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At Hong Kong Airport, a 2nd Day of Chaos

Departing flights canceled once again due to pro-democracy protesters

(Newser) - Pro-democracy protests have shut down Hong Kong International Airport again , resulting in flight check-ins being canceled for the second day in a row and the city's mayor calling the scene a "dangerous situation," the BBC reports. "Terminal operations ... have been seriously disrupted as a result of... More »

Massive Protest Shuts Down One of World's Busiest Airports

Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters stage sit-in

(Newser) - One of the world's busiest airports canceled all flights after thousands of Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters crowded into the main terminal Monday afternoon. Hong Kong International Airport said in a statement that the demonstration "seriously disrupted" airport operations. Hong Kong has experienced more than two months of mass... More »

As Tear-Gassed Protesters Leave, Bystanders Step Up

Hong Kong residents are caught in the confrontations

(Newser) - After the protesters evacuated, the residents took their place. In one Hong Kong neighborhood on Saturday, riot police fired multiple rounds of tear gas, prompting demonstrators to flee after they started a fire outside a police station and threw eggs at its exterior. But while the pro-democracy protesters left to... More »

Dozens Arrested After Night of Violence in Hong Kong

Tear gas fired near China's liaison office

(Newser) - Police repeatedly fired tear gas and rubber bullets to drive back protesters blocking Hong Kong streets with road signs and umbrellas Sunday in another night of pitched battles as protests for democracy in the Chinese territory escalate. It was the second night in a row that tear gas was used... More »

They Were Warned Not to March. Out Came the Tear Gas

Hong Kong protests turn violent

(Newser) - Hong Kong police on Saturday fired tear gas and swung batons at protesters who defied authorities' warnings not to march in a neighborhood where six days earlier a mob apparently targeting demonstrators brutally attacked people in a train station. Protesters wearing black streamed through the Yuen Long district, even though... More »

Arrival of 'Triads' Doesn't Bode Well in Hong Kong

Organized gangs go after pro-democracy demonstrators

(Newser) - Unrest in Hong Kong reached a disturbing new level over the weekend, with a mob of men clad in white shirts brutally attacking pro-democracy demonstrators in black shirts at a subway station. Police didn't intervene in the beatings, which followed a major protest in Hong Kong. Meanwhile, China sent... More »

Amid Hong Kong Protests, Mystery Attack on Subway

Attackers wear white as they ambush commuters

(Newser) - Hong Kong's protest movement took a violent turn Sunday as police launched tear gas at protesters after a massive march continued late into the evening, and subway riders were attacked by masked assailants who apparently were targeting pro-democracy demonstrators, the AP reports. The firing of the tear gas was... More »

Protesters Vow to Stop Giant Hawaii Telescope

They say it is being built on sacred land

(Newser) - Protesters vowed Monday to continue demonstrating against the construction of a giant telescope on top of a mountain some Native Hawaiians consider sacred after they spent the day blocking the road to the project site. About a dozen elders, or kupuna, sat in chairs at the start of the road... More »

Pussy Riot Going to Fight 'Patriarchal Ghosts' in Alabama

Feminist punk-rock group is heading there to hold protest concert on strict new abortion law

(Newser) - Alabama's strict new abortion law is "ridiculous." So says Pussy Riot, which has decided to take action on it, per AFP . The Russian punk-rock group will perform a protest concert in Birmingham on Thursday, with all proceeds set to go to Planned Parenthood and the Yellowhammer Fund,... More »

Proud Boys Rally Runs Into Antifa

This time, no one was injured

(Newser) - A Proud Boys rally attracted enough supporters and counter-protesters Saturday to make things interesting for police in Washington, DC, USA Today reports. The self-described "chauvinistic men's" group assembled a crew of about 250 but was outnumbered by liberal opponents, including roughly 50 black-clad antifa members wearing helmets. The... More »

Shocking Child Rape Sparks Angry Protest

Hundreds march in Myanmar over appalling crime

(Newser) - Hundreds of people marched to Myanmar's Central Investigation Department on Saturday in Yangon to demand justice for a 2-year-old girl who was allegedly raped at her nursery school in the country's capital in May, the AP reports. A 29-year-old suspect, Aung Kyaw Myo, was rearrested on Wednesday and... More »

Portland Protests Hit With 'Concrete Milkshakes'

Police bust 3 in competing demonstrations between antifa and Proud Boys

(Newser) - Competing demonstrations spilled into the streets of downtown Portland on Saturday, reports the AP , with fights breaking out as marchers clashed. At least three groups had rallies or demonstrations at different sites in the city, including members of the so-called Proud Boys and anti-fascist groups that include "antifa,"... More »

Trump Has More to Say About Megan Rapinoe

After a line she uttered in May is shared, the president responds on Twitter

(Newser) - The war of words between President Trump and Megan Rapinoe got some new life breathed into it on Wednesday, thanks to a weeks-old comment. Things first got testy after the co-captain of the US women's soccer team carried her team to the World Cup quarterfinals on Monday. Trump was... More »

Massive Crowd Says Democracy Could Collapse

Czech protesters oppose Prime Minister Andrej Babis

(Newser) - Hundreds of thousands of people rallied Sunday in Prague to urge Prime Minister Andrej Babis to resign, assembling from across the Czech Republic for the capital's biggest anti-government protest since the 1989 pro-democratic Velvet Revolution that brought down the communist regime, the AP reports. The demonstration at Letna Park,... More »

Estimated 2M Hit the Streets of Hong Kong

This protest seems far from over

(Newser) - Hong Kong citizens marched for hours Sunday in a massive protest that drew a late-in-the-day apology from the city's top leader for her handling of legislation that has stoked fears of expanding control from Beijing in this former British colony, the AP reports. Nearly 2 million of the city'... More »

Sea of Protesters Stuns Hong Kong

They're protesting a law against extradition to China

(Newser) - Hundreds of thousands of protesters marched through Hong Kong on Sunday to voice their opposition to legislation that would allow people to be extradited to mainland China where they could face politically charged trials, the AP reports. The massive demonstration took place three days before the semi-autonomous Chinese territory's... More »

London Museum Wants Trump Balloon

First, protesters will fly it this week

(Newser) - The Donald Trump baby balloon will live on in London after President Trump has left: The Museum of London plans to exhibit it. The 20-foot blimp was flown over Parliament Square during the Trump's visit last summer. Museum director Sharon Ament said the balloon illustrates "how people protest... More »

Cops Tried to Keep Pol Safe. The Milkshake Came Anyway

Nigel Farage is latest UK politician to get doused

(Newser) - What the Daily Beast is calling the "highest-profile victim of milkshaking so far" has been doused. The victim: Brexit leader Nigel Farage. What "milkshaking" is: a recent phenomenon in the UK of right-wing politicians having the sweet, goopy drink thrown on them in protest. Farage's incident took... More »

Mom Blasts 'Blackly Naked' Butts of Notre Dame Students

Mother's letter to student paper calls out 'legging problem' on campus

(Newser) - A woman who IDed herself as a "Catholic mother of four sons" called out "a problem that only girls can solve" in a letter Monday to the University of Notre Dame's student newspaper—but her note is having the opposite effect of what she wanted. In her... More »

London Swarmed With Protesters

They say it's time to give up on Brexit

(Newser) - Anti-Brexit protesters flooded into central London by the hundreds of thousands on Saturday, demanding that Britain's Conservative-led government hold a new referendum on whether Britain should leave the European Union, the AP reports. The "People's Vote March" snaked from Park Lane and other locations to converge on... More »

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