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Detective Adopts Boy Whose Father Tried to Kill Him
Cop Who Responded to 
Murder Scene Adopts Survivor
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Cop Who Responded to Murder Scene Adopts Survivor

Detective Mike Blair bonded with injured boy in the hospital

(Newser) - A Florida boy who was stabbed and set on fire by his own father now has a new dad—one of the officers who responded to the scene. Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office Detective Mike Blair says that when he arrived at the scene in March 2018, he was told...

Supreme Court Unanimously Backs Catholic Group

Ruling says foster care organization has the right not to work with same-sex couples

(Newser) - The Supreme Court issued a ruling in a case involving same-sex couples Thursday, but the votes didn't fall into a liberal-conservative split. This was one 9-0. The court ruled in favor of a Catholic foster care agency in Philadelphia that will not in principle work with LGBTQ couples, reports...

America's 'Worst Dog' Has Found His Forever Home

Prancer, described in viral ad as a 'demonic' Chihuahua, has found his 'perfect match'

(Newser) - Is Prancer really the "worst dog in America" ? Not according to Ariel Davis, the 2-year-old Chihuahua's new owner, who answered a viral adoption ad that didn't exactly make Prancer sound like a great catch. NPR notes that while ads trying to adopt out rescue dogs usually...

They Kept a Vow Not to Talk for 51 Years. Then They Married

Biological daughter who was put up for adoption played a role

(Newser) - It's not often a person can say they introduced their parents, but that's sort of true for Arkansas' Laura Mabry. Mabry, who was adopted as an infant in 1968, took a DNA test in 2019 that connected her with her birth mother, Donna Horn. During text and email...

Poland Bars Gay People From Adopting

Nation is closing a loophole

(Newser) - Poland is doubling down on its anti-gay policies despite pushback from the European Union. The government said Thursday that it would close a loophole and ensure that no gay people will be allowed to adopt a child, reports Reuters . Current Polish law prohibits gay couples from adopting, but some homosexuals...

Friends of Almost a Decade Find Out They're Sisters
BFFs Make Startling Discovery
After Taking DNA Tests
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BFFs Make Startling Discovery After Taking DNA Tests

Cassandra Madison and Julia Tinetti of Connecticut find out they're actually sisters

(Newser) - There are scatterings of stories about long-lost siblings meeting after completing DNA testing kits. But one such story is especially amazing because, as the Washington Post reports, the two women who discovered they were sisters were already great friends. Cassandra Madison and Julia Tinetti developed a close relationship while working...

Ex-Arizona Official Jailed for 'Baby-Selling' Scheme
They Hoped to Adopt. They
Walked Into a 'Baby Mill'
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They Hoped to Adopt. They Walked Into a 'Baby Mill'

Ex-Arizona official jailed for 'baby-selling' scheme prosecutors say spanned 3 states

(Newser) - A former Arizona elected official and adoption lawyer has been sentenced to six years in prison in Arkansas for what prosecutors say was a scheme that involved smuggling dozens of pregnant women from the Marshall Islands into US states to give birth, reports the Washington Post . Paul Petersen, 45, "...

Baby Waiting to Be Born for 28 Years Is Finally Here

Molly Gibson, born from an adopted embryo frozen in 1992, sets a world record

(Newser) - In a twist on adoption, a Tennessee infant born in October now holds a world record that was previously claimed by her big sister. Per the New York Post , Tina and Ben Gibson had tried to have a child for five years, but they'd struggled to conceive (Ben has...

Will a YouTube Influencer Get a Second Chance?
They Made Their Adoption
Public, and Things Went Bad
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They Made Their Adoption Public, and Things Went Bad

YouTuber Myka Stauffer's decision to give up adopted boy has led to a massive backlash

(Newser) - In the bio for her YouTube channel , which has nearly 700,000 subscribers, Myka Stauffer describes herself as "a Mommy of 4 from Ohio and Married to My best friend." Unspoken is that until earlier this year, Stauffer and husband James had five children. The missing child is...

Boy Asks to Be Adopted, and Thousands Respond

'I hope one of y'all pick me,' says 9-year-old Jordan in Oklahoma

(Newser) - When a 9-year-old boy named Jordan was interviewed by station KFOR in Oklahoma, he had a simple request. "I would just like to have a family to call mom and dad, or just mom, or just dad. I don't really care," said Jordan, who has been in...

