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Great White Does U-Turn After Hitting Jersey Shore

But Ironbound will be back north soon

(Newser) - Ironbound sounds like a good name for a massive floating vessel. This Ironbound is pretty close to that. A huge great white shark who was so christened when it was tagged on October 3, 2019, off Nova Scotia has recently been spotted off the US coast. CNN reports Ironbound pinged...

Florida Sheriff's Video Reveals Shark-Infested Waters

Sheriff's office warns swimmers to be safe

(Newser) - A video taken from the skies above Florida's Gulf Coast makes it clear just how many sharks might be lurking during an excursion to the beach. "A day in the water is a fun way to beat our Florida heat, but it's important to be aware of...

Shark Attack Was So Brutal It Lost a Tooth

Great white carried out fatal Dec. 24 assault on Tomas Butterfield in Morro Bay, Calif.

(Newser) - A California bodyboarder killed on Christmas Eve met a great white shark, who left huge bite marks and a tooth behind, according to an autopsy report. Tomas Abraham Butterfield, 42, of Sacramento left his mother's home in Morro Bay, which he was visiting for the holidays, to head to...

Shark Kills Tourist in Caribbean Snorkeling Hot Spot

Italy's Antonio Roseto Degli Abruzzi was swimming off the coast of Colombia's island of San Andres

(Newser) - Colombia reported zero shark attacks off its coast in 2021, but that luck didn't extend very far into 2022. CBS News reports that an Italian tourist, identified by local media as 56-year-old Antonio Roseto Degli Abruzzi, was swimming Friday in the Caribbean, near a cliff off the island of...

Our Vision of Legendary Shark Is Flawed
Our Vision of Legendary
Shark Is Flawed

Our Vision of Legendary Shark Is Flawed

Researchers say we actually don't know what giant megalodon looked like

(Newser) - We know Otodus megalodon was a massive shark, about three times as long as the largest great white shark ever recorded. But we don't know much else about the appearance of the beast that swam around Earth's oceans between 3.6 million and 15 million years ago, despite...

The Decrease in Shark Bites Is Over
The Decrease in
Shark Bites Is Over

The Decrease in Shark Bites Is Over

Number of unprovoked shark attacks returned to normal levels in 2021

(Newser) - Shark attacks increased around the world in 2021 following three consecutive years of decline, though beach closures in 2020 caused by the COVID-19 pandemic could be making the numbers seem more dramatic than they are, officials said Monday. Researchers with the International Shark Attack File recorded 73 unprovoked incidents last...

Sharks Have a Surprise New Predator
Sharks Have a
Surprise New Predator
in case you missed it

Sharks Have a Surprise New Predator

Study suggests that leopard seals hunt and eat them

(Newser) - The list of known shark predators is not long, but it just grew by one: Researchers say that, much to their surprise, leopard seals make the cut. They found shark remains in the seals' scat, as well as physical evidence of shark confrontations on seals' bodies, the researchers write in...

Venomous Sharks Prove London's River Is No Longer 'Dead'

Report finds River Thames is bustling with wildlife, despite pollution concerns

(Newser) - The Thames River was declared "biologically dead" in the late 1950s. But after decades of cleanup and conservation efforts and investments in sewage treatment, that's no longer the case. Indeed, the 215-mile waterway running through London is now home to hundreds of wildlife species, including seahorses, eels, seals,...

Calif. Surfer 'Still in Disbelief I'm Alive' After Shark Attack

Great white clamped down on Eric Steinley's left leg, damaging artery

(Newser) - Update: Two surgeries later, Eric Steinley is "still in disbelief that I'm alive" after coming face to face with a great white shark. The surfer says he was dragged underwater Sunday at California's Salmon Creek Beach when a great white confirmed to be at least 10 feet...

That Wasn't a Shark Attack, It Was a 'Negative Encounter'

Parts of Australia change their semantics

(Newser) - Australia sees its fair share of shark attacks . Or does it? Maybe what it actually sees its fair share of are shark "incidents" or "interactions." The new official tip sheet put out by the government of Queensland ditches the word "attacks" completely and instead advises people...

