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New York Set to Expand Voting Rights to Noncitizens
Will Soon Be
Able to Vote
in NYC

Noncitizens Will Soon Be Able to Vote in NYC

Bill that would let legal residents vote in local elections passes city council

(Newser) - Update: The New York City Council on Thursday night approved a measure that would give noncitizens the right to vote in local elections, assuming Mayor Bill de Blasio does not try to veto it—which he has pledged not to do, though he says he has concerns about the legislation....

Democratic Senator Bucks Party on Voting Bill

Without Joe Manchin's vote, the measure has no path forward

(Newser) - A key Democratic senator says he will not vote for the largest overhaul of US election law in a generation, leaving no path forward for legislation that his party and the White House have portrayed as crucial for protecting access to the ballot. "Voting and election reform that...

Caitlyn Jenner Caught in Fib About Voting Record

She said she didn't vote in 2020, but records show otherwise

(Newser) - Caitlyn Jenner told CNN on Tuesday that she "didn't even vote" in November's presidential election. "Out here in California, it's like, why vote for a Republican president?" she said from her home in Malibu, Calif., adding she didn't have a position on 12 measures...

Florida Passes New Voting Restrictions

Bill slammed as 'revival of Jim Crow'

(Newser) - Republican lawmakers in Florida have passed a controversial election overhaul bill despite the lack of problems in the state's 2020 election, which they say was the "gold standard" for the country. The state is the first swing state won by Donald Trump to introduce new voting restrictions following...

Georgia Faces Growing Backlash Over Voter Law

Coke, Delta, Microsoft all speak out against it

(Newser) - The leaders of Coca Cola and Delta Air Lines, two of Georgia's largest corporations, are speaking out about the state's new voting law , along with the president of Microsoft, which has plans to create a hub in Atlanta. In a Wednesday memo to employees, Delta CEO Ed Bastian...

Case of Woman Given 5 Years for Illegal Vote to Be Reviewed

Texas' highest appeals court will look at Crystal Mason's case

(Newser) - The highest criminal appeals court in Texas will review the high-profile case of a woman sentenced to five years in prison for voting while ineligible. The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals rarely reviews non-death penalty convictions. But it announced Wednesday that it would review legal briefs, but not oral arguments,...

As Kemp Signed Bill She Knocked on His Door, Got Arrested

Rep. Park Cannon was protesting election legislation

(Newser) - A Black Democratic state lawmaker was arrested in Atlanta as she tried to witness Georgia's governor sign into law new voting restrictions in the state. Per the Atlanta Journal-Constitution , Rep. Park Cannon was at the state Capitol on Thursday, right outside the office where Gov. Brian Kemp was putting...

Congresswoman Takes Heat After Gesture During Vote

Dem. Kyrsten Sinema voted no to minimum wage provision with an enthusiastic thumbs-down

(Newser) - Bernie Sanders' attempt to attach a minimum wage provision to President Biden's $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill failed on Friday , and a handful of Democrats helped secure its demise. Among them: Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, who's now facing criticism from Democrats not just for her vote against...

Lawmaker Votes for Police Reform, Immediately Regrets It

GOP's Lance Gooden says he pressed the wrong button

(Newser) - Rep. Lance Gooden voted for a police reform bill Wednesday night that bans chokeholds and certain no-knock warrants, among other measures—and he wants his constituents in Texas to know that he sincerely regrets the error. Gooden, the only Republican who voted to pass the George Floyd Justice in Policing...

House Passes Sweeping Voting Rights Bill
House Passes Biggest
Voting Rights Bill in Decades

House Passes Biggest Voting Rights Bill in Decades

But HR1 may have little hope of passing the Senate

(Newser) - A sweeping voting rights reform bill passed the House in a 220-210 vote Wednesday night, with every Republican and one Democrat voting against. The HR1 "For the People Act," which would bring in new national standards, will be the biggest expansion of federal voting rights since the 1960s...