Sia Reveals She's Now a Grandmother
Sia: I'm Now a
Grandmother at 44

Sia: I'm Now a Grandmother at 44

Adopted son 'just had two babies,' singer says

(Newser) - Less than six weeks after revealing that she is a mother , singer Sia has disclosed that she is now also a grandmother. In an appearance on Zane Lowe's Apple Music show Tuesday, the 44-year-old Australian said the younger of the two teenage sons she adopted last year "just...

YouTuber 'Rehomes' Adopted Son From China
YouTuber Under Fire Over
Decision on Adopted Son
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YouTuber Under Fire Over Decision on Adopted Son

Myka Stauffer and husband give up son they adopted with special needs

(Newser) - A popular YouTuber has revealed that she and her husband made the wrenching decision to give up the now 4-year-old boy they adopted in 2017 from China because his special needs—including autism—proved too overwhelming. And now Myka Stauffer is taking heavy criticism online, with hashtags such as cancelmykastauffer...

Sia Reveals She Adopted 2 Teen Boys
Sia's Big Reveal:
She's a Mom of 2

Sia's Big Reveal: She's a Mom of 2

Australian singer says she adopted teen boys last year

(Newser) - Sia is a woman of constant surprises , and she's got a new one for us. Per Us Weekly , the 44-year-old Australian singer (full name Sia Furler) appeared Tuesday on SiriusXM's The Morning Mash Up program , and when she was asked if she'd adopted a son, the famously...

'I Can't Lose Him': Adoption Hearing Happens on Zoom

The Wieneke family has their court hearing online

(Newser) - The Wienekes were already in love with 2-year-old Jaden when the pandemic hit. That meant Jaden couldn't have a courtroom adoption, but thanks to judges' creative thinking, the hearing happened on Zoom. "On the day of the adoption, we all called in," Arkansas resident Kimberly Wieneke tells...

Woman Sentenced for 'the Bottom, Bottom, Bottom Lowest Thing'

Michigan defendant faked pregnancy and took money from couples wanting a child

(Newser) - A Michigan woman who broke the hearts and emptied the wallets of couples eager to adopt babies was sentenced to 21 months in prison Wednesday after acknowledging that she faked her own pregnancy and committed other acts of deception. There were no children to adopt, the AP reports. In one...

Shelter: We Have the 'World's Worst Cat'

Her name is Perdita, and 'she's just a jerk'

(Newser) - The “world's worst cat” is available for adoption—just ask the Mitchell County Animal Rescue organization in North Carolina, the AP reports. The shelter about 55 miles northeast of Asheville is waiving adoption fees in the hope that someone will take the cat named Perdita off their hands....

Charlize Theron on the Night Her Mom Killed Her Dad

It was self-defense, and 'I'm not ashamed to talk about it'

(Newser) - Charlize Theron is "not ashamed" to talk about the moment her mother killed her father because "the more we talk about these things, the more we realize we are not alone in any of it." In a wide-ranging interview with NPR , the actress recalls when, as a...

5-Year-Old's Entire Class Comes to Adoption Ceremony

There wasn't a dry eye in the courtroom

(Newser) - Thursday was a very special day for 5-year-old Michael Clark Jr.—and he wanted his entire kindergarten class to witness it. The Michigan boy's classmates turned up and waved paper hearts on sticks during Michael's adoption ceremony in Grand Rapids, USA Today reports. There wasn't a...

Police Arrest Mom Who Allegedly Sold Baby for $2K

As well as the couple who allegedly purchased the baby

(Newser) - A sad story out of Kentucky, where three people were arrested Tuesday—one of them for allegedly selling her baby, and the other two for allegedly buying the infant. Officials at Parker-Bennett-Curry Elementary School in Bowling Green, Ky., reported to police that a woman was giving away a child. When...

Arizona Official Accused of Adoption Fraud

Paul D. Petersen, Maricopa County’s assessor, allegedly flew women to US to give birth

(Newser) - Dozens of babies were fraudulently placed with adoptive families over a three- to four-year period, authorities say—and an Arizona elected official allegedly masterminded the scheme. Maricopa County Assessor Paul D. Petersen, who was indicted this week in three states on charges including human smuggling, sale of a child, money...

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