Prehistoric Hunter-Gatherer Was Ripped Apart by a Shark

Researchers: Earliest known evidence of shark attack on a person identified in Japan

(Newser) - Three millennia ago, a hunter-gatherer ventured to Japan's inland sea in search of a meal. He then became one himself. Researchers believe this Neolithic man, found buried in the Tsukumo Shell-mound cemetery site near the Seto Inland Sea, is the earliest known victim of a shark attack on a...

Tiger Sharks Are Pretty Brave During Hurricanes
Tiger Sharks
Are Pretty
Brave During
new study

Tiger Sharks Are Pretty Brave During Hurricanes

Other species flee, but one species seems to see opportunity

(Newser) - Researchers have found before that smaller types of sharks flee shallow water as a hurricane approaches. But it looks like one response doesn't fit all large sharks, a study published in Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science indicates. Tiger sharks didn't go anywhere as Hurricane Mathew neared the Bahamas...

Mysterious Ancient Event Nearly Wiped Out Sharks
Mysterious Ancient Event
Nearly Wiped Out Sharks
new study

Mysterious Ancient Event Nearly Wiped Out Sharks

Population plunged 90% about 19M years ago

(Newser) - Sharks barely survived a mysterious and previously undiscovered catastrophe 19 million years ago that nearly wiped them off the planet. A new paper in Science lays out the unexpected discovery, reports Gizmodo . Researchers were using soil samples from the ocean floor to map shark populations over the eons when they...

Shark Attack Victim Tried 'to Warn Others'

Australia victim is first in country since November

(Newser) - A surfer was killed by a shark on Tuesday off the east coast of Australia, police said. The man, said to be in his 50s, had been surfing off Forster, 190 miles north of Sydney, when he was attacked late in the morning, a police statement said. Onlookers pulled the...

Surviving a Shark Attack Is Terrifying— and Lonely

'Outside Online' looks at one man's attack, and how it led him to Bite Club

(Newser) - What's it like being attacked by a shark? Not many people know, which is the point of Haley Cohen Gilliland's lengthy piece for Outside Online . She begins by tracking the attack Alex Wilton survived in March 2019 off Mexico's Pacific coast as a way of introducing the...

Boy's First Beach Trip Ends in 'Horror Film Gore'

Family says 9-year-old Jay Weiskopf was attacked by shark off Miami Beach

(Newser) - "A shark tried to eat me at the ocean." That's 9-year-old Jay Weiskopf's description of what happened over the weekend during a family vacation in South Florida. Fox News reports that Jay, who has autism, was swimming in shallow water on the Miami Beach shoreline when...

'Eagle Shark' Swam in Ancient Seas
'Eagle Shark' Swam
in Ancient Seas
in case you missed it

'Eagle Shark' Swam in Ancient Seas

93-million-year-old shark would have resembled manta and devil rays

(Newser) - It swam slowly through the seas with a tail fin resembling those of modern sharks and side fins that stretched outward like the wings of modern birds. It's no wonder, then, that this bizarre creature, which died in what is now Mexico some 93 million years ago, has been...

Man Pleads Guilty After Unusual Find in Swimming Pool

Man from Dutchess County, NY, convicted for having 7 live sandbar sharks in his basement

(Newser) - When Georgia cops pulled Joshua Seguine over in 2017 for driving without a license, they likely didn't expect what they found in the back of his truck: five small live sharks in a tank, which Seguine admitted he was transporting to his home in Dutchess County, NY, where he...

Shark Populations Have Plunged 71% Since 1970
Shark Populations Have
Collapsed Since 1970

Shark Populations Have Collapsed Since 1970

They're down by 71% globally, researchers say

(Newser) - Scientists have known for decades that individual shark species are declining, but a new study drawing on 57 global datasets underscores just how dramatically worldwide populations have collapsed in the past half century. Globally, the abundance of oceanic sharks and rays dropped more than 70% between 1970 and 2018, according...

These Baby Sharks Were Anything but Cute
These Baby Sharks Were
Anything but Cute
new study

These Baby Sharks Were Anything but Cute

Megalodons were born more than 6 feet long, and they were cannibals

(Newser) - You'd need a whole new song to describe these baby sharks, and it wouldn't be cute. Scientists studying long-extinct megalodons estimate they were born 6.5 feet long, reports the Guardian . And one reason they emerged so large was that they likely snacked on their unhatched siblings while...

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