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He Bought Lettuce at Store, Found This Creature

That would be a venomous snake, in Australia

(Newser) - Alex White thought he was watching a huge worm writhing in plastic-wrapped lettuce he’d just brought home from a Sydney supermarket—until a snake tongue flicked. “I kind of completely freaked out," recalls White, per the AP . It was a venomous pale-headed snake that authorities say made...

Seeking 'Paul' and 'John,' Who Shipped Pal in a Crate in 1965
Seeking 'Paul' and 'John,' Who
Shipped Pal in a Crate in 1965
in case you missed it

Seeking 'Paul' and 'John,' Who Shipped Pal in a Crate in 1965

Brian Robson looking for men who helped him pull off 'terrifying' trip from Australia to London

(Newser) - A Welsh man is on a quest to find two long-lost friends he hasn't seen in more than 50 years—and the last time he saw them, they were cramming him into a crate and nailing it shut. The BBC reports on the strange tale of Brian Robson, who...

TV Director Dies in Freak Hedge Trimmer Accident

John Clabburn cut his hand severely

(Newser) - "One minute we were admiring how straight the hedge was looking and ... the next John was in an ambulance," says the widow of Australian TV director John Clabburn, who died Tuesday after a freak hedge trimmer accident. The 52-year-old was working in his garden when he accidentally cut...

They Asked $1.15M for Home, Got Double That

They Asked $1.15M for
Home, Got Double That
in case you missed it

They Asked $1.15M for Home, Got Double That

'It's kind of a unicorn,' agent says of Berkeley, Calif., property

(Newser) - A home in Berkeley, Calif., was listed for $1.15 million—and just sold for twice that amount. Listing agent Jill Carrigan of Grubb Co., says it's the first time she’s seen a house sell for $1 million over the asking price. It's "an unusual feat...

'Angriest Octopus' Goes After Swimmer

That's one too many scary beasts in Australia for some

(Newser) - A man was taking a dip in sunny Australia—which we might as well call the land of beasts—when he was attacked by the "angriest octopus." Lance Karlson, a geologist and former lifeguard, was walking along the shores of Geographe Bay in Dunsborough, Western Australia, on March...

In This Nation, a 'Fearsome Intruder' Is Surging

Australia slammed with a spike of flesh-eating Buruli ulcers

(Newser) - Australia has been hit with a spike of what the New York Times calls a "fearsome intruder," though it's not a new one. Stretching back as far as the 1940s, cases of Buruli ulcer —an infectious disease caused by the flesh-devouring Mycobacterium ulcerans bacterium, typically found...

Staffer Fired Over Lewd Act at Aussie Lawmaker's Desk

PM Scott Morrison's bad month is only getting worse

(Newser) - Tens of thousands of people marched across Australia last week to protest the sexual abuse and harassment of women, including the former adviser who says she was raped in March 2019 in Parliament House. Brittany Higgins—the first of five women to make such a claim, per the Washington Post...

Swarms of Millions of Spiders Flee Australia Floods

New South Wales has been hit by worst flooding in decades

(Newser) - The worst flooding in decades has forced around 18,000 people from their homes in eastern Australia—and millions of spiders are also on the move. New South Wales residents say swarms of millions of spiders trying to escape rising waters are heading for higher ground. Residents say the arachnids...

This Is the Happiest Country in the World

It's not the US, which comes in at No. 14, per 'Forbes'

(Newser) - Saturday is marked as the International Day of Happiness , and in some parts of the world, that contentment factor is especially prevalent. Forbes reports on the 2021 World Happiness Report , the ninth installation, which calls the past year a year "like no other." The Gallup World Poll team...

China to Reopen to Foreigners, but There's a Significant Catch

Visitors will have to be vaccinated with a Chinese-made product

(Newser) - Chinese embassies in about 20 nations have announced that visas are starting to be processed for foreigners who want to visit again. The guidelines for each country vary, but the usual rules about having to quarantine and test negative for COVID-19 first will be in place, the Guardian reports. But...

