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2 Weird Animal Rescues Involve a Parrot and a Cat

Just another day at the office for fire crews

(Newser) - Two new entries in the annals of unusual animal rescues:
  • Florida cat: Firefighters in Florida were called to rescue a cat—not out of a tree, but from the undercarriage of a car owned by New York Giants cornerback Isaac Yiadom, per the AP . Rescue workers responded to Yiadom's

Cat Jumps From 5th Floor of Burning Chicago Building

It landed on grass, walked away, then tried to return

(Newser) - It's not clear how many lives a Chicago cat has after an escape from a burning building Thursday, but it's definitely fewer than nine. The black cat jumped from the fifth floor, narrowly missed a wall on the way down, and landed on grass apparently unharmed, WGN reports....

1K Cats Descend on Chicago to Take Down Its Rats

Hundreds of feral felines released by animal shelter to deal with city's rodent problem

(Newser) - Chicago has a rodent problem—one so bad the city has been deemed the "rattiest city" in the nation for the last six years. One local animal shelter has been hard at work combating the issue, using a rather low-tech method: It releases hundreds of feral cats onto the...

New Hampshire Law Would Fix a Cat-Dog Inequity

Drivers who kill felines would have to notify owners, as they must with dogs

(Newser) - Nine lives notwithstanding, killing a cat in a hit-and-run soon could become illegal in New Hampshire, per the AP . Forty years ago, New Hampshire passed a law that requires drivers who injure or kill dogs to notify police or the animals’ owners, or else face a $1,000 fine. Cats...

COVID Vaccine for Pets? This Country Says It Has It

Russian agency hopes for mass production in April of Carnivak-Cov for dogs, cats, and other animals

(Newser) - As COVID vaccinations roll out worldwide, scientists who've been keeping tabs on coronavirus variants have been worried that the virus will find a home in animals and mutate there, possibly then transferring back to humans. On Wednesday, a group that oversees agriculture and veterinary safety in Russia made a...

On the Hunt for an Animal Serial Killer
On the Hunt
for an Animal
Serial Killer

On the Hunt for an Animal Serial Killer

Atatavist magazine follows volunteers in UK, though police say culprit is a fox

(Newser) - The killings began in 2015. Beloved cats began turning up around London, their bodies mutilated. As Phil Hoad writes at Atavist magazine, the cats appeared to have been cut with a sharp knife by a human with increasingly skilled hands. The remains also seemed to have been displayed to cause...

Popular Flea Collar Linked to Pet Deaths, Human Injuries

EPA says Seresto flea and tick collars remain safe enough for sale

(Newser) - Hundreds of pet deaths and thousands of injuries to pets and humans have been linked to one of the most popular flea and tick collars in the US, according to documents from the EPA. However, there has been no warning about the Seresto collar made by Bayer and sold by...

Cat Is Returned to Owner After 15 Years

Brandy had vanished from backyard

(Newser) - A cat that went astray 15 years ago has been reunited, older and maybe wiser, with its owner. Brandy, a brown tabby, was reunited Monday with the man who adopted her as a 2-month-old kitten in 2005, the AP reports. "It's amazing," said Charles, who did not...

Cops' Suspicious Package Was Purring, for Good Reason

Bomb squad finds newborn kittens inside, and they're all OK

(Newser) - A police bomb squad responding to a suspicious package call at an Ohio church made an unexpected discovery: six newborn kittens and their mother inside a duffel bag. The Butler County Sheriff’s Office says its bomb squad was called to a church in New Miami on Thursday, per the...

Zoom's 'Cat Lawyer' Speaks Out After Viral Video

'I disappeared and a cat appeared,' says Rod Ponton

(Newser) - Everyone is supposedly due their 15 minutes of fame, and Rod Ponton just got his—except not as a human, but as a cat. Thanks to a video that went viral , the Texas attorney is now known around the world for being the lawyer on Zoom who couldn't figure...

