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A Troubling Amount of US Renters Are in Deep

More and more US tenants spend 30% or more of their income on housing

(Newser) - The often-recommended rule of thumb when it comes to housing is to not hand over more than 30% of your gross income to a landlord or mortgage company and the accompanying utilities. In the United States, more renters than ever are surpassing that limit, further burdening a middle class beset...

Landlord's Holiday Gift Has Tenants Calling Her an 'Angel'

Britni Ricard gives renters in her New Orleans apartment building a month's free rent

(Newser) - Britni Ricard certainly has her hands full as the CEO of a cosmetics company, but last year, she decided to branch out and start investing in real estate. Now, some uplifting news from the entrepreneur's very first investment property, a 10-unit apartment building in New Orleans where renters, many...

Women Sue After Airbnb Turns Into 'House of Horror'

Suit against rental site, Michigan homeowners comes after women say they were attacked by bats

(Newser) - According to its Airbnb listing, the "Castle House" in Alpena, Michigan, is an "incredible historic home" that's "bursting with charm." According to a group of eight women who rented the abode earlier this year, the place is actually like a "horror movie," complete...

Looking to Rent? This Is the Best City for It

Chandler, Arizona, tops Forbes Advisor's rankings

(Newser) - It's not easy for everyone to enter the homeownership arena these days, thanks to high home prices and rising interest rates . Forking over a monthly payment to a landlord, therefore, may be the best option for many. Forbes Advisor went on the hunt for the best cities for renters,...

Looking to Rent? Your Best Bet Is Here

Columbia, Md., tops WalletHub's list of best cities for renters

(Newser) - There are many reasons why people may choose to rent over buying a home—but that doesn't mean renting is always an inexpensive proposition. In fact, WalletHub reports that last year, rental prices rose at nearly double the rate of any previous year. Still, there are places in the...

San Francisco Apartment Has a Steep Requirement

Renters must make at least $432K a year

(Newser) - It's not just expensive to own a home in San Francisco, it's expensive to rent. As in, it's the most expensive city in the nation to do so, as the San Francisco Chronicle has reported. The average monthly price for a one-bedroom place clocked in at $2,...

Renters Get What Is Likely Their Last Reprieve

White House extends eviction moratorium one month through July

(Newser) - The Biden administration has extended the nationwide ban on evictions for a month to help tenants unable to make rent payments because of the pandemic, but it said this is expected to be the last time it does so. CDC chief Dr. Rochelle Walensky extended the evictions moratorium until July...

The Rent Is Due. Now What?
The Rent Is Due.
Now What?
the rundown

The Rent Is Due. Now What?

Rent strikes being organized around the nation, but 'mom and pop' landlords struggling, too

(Newser) - The new month has arrived, which means the rent is due for millions of Americans. Combine that with off-the-charts unemployment and it adds up to misery not just for tenants but for many landlords, too. While many states and the federal government have put protections into place to stop evictions...

A 'Staggering' Number Tied to the Virus

Data on 13.4M apartment rentals shows 31% of tenants hadn't paid as of Sunday

(Newser) - A lot of Americans failed to pay rent this month. As of Sunday, nearly a third of US apartment renters hadn't paid any amount of their rent, the Wall Street Journal reports, citing data from 13.4 million rental apartments, excluding single-family homes and subsidized affordable housing. Just 69%...

Accused Squatter Files Restraining Order Against Homeowner

California woman has apparently done this before

(Newser) - A California homeowner says a squatter has not only taken over her Fair Oaks home but has filed a restraining order against her, Fox40 reports. Sandra Forbes says the woman moved in about two months ago without meeting her or getting permission. And while the alleged interloper produced a lease...

SF's Rent Just Got Even More Ridiculous

Median price for a 1-bedroom unit reaches $3,620 per month

(Newser) - You think rent prices are bad in your area? You really shouldn't complain, unless you live in San Francisco. There, a one-bedroom apartment rents for a median price of $3,620 per month—up 13% since last year and $90 since last month—making San Francisco the most US...

Little Italy Museum Evicting 'Artifact': Grandma, 85

Adele Sarno to get the boot after 50 years in Little Italy

(Newser) - An 85-year-old Italian grandmother could soon be evicted from the Manhattan apartment she's called home for more than 50 years. After losing a five-year battle to keep her rent from spiking from $820 to $3,500 per month, Adele Sarno's Little Italy home will likely be taken over...

Dallas 'Burb Goes to Court in Fight to Ban Illegal Renters

Landlords who rent to aliens could face fees, disbarment

(Newser) - The small Dallas suburb of Farmers Branch has Arizona's recent immigration law looking downright liberal, and it's about to get its day in court. Farmers Branch has spent years and about $6 million in its effort to bar illegal immigrants from rental housing, reports the AP . And today,...

Rents Hit Record Highs, Vacancies at 10-Year Lows

People avoiding buying keeps demand high for rental properties

(Newser) - With would-be homebuyers continuing to sit on the sidelines, rental vacancies dropped to a 10-year low last quarter, driving up rental prices to record levels around the United States, reports the Wall Street Journal . Rental prices have reached record highs in 74 of 82 markets measured by real estate tracking...

Becoming a Nation of Renters Might Save Us
Becoming a Nation
of Renters Might Save Us

Becoming a Nation of Renters Might Save Us

It might just fuel the 'next boom': Daniel Gross

(Newser) - Homeownership is down and renting is up, and that surely means bad news for the economy and people's finances, right? Wrong, argues Daniel Gross in the Wall Street Journal . In fact, it's a beautiful thing. "The new realities of our increasingly mobile economy make it more likely...

Great Time to Buy? This Renter Says No Thanks

Need for mobility trumps low prices: Justin Martin

(Newser) - Realtors scratching their heads at why more would-be homebuyers aren't jumping at record low mortgage rates will want to read Justin Martin's pro-renting essay in the Christian Science Monitor . In theory, he's the model potential buyer: He's a renter in his 30s with a good job...

Renters Feel the Landlord Love
 Renters Feel the Landlord Love 

Renters Feel the Landlord Love

In soft market, tenants offered flat-screen TVs, cash, reduced rent

(Newser) - Time was, the landlord's knock could inspire dread and bogus excuses. But as apartment vacancies soar, these days he's more likely to drop by to offer you a flat-screen TV, cash, or reduced rent if you re-up your lease. "Many companies are doing whatever they can to keep units...

Vacancy Rate Hits 23-Year High as Renters Fade

So now's the time to get that place in NYC

(Newser) - Apartment vacancies have hit a 23-year high, as rampant unemployment continues to drive down demand, according to a New York real-estate research firm. That’s brought rents down an average 2.7% compared to last year—and the 7.8% vacancy rate is expected to climb. “The experience was...

Foreclosure Crisis Stings Renters, Too

(Newser) - You probably don’t want to live in the Chandler, Ariz., housing complex known as Alante on the Islands, MSNBC reports. The development was once owned by a California company, but entered receivership when the overextended firm went under. Now maintenance is spotty, the pool has turned green, residents don’...

Fannie Mae: Tenants Can Stay
 Fannie Mae: Tenants Can Stay 

Fannie Mae: Tenants Can Stay

Fannie Mae won't evict tenants after foreclosures

(Newser) - Fannie Mae is offering to sign new leases with renters living in properties that have been foreclosed and are now owned by the the government-controlled mortgage company. The move brings relief to thousands of people caught in the mortgage crisis, but it turns the insitution into a huge national landlord...

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