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CDC Says It Underestimated Coronavirus Totals—by a Lot

Estimate rises to more than 20M Americans infected

(Newser) - As high as the coronavirus numbers seem, the CDC said Thursday, they're probably an underestimate. Only 10% of the nation's coronavirus cases have been diagnosed, the agency's director told reporters. With 2.3 million confirmed cases so far, that would mean more than 20 million Americans have... More »

In California, a Significant 'Rewrite' of the Virus?

Mysterious deaths of kids, infants, and adults going back to December suggest earlier infections

(Newser) - Health officials, pathologists, and medical examiners are more closely looking at dozens of deaths in California, including those of infants and kids, and what they find "could dramatically rewrite the narrative of COVID-19" in the US, per the Los Angeles Times . A slew of deaths that took place months... More »

'Huge Step in the Right Direction' From CDC on Virus

Agency finally posts guidelines for Americans on how to minimize COVID-19 risk as we reopen

(Newser) - Take the stairs, not the elevator, down from your hotel room. Encourage people to bring their own food and drinks to your cookout. Use hand sanitizer after banking at an ATM. Call ahead to restaurants and nail salons to make sure staff are wearing face coverings. And no high-fives—or... More »

CDC Issues New Guidance on Coronavirus on Surfaces

Virus doesn't 'spread easily' this way

(Newser) - Wiping down groceries to protect yourself from the coronavirus might be overkill, according to the latest guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The agency says in its updated guidelines that while it "may be possible" for someone to become infected by touching a surface with the... More »

After Weeks of Delay, CDC Issues Guide to Reopening

Officials complain the agency has been 'muzzled'

(Newser) - As the country reopens in stages, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has released a reopening guide that was reportedly shelved by federal officials earlier this month. The 60-page guide , posted on the CDC's website with little fanfare, calls for a three-phased approach, with the use of six... More »

With New CDC Stat, a US 'Baby Bust' Continues

Births in America fell about 1% from 2018, leading to fewest number of newborns in 35 years

(Newser) - US births continued to fall last year, leading to the fewest number of newborns in 35 years. The decline is the latest sign of a prolonged national "baby bust" that's been going on for more than a decade, the AP notes. Some experts believe the coronavirus pandemic and... More »

Drop in Vaccinations 'Could Set Us Back Years'

CDC warns of possible measles outbreak

(Newser) - The CDC is warning about possible outbreaks of diseases, including measles, as immunizations fall amid the coronavirus pandemic. The organization analyzed immunization data on children in Michigan up to the age of 2, finding a drop in vaccinations for all diseases except hepatitis B—a vaccine typically administered in hospitals... More »

Trump Adviser Slams 'Kumbaya of Incompetence'

Peter Navarro is unleashed on the Sunday talkies

(Newser) - A top White House economic adviser hit the talk-show circuit Sunday and slammed everyone from the CDC to China to former President Obama, Politico reports. "I'm glad Mr. Obama has a new job as Joe Biden's press secretary," Peter Navarro said on ABC's This Week,... More »

Pandemic History Might Have Turned on This Moment

Reassuring messages on Feb. 29 replaced plan for shutdown

(Newser) - The first COVID-19 death in the US was reported on Feb. 29. There was a coronavirus briefing at the White House that day, and Rolling Stone has identified it as a critical moment when the US response could have gone in a different, lifesaving direction—the instant when the tennis... More »

Report: Feds Rejected CDC's Guide to Reopening US

Officials were told it would 'never see the light of day'

(Newser) - A set of detailed documents created by the nation's top disease investigators meant to give step-by-step advice to local leaders deciding when and how to reopen public places such as mass transit, day care centers, and restaurants during the still-raging pandemic has been shelved by the Trump administration, the... More »

CDC Director Might Be Regretting That Interview

Robert Redfield is walking back his comments on second wave of coronavirus

(Newser) - On Tuesday, the Washington Post published an interview with Dr. Robert Redfield in which the CDC director seemed to indicate an inevitable second wave of coronavirus infections was likely to be worse than this initial wave. By Wednesday, Redfield was walking back those remarks. President Trump tweeted Wednesday that Redfield... More »

CDC Director: 2nd Wave of Coronavirus Likely to Be Worse

He warns that the next wave will likely hit during flu season

(Newser) - As states start to reopen or, at least, consider reopening , the director of the CDC has a warning: The coronavirus isn't going anywhere, and when the next wave hits the US, it could be worse than this one. "There’s a possibility that the assault of the virus... More »

Accidents Involving Cleaning Products Are Way Up

In the rush to disinfect, 'common sense can take a back seat'

(Newser) - Americans are spending much more time cleaning and using a lot more cleaning products than they did before the pandemic—and some of them are unaware that mixing bleach with ammonia or vinegar can create chlorine gas. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says calls to poison hotlines about... More »

That 6-Feet Rule May Not Work for Runners

Studies suggest respiratory droplets travel much farther

(Newser) - The 6 feet of separation touted by the CDC might not be enough to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, particularly among runners. A new study described in the New York Times suggests air carries respiratory droplets up to 30 feet behind runners and up to 15 feet behind fast... More »

Governor Opposed Stay-at-Home Order. Now, a Virus Hot Spot

644 COVID-19 cases tied to Smithfield Foods meat plant in Sioux Falls, SD

(Newser) - The shuttered Smithfield Foods pork plant in Sioux Falls, SD, is now the largest single source of coronavirus cases in the country. Eighty more employees were confirmed to have COVID-19 on Wednesday, bringing the employee total to 518. State health officials say another 126 people who had contact with an... More »

'19, 20 States' Could Be Ready to Reopen May 1

So says CDC Director Robert Redfield

(Newser) - If you're living in one of 19 or 20 states, good news: CDC Director Robert Redfield thinks you may be ready to reopen by May 1. The less great news: He didn't name which ones during his interview on Good Morning America . Reuters reports Redfield explained that we'... More »

Chicago Had a 'Super-Spreader'

CDC describes cluster of cases linked to a single man

(Newser) - New research suggests the first people infected with the coronavirus in Wuhan, China, spread it to an average of 5.7 others, per Bloomberg . And those aren't even the "super-spreaders." One such person in Chicago, described in a CDC report released Wednesday, was responsible for confirmed or... More »

CDC Nixes 'Highly Unusual' Wording on Trump-Pushed Drugs

'Why would CDC be publishing anecdotes? That doesn't make sense.'

(Newser) - What Reuters calls "highly unusual guidance" on two drugs President Trump has been pushing to treat the coronavirus has been removed from the CDC site almost as quickly as it went up. The original guidance on hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine, which showed up over the weekend under "Therapeutic Options,... More »

CDC: How to Make a Mask in 45 Seconds

Surgeon General Jerome Adams is here to help

(Newser) - The CDC wants everyday Americans to mask up in public, and because it wants us to save the N95 masks for health care workers, it is here to show you how to make a cloth mask out of everyday items you can readily find in your quarantine misery and put... More »

CDC May Change Advice on Face Coverings

DIY masks are becoming more popular

(Newser) - Last month, the surgeon general issued an all-caps plea to Americans: "STOP BUYING MASKS!" But as the coronavirus outbreak worsens, a more nuanced debate is unfolding about whether Americans should be wearing masks, or some type of face covering, in public. Nobody is suggesting that people wear surgical... More »

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