Catnip Is Fun for Cats, but Also 'Functional'
Catnip Does More Than
Make Cats Loopy

Catnip Does More Than Make Cats Loopy

Study suggests it also offers protection from mosquitoes

(Newser) - You may soon come to love catnip as much as your cat. New research suggests the chemicals derived from catnip and silver vine, an even more potent plant that grows in the mountains of Japan and China, can ward off pesky mosquitoes. Masao Miyazaki, a biologist at Japan's Iwate...

Biden Plans White House Surprise
Biden Plans
White House

Biden Plans White House Surprise

CBS Sunday Morning teases news of a feline

(Newser) - Major, Champ, and ... pussy-kitty? Looks like Joe Biden's hope for reuniting America will extend beyond Democrats and Republicans, the Guardian reports. A CBS Sunday Morning tweet teased the fact that the new first family—which includes the two aforementioned German shepherds—will be "joined by a cat."...

Cats, Dogs Frolicked Near $9M Emperor's Vase
'Next to Miraculous' $9M Vase
Found in Old Woman's Cupboard
in case you missed it

'Next to Miraculous' $9M Vase Found in Old Woman's Cupboard

Rediscovered Chinese porcelain dating back 275 years kept in open cupboard near cats, dogs

(Newser) - A delicate Chinese porcelain vase believed to have been crafted for an emperor 275 years ago has sold for more than $9 million after turning up in a cupboard in a country home in central Europe. The rare find—actually two vases in one, with a pierced outer layer of...

Britain Confirms Its First Animal COVID Infection
A British Cat Has COVID

A British Cat Has COVID

Cat was apparently infected by its owners

(Newser) - There's no evidence that pets can infect their owners with COVID-19, British authorities say—but they've recorded their first case of infection apparently happening the other way. Authorities say a pet cat believed to have caught the virus from its owners showed mild symptoms, including shortness of breath...

Voter Form Arrives in Time —for Cody, a Dead Cat

'How did this happen? It's not reality,' says owner Carol Tims

(Newser) - An Atlanta family says they received a voter registration form in the mail Wednesday—for their cat, Cody Tims, who died 12 years ago. "A great cat, indoor and outdoor, loved his family, loved his neighborhood. He was 18 and a half when he passed away," Carol Tims...

Study: Women Prefer Men Without Cats

'Cat men' seen as 'less masculine,' researchers say

(Newser) - Single men who are hoping to land a girlfriend may want to keep images of their cats out of their dating profile, or so suggests a new study . Colorado State University researchers showed photos of two men—posed with and without a cat—to hundreds of women and found that...

China's New Dog Policy Is a 'Game Changer'
China Pulls a 180
on Its Dog Policy

China Pulls a 180 on Its Dog Policy

Beijing says it's following 'the progress of the times'

(Newser) - Looks like China has a new official dog policy—namely that people can no longer raise and trade them for commercial purposes, People reports. "With the progress of the times, people's civilization ideas and eating habits are constantly changing, and some traditional customs about dogs will also change,...

Asymptomatic Cats Spread Virus to Other Cats
3 Cats Had the
Virus. Then It Was 6

3 Cats Had the Virus. Then It Was 6

Scientists say none of the cats that had COVID-19 in lab experiment ever showed symptoms

(Newser) - Cats can spread the coronavirus to other cats without any of them ever having symptoms, a lab experiment suggests. Scientists who led the work say it shows the need for more research into whether the virus can spread from people to cats to people again. Virus expert Peter Halfmann and...

At This 'Eden' for Animals, Cops Make Horrifying Find

Police find dead dogs, cats in freezer at Ky. no-kill animal shelter

(Newser) - Police seized 90 dogs from a no-kill animal shelter in Kentucky due to its allegedly poor conditions, reports the AP , and charged its owner after dead cats and dogs were found in the facility's freezer. The dogs were taken Saturday because of "poor living conditions" at the Trixie...

US Confirms First Cases of Coronavirus in Pets

2 cats in New York tested positive

(Newser) - Two pet cats in New York state have tested positive for the coronavirus, marking the first confirmed cases in companion animals in the US, federal officials said Wednesday. The cats, which had mild respiratory illnesses and are expected to recover, are thought to have contracted the virus from people in...

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