'To Show His Support,' Trump Fan Cast Illegal Ballot

Bruce Bartman, 70, charged with voting as dead mother in Pennsylvania

(Newser) - A Pennsylvania supporter of President Trump has been charged with perjury and unlawful voting after allegedly casting a vote for his dead mother. Prosecutors say Bruce Bartman actually registered two dead women to vote as Republicans in Nether Providence Township in advance of the presidential election: his mother Elizabeth Bartman,...

Voting Machine Company Has Its Say Over Wild Claims

Sends legal letter to Sidney Powell likening her allegations to Big Foot and Loch Ness monster

(Newser) - The attorney pushing claims that voting machines were rigged in Joe Biden's favor might be facing a lawsuit in the near future. The New York Times reports that Dominion Voting Systems has sent Sidney Powell a scathing letter demanding that she publicly retract her "knowingly baseless and false...

Giuliani Claims 'Big Win for Honest Elections'
Judge: You Can Analyze
Those Voting Machines
the rundown

Judge: You Can Analyze Those Voting Machines

Rudy Giuliani calls it a 'big win,' but that might not be true

(Newser) - A judge ruled Friday that forensic photos can be taken of Dominion vote tabulation machines in one Michigan county, a move hailed by Rudy Giuliani—although it's unrelated to the presidential election, the Detroit News reports. The judge said a voter had complained about three ballots allegedly being ignored...

New Trump Tweet Continues His Theme

'STOP THE COUNT,' he tweets, though counting continues in multiple states

(Newser) - President Trump's first tweet of the day on Thursday continued a familiar theme. "STOP THE COUNT!" he wrote , a reference to his campaign's efforts to halt counting in Michigan and Pennsylvania. The counting continued, however, in those states and others yet to be called—Nevada, Georgia,...

CDC to COVID Patients: Voting in Person A-OK

But do 'let poll workers know that you are sick or in quarantine'

(Newser) - In a post Monday regarding how to vote in person while taking safety precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the CDC said that people with the coronavirus are still free to head out to their local polling place Tuesday. "Voters have the right to vote, regardless of whether...

Judge Has Doubts but Won't Toss Out Drive-Thru Votes

Republicans who filed suit say Texas county could decide who wins the election

(Newser) - A federal judge on Monday rejected another last-ditch Republican effort to invalidate nearly 127,000 votes in Houston because the ballots were cast at drive-thru polling centers established during the pandemic. The lawsuit was brought by conservative Texas activists who oppose expanded voting access in Harris County, where a record...

This Pit Stop Wasn't in Pregnant Woman's Birth Plan

Florida woman in labor made husband stop so she could vote on their way to hospital

(Newser) - "Florida Woman" definitely trumps "Florida Man"—at least in the case of a pregnant woman in Orange County who wasn't about to miss her chance to vote in this election. While some people have flown hundreds of miles to exercise their right to vote, this unidentified...

Paul Rudd Had Sweet Surprise for Voters Waiting in Rain

Actor handed out cookies in Brooklyn

(Newser) - Paul Rudd apparently just can't stop doing adorable things . The latest? The actor was spotted handing out cookies to people waiting in line for early voting in New York City, per the Hollywood Reporter . "I want to say thank you for coming out and doing your part and...

Here's Where the Ballot Count Stands

Early votes so far equal 51% of those counted in the 2016 election

(Newser) - Some 138 million Americans voted in the 2016 election. More than half that number have already voted this year, according to the US Elections Project . It's "a record-breaking pace that could lead to the highest voter turnout in percentage terms in more than a century," Reuters reports,...

Trump: I'm Voting in Person
Trump: I'm Voting in Person

Trump: I'm Voting in Person

President will practice what he's been preaching

(Newser) - President Trump is taking his own advice and plans to vote in person in the presidential election on Saturday in Florida, the AP reports. Trump is heading to his home state Friday for campaign rallies at The Villages and in Pensacola. He’s scheduled to spend the night at his...

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