Facebook Agrees to Terms on News Content in Australia

News Corp and Google reached a deal already

(Newser) - News Corp and Facebook announced on Tuesday new pay deals for news in Australia, three weeks after the government passed laws that would make digital giants help cover the costs of journalism. The New York-based news business that operates mainly in the US, Britain, and Australia said it had reached...

Scientists Say Convicted Serial Killer Is Innocent

They petition for release of Australia's Kathleen Folbigg, imprisoned after deaths for her 4 babies

(Newser) - The name Kathleen Folbigg may not be familiar to Americans, but it surely is to Australians. The 53-year-old is known as the nation's "worst female serial killer" after being convicted of murdering her four babies in the 1990s, reports the Guardian . Folbigg, though, has always maintained her innocence,...

Italy Keeps AstraZeneca Doses Bound for Australia

Country says company has failed to meet its commitments to bloc

(Newser) - Italy, which has recorded 428,500 new COVID cases and almost 10,000 deaths over the last month, has balked at exporting doses of AstraZeneca vaccine to Australia, which has recorded 190 cases and zero deaths in the same time period. Italy has blocked a shipment to Australia of 250,...

Teen Dies From Jellyfish Sting After Rare Attack

Tommy Johnson, 17, was swimming off Australia's Queensland coast when the box jellyfish struck

(Newser) - The signs usually posted around coastal communities in Australia warn swimmers not to dive in during "stinger season," but those warnings weren't enough to save a 17-year-old boy who died Monday, a week after a rare attack from an extremely poisonous jellyfish in Queensland. Authorities say the...

Australia's Attorney General Denies High School Rape Claim

Christian Porter says he did not rape a fellow member of the debate team in 1988

(Newser) - A 30-page letter anonymously sent to the upper echelons of Australia's government last week contained a decades-old rape allegation, and the man accused spoke up on Wednesday. Attorney General Christian Porter confirmed the letter alleged that he raped a 16-year-old girl in 1988 and categorically denied that such a...

Airline: We'll Tell You Where You're Going, Just Before You Land

Qantas resumes 'mystery flights' for Australian passengers

(Newser) - Australia's flag carrier has just the thing for people desperate to get away, so long as they don't care where they're going. In the hope of boosting the beleaguered tourism industry amid international travel restrictions, Qantas is asking Australian passengers to hop aboard one of three "...

Rescued Sheep Sported Nearly 80 Pounds of Wool

Baarack has now been sheared

(Newser) - How do you lose nearly 80 pounds overnight? For a wild sheep in Australia, all it took was a haircut. The sheep, nicknamed Baarack by its rescuers, was sheared for the first time in a long time earlier this month, yielding a fleece that weighed about 78 pounds, USA Today ...

Barnacles May Hold Clues in Lost-at-Sea Searches
Barnacles May Hold Clues
in Lost-at-Sea Searches

Barnacles May Hold Clues in Lost-at-Sea Searches

Researchers say Lepas anserifera can reveal debris drift times and patterns

(Newser) - Never underestimate barnacles. According to researchers in Australia, they might just help in tracing people lost at sea. Species of the Lepas anserifera genus of goose barnacle are among the most common found in biofouling, a fancy word for the buildup of organisms on a surface, and "play an...

Campers Find Foot of Missing Fraud Suspect

Police believe Australian woman Melissa Caddick stole up to $30M from investors

(Newser) - When Australian businesswoman Melissa Caddick disappeared in November, hours after police raided her Sydney home, there was widespread speculation that she had staged her disappearance after stealing millions of dollars from investors. The speculation ended when her foot was found washed up on a remote beach. Authorities said Friday that...

Facebook Backs Down in Fight Down Under

Social media giant strikes deal with Aussie government

(Newser) - Facebook said on Tuesday it will lift its ban on Australians sharing news after it struck a deal with Australia's government on legislation that would make digital giants pay for journalism, the AP reports. Treasurer Josh Frydenberg and Facebook confirmed that they have agreed on amendments to proposed legislation...

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