro-democracy demonstrators, raising fears that the mainland is preparing to intervene after more than five months of protests. Beijing's liaison office in the territory issued a statement late Tuesday calling for the government to adopt "... More »

Hong Kong Police Shoot Protester Amid Day of Chaos

Man set on fire after clash with protesters

(Newser) - Protesters in Hong Kong called a general strike Monday and things turned ugly fast. In an incident just before 8am, a 21-year-old man was shot in the stomach at point-blank range after police clashed with protesters who had been trying to block an intersection. After the shooting, which was captured... More »

Baby Trump Balloon Has Met Its End

Protest symbol stabbed as president gets warm welcome at Alabama-LSU game

(Newser) - President Trump appears to have found his sports sweet spot after getting booed at the World Series and a mixed reception at an MMA fight : The commander in chief got a warm welcome in the Deep South at a college football game between Alabama and Louisiana State, reports CNN . Per... More »

After HK Student's Death, Pro-Democracy Lawmakers Arrested

Protesters say arrests were intentionally made to provoke more violence

(Newser) - Police in Hong Kong said Saturday they arrested and charged six pro-democracy lawmakers, a move that could escalate public fury a day after the death of a university student linked to months of anti-government protests in the semi-autonomous Chinese territory. Protesters vented their anger over Chow Tsz-Lok's death and... More »

Protests Erupt After Hong Kong Student Dies

22-year-old fell after police fired tear gas

(Newser) - Protests erupted around Hong Kong Friday after the death of a 22-year-old student who had been in a coma since early Monday, when he fell from a parking garage during clashes between police and protesters. Alex Chow's classmates at the University of Science and Technology called for an investigation... More »

Knife-Wielding Guy Badly Beaten in Hong Kong

He also bit the ear of district counselor Andrew Chiu

(Newser) - A knife-wielding man slashed several people and bit off part of the ear of a pro-democracy politician in Hong Kong on Sunday, as riot police stormed several malls to thwart protesters who have been demanding government reforms for nearly five months, the AP reports. The bloody attack erupted outside one... More »

She Was Let Go After the First 3 Arrests. Not So for the 4th

Jane Fonda spent night in jail after her latest climate change protest in DC

(Newser) - Jane Fonda has spent the past four Fridays getting arrested in the nation's capital, as per her plan , but this time around, she faced a more serious consequence. The 81-year-old actress has been protesting climate change on Capitol Hill, inspired by Swedish teen activist Greta Thunberg , and her first... More »

On Halloween, Hong Kong Protesters Tested Mask Ban

Police fired tear gas in nightlife district

(Newser) - Police and protesters engaged in a standoff in Hong Kong's nightlife district on Thursday after pro-democracy demonstrators urged people to celebrate Halloween by wearing masks in defiance of a government ban on face coverings. Riot police pushed people back slowly from the Lan Kwai Fong area of bars, clubs,... More »

In Hong Kong, Another Form of Protest Emerges

Anti-government protesters show their support with tattoos

(Newser) - Mike Chan's tattoo needle buzzes gently as he draws a design on his customer's thigh—a figure wearing a helmet, goggles, and mask. Dipping his needle into black, red, and yellow ink, Chan hunches over his client's leg as he painstakingly brings to life the image of... More »

Why Millions Are Protesting Worldwide

From Chile to Iraq to Hong Kong, people are upset

(Newser) - In Hong Kong, it was a complicated extradition dispute involving a murder suspect. In Beirut, it was a proposed tax on the popular WhatsApp messenger service. In Chile, it was a 4-cent hike in subway fares. Recent weeks have seen mass protests and clashes erupt in far-flung places triggered by... More »

Hong Kong Police Fire Blue Dye at Mosque

Carrie Lam visits Kowloon Mosque to apologize

(Newser) - Hong Kong officials apologized to Muslim leaders Monday after riot police sprayed a mosque and bystanders with a blue-dyed solution from a water cannon while trying to contain pro-democracy demonstrations in the semi-autonomous Chinese territory. The city's leader, Chief Executive Carrie Lam, and its police chief visited the Kowloon... More »

Jane Fonda's Arrest Plan Seems to Be Right on Schedule

81-year-old actress is detained for 2nd time in a week, says she wants to do this 'every Friday'

(Newser) - When Jane Fonda has her mind set on something, she means it—and she's punctual. A week ago, Fonda was arrested at a climate change protest in Washington, DC, and the 81-year-old promised to "engage in civil disobedience and ... get arrested every Friday." She got her wish... More »

China Makes Odd Move Against Hong Kong Protesters

Companies banned from exporting black clothes to HK

(Newser) - After months of protests by black-clad demonstrators demanding democracy in Hong Kong, China has come up with a new countermeasure—banning the export of black clothes from the mainland to the territory. The South China Morning Post reports that customs officials in mainland China have ordered courier firms not to... More »

Protesters Defy Mask Ban

Police clash with demonstrators in Hong Kong after emergency powers are invoked

(Newser) - Tens of thousands of Hong Kong protesters answered the day-old ban on wearing masks by marching through the streets in a pouring rain Sunday, setting fires and breaking windows. Police fired tear gas and projectiles at the crowds, who yelled, "Wearing a mask is not a crime." The... More »

Hong Kong Leader Invokes Emergency Law

Ban on masks at protests takes effect Saturday

(Newser) - Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam banned protesters from wearing masks Friday in a hardening of the government’s stance on the territory’s most disruptive crisis since it reverted to Chinese rule in 1997. Lam announced the ban at an afternoon news conference where she decried a recent escalation of... More »

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