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Eatery Flouts State Order, Says It's 'Standing for America'

Castle Rock restaurant was packed on Mother's Day, despite statewide health order

(Newser) - The day before Mother's Day, a Colorado eatery declared on Twitter , "We are standing for America, small businesses, the Constitution and against the overreach of our governor in Colorado!!" On Sunday, it became clear what C&C Coffee and Kitchen in Castle Rock meant: It reopened for...

His Wedding Ring Fell Off 3 Years Ago. Now, This

Florida restaurant manager Sasha Formica posts it on Facebook

(Newser) - Three years ago, a New York couple was enjoying a meal by the water at a South Florida restaurant when the man's wedding ring slipped off his finger, through the wooden floorboards, apparently lost forever. Recently, Coconuts restaurant manager Ryan Krivoy decided to replace the wooden patio deck since...

Restaurant Needed a Rescue. It Had One Bottle of Pappy

And someone paid much more than it is worth

(Newser) - Like many restaurants, the coronavirus brought financial hardship to Tampa Bay's Datz restaurant chain, which went from a staff of 400 to 27 as it transitioned to takeout and delivery only. But it got some relief this week when a couple paid $40,000 for a single bottle of...

You&#39;ll Probably Have to Get That Happy Meal to Go
McDonald's Closing
Its Dining Rooms

McDonald's Closing Its Dining Rooms

Chain shutters dine-in, play areas for company-owned sites in US amid coronavirus outbreak

(Newser) - Parents hoping to ease the stress of being cooped up at home during the novel coronavirus outbreak can still treat the kids to Happy Meals—but in many cases, they won't be able to enjoy their fast-food repasts in the restaurants themselves. The chain announced Monday it will be...

A Valentine's Day Shooting With a Real Housewives Link

3 wounded at Georgia's Old Lady Gang, owned by Kandi Burruss of 'RHOA'

(Newser) - Three people were shot and wounded on Valentine's Day at a restaurant just outside Atlanta that's owned by singer and Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss. A man entered the Old Lady Gang restaurant on Friday night and targeted another man, East Point police Capt. Allyn Glover...

Mom Told to Cover Breastfeeding: 'I Got Angry'

Samantha McIntosh pushed back against Chick-fil-A

(Newser) - Cover my breastfeeding? OK ... I think. A Georgia woman agreed to a Chick-fil-A manager's request Monday—seems a customer had complained—but then got upset about it, CNN reports. "As I sit there in this family friendly restaurant I start to simmer," writes Samantha McIntosh on Facebook...

You Could Make $100K Working at Taco Bell

Parent company to offer six-figure annual salary for general managers in select locations

(Newser) - Dollar signs don't typically come to mind when one is considering a job in fast food, but during a tight labor market , Taco Bell's parent company is trying to change that. Bloomberg reports Yum! Brands will be testing out a six-figure annual salary—$100,000—for general managers...

Saudis Lift Strict Restaurant Rule About Women

Restaurants no longer required to have separate entrances

(Newser) - Saudi Arabia has moved a little further into the 21st century—or, at least, the 20th—with the easing of another ultra-strict regulation. Officials have announced that restaurants will no longer be required to have a separate entrance for women and families, the BBC reports. Until now, dining establishments were...

She Took the &#39;High Chair&#39; Dare&mdash;and Couldn&#39;t Get Out
Firefighters Rescue Teen
Who Took Chick-fil-A Dare

Firefighters Rescue Teen Who Took Chick-fil-A Dare

Addison Trent was a little embarrassed by the whole thing

(Newser) - Give it to Addison Trent: She's a good sport. The Idaho teenager was out with friends at a Chick-fil-A on Tuesday evening when she sat in a restaurant high chair as a dare—and couldn't get back out, the East Idaho News reports. Friends tried pulling on her,...

Celebrity Restaurateur Harry Morton Dies at 38
Celebrity Restaurateur
Harry Morton Dies at 38 

Celebrity Restaurateur Harry Morton Dies at 38

Lohan ex founded Pink Taco chain

(Newser) - The Pink Taco chain is mourning founder Harry Morton. The restaurateur has died at age 38, the chain confirmed Sunday. Sources tell People that Morton was found dead at his Beverly Hills home Saturday. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that an autopsy is pending, but authorities do not suspect foul...

Country Club Sues Waiter Who Spilled Wine on Handbag
Country Club Sues Waiter
Who Spilled Wine on Handbag
in case you missed it

Country Club Sues Waiter Who Spilled Wine on Handbag

NJ club filed its own suit after woman sued them

(Newser) - Almost everyone who has worked as a restaurant server will have a story about a time they spilled something. But not many will be able to say it resulted in two lawsuits. According to a lawsuit filed by Maryana Beyder against the Alpine Country Club in Demarast, NJ, a waiter...

Buffalo Wild Wings Incident: 'What Race Are You Guys?'

Buffalo Wild Wings managers who reportedly tried to cater to racist diner are fired

(Newser) - Employees have been fired after a racist incident at a Buffalo Wild Wings in Illinois. Mary Vahl posted on Facebook about the Oct. 26 incident, which took place at a Naperville location where their group of 18 had gathered to eat. Her husband, Justin, revisited the host stand to clarify...

She Said They Were Too Loud at Dinner, Hurled N-Word

Nancy Goodman isn't sorry for saying it at NC restaurant

(Newser) - A confrontation in a North Carolina restaurant ended with a racial slur—and the woman who said it says she'd say it again. NBC News reports on Nancy Goodman, a white patron at Bonefish Grill in North Hills, who got into a verbal tiff Tuesday with three black patrons—...

Boy Dies After Fall Into Grease Trap

Trap was unfenced, just outside door

(Newser) - A devastating story out of Rochester, New York, Monday: A child died after falling into a grease trap outside a restaurant. The 3-year-old boy's mother called police when she was unable to find him, per WHEC . Francis Camp, a police investigator, said the boy fell through a plastic lid...

A Diner's Menu Offer Sparks Debate: Is It Really Sexist?

Mama D's Diner lets people order a little extra for the 'girlfriend'

(Newser) - A restaurant's special "girlfriend" offer is lighting up the Internet and sparking debate about possible sexism. It all began June 28 when Nick Chisler posted the "My Girlfriend is Not Hungry" listing from an Arkansas diner on Facebook , per CBS News . The cheeky menu option at Mama...

Diner Stunned When Living Thing Falls on Her Plate

It was a rat. And she wasn't happy

(Newser) - Welcome to the City of Angels: A woman visiting LA from Houston was stunned to see a rat fall on her table at a Buffalo Wild Wings, CBS Los Angeles reports. Alisha Norman says she was celebrating her birthday at the Westchester-area restaurant Thursday and watching the Women's World...

Prank by Wendy's Worker 'Totally Unacceptable'

Now ex-employee took a bath in a kitchen sink in Florida, went viral

(Newser) - It's bad enough to think of fast-food workers not washing their hands before handling food, so the latest story out of a Florida Wendy's is giving plenty of customers angst. CBS Miami reports on a viral video that was apparently shot on Snapchat and started circulating on Facebook...

Jamie Oliver 'Devastated' About Chain's Collapse

Chef's British restaurant chain has filed for bankruptcy protection

(Newser) - Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver's British restaurant chain filed for bankruptcy protection on Tuesday, partly due to increased competition and escalating rents in local commercial districts. The insolvency put 1,300 jobs at risk and reignited worries about local retail and food outlets in Britain, reports the AP . "I'...

A Diner Ordered a $333 Bottle of Wine. That's Not What Came

Restaurant's message to server who accidentally brought out $5K bottle: 'We love you anyway'

(Newser) - A diner ordered a $333 bottle of wine at a UK steakhouse on Wednesday and instead received a "mythical" Bordeaux worth about 17 times as much. It's unclear if the customer dining at Hawksmoor Manchester realized their good fortune. It was only after the meal that a manager...

Restaurant Patrons Commit 'Rare' Double Homicide

They both pulled out handguns, and both paid for it

(Newser) - Two men in Canada learned the downside of gunfire Wednesday when they simultaneously shot each other and ended up dead, the CBC reports. Brian Cromastey, 30, and Rodney Albert Kirton, 25—both members of the same local street gang—fired their handguns at a popular late-night eatery at around 1:...

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