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Cops: Guy Busted With $140M in Meth Had a 'Very, Very Bad Day'

Van said to have crashed into parked police cars was carrying a lot of meth

(Newser) - If you're going to be driving around with $140 million worth of meth, what definitely falls under the "you had one job" category is to avoid getting pulled over by the cops—or crashing into a couple of cop cars. This week, one man in Sydney, Australia, allegedly... More »

Swimmer Won't Share Podium With Winner

Australia's Mack Horton has accused China's Sun Yang of doping

(Newser) - Chinese swimmer Sun Yang edged Australia's Mack Horton to win a race at a world tournament in South Korea, but the real drama came afterward. Horton refused to share the podium with Sun, whom he has previously accused of sports doping, reports the Australian . Asked why he made the... More »

Man Who Wrote Message in a Bottle in 1969 Is Found

Too bad Paul Gilmore is at sea, again

(Newser) - Crossing the world on a steamship in 1969, 13-year-old Paul Gilmore decided he'd seek out a new penpal. He now has one, in the form of a 9-year-old boy who discovered Gilmore's message in a bottle on a beach in South Australia. The yellowed note on Sitmar Line... More »

Police Stop Kids Who Drove Stolen SUV 600 Miles

Aussie kids packed fishing rods, left a note

(Newser) - Four children aged 10 to 14 packed fishing rods in a parent's SUV, left a farewell note, then drove more than 600 miles down the Australian east coast before they were stopped by police the next day, an officer says. When the children were stopped by police near Grafton... More »

60 Corellas Fall, Bleeding, From the Sky

Most of them ended up dead

(Newser) - Dozens of birds fell from the sky, bleeding from their eyes and beaks, in a scene bird rescuers described as being like "something out of a horror movie" in South Australia on Wednesday. The corellas "were literally falling out of the trees in front of [one rescuer], falling... More »

Gender Reveal Goes Horribly Awry

Things didn't go quite as planned in Australia 'burnout'

(Newser) - It's natural to wonder about your baby's sex before the birth, and increasingly common to hold gender reveal parties. But as a story from Down Under shows, some of these revelations are getting out of hand, even downright dangerous. The Washington Post reports on a stunt in Australia'... More »

Man 'Rotted From the Inside Out' After Gecko Dare

Australia's David Dowell may or may not have eaten the reptile

(Newser) - The family of an Australian father of three who died in December says he "basically rotted from the inside out" after reportedly eating a gecko on a dare. David Dowell of Brisbane at first thought he was hungover when he didn't feel well a day after a Dec.... More »

Life-Changing News for Quadriplegics

New technique revives hope for people with paralysis

(Newser) - A ray of hope for those with complete paralysis: Australian surgeons have devised a way to restore tactile skills like brushing teeth, holding a drink, and even writing, Sky News reports. The technique allows surgeons to apply nerve transfers to spinal cord injuries for the first time. "We didn'... More »

We All Want to Photograph This. It's Costing a City $278K

People need somewhere to pee in Perth

(Newser) - "Instagram-worthy, that is all." Such is one traveler's review of the Crawley Edge Boatshed on TripAdvisor. The Perth, Australia, attraction—if it can be called that—is a house colored an Instagram-perfect shade of blue sitting on the Swan River. CNN reports it's the "most... More »

4 Killed in Rare Australia Mass Shooting

Gunman wore monitoring bracelet during Darwin rampage

(Newser) - Four people are dead after one of the first mass shootings in Australia since strict gun laws were brought in after a 1996 massacre. Authorities say a gunman identified as 45-year-old Ben Hoffmann fatally shot four men and wounded at least one woman during an hour-long rampage across Darwin on... More »

Man With Tattooed Eyes Taunts the Police

Ethan Bramble isn't exactly turning himself in

(Newser) - Yes, Ethan Bramble looks unusual. He also posts unusual messages for Australian police while they seek him on an assault charge, the BBC reports. "Nananana you'll never catch me," the 23-year-old posted on Facebook with a pic of him eating ice cream, per Australia's News Network... More »

'Egg Boy' Donates $70K to Mosque Shooting Survivors

'It wasn't mine to keep,' writes kid who egged Australian politician who blamed immigration

(Newser) - After "Egg Boy" Will Connolly cracked an egg on the head of far-right Australian Sen. Fraser Anning in March, supporters raised almost $100,000 Australian dollars to pay his legal fees—and "buy more eggs." The teenager says he isn't keeping a penny. The 17-year-old, who... More »

Great Barrier Reef Gets a 'ScUber'

Uber is branching out way down under

(Newser) - Your submarine ride-share awaits in Queensland, Australia. Thanks to Uber, what's touted as the world's first submarine ride-share launches Monday, offering users a one-hour submarine tour of the Great Barrier Reef, as well as free pickup and a return helicopter or pontoon trip, per CNN . The "once-in-a-lifetime... More »

Australia's 'Last Unspoilt Paradise' Is Anything But

Researchers find 414M pieces of plastic debris on remote islands

(Newser) - Study after study has illustrated the insane amount of plastic clogging up our planet. But a new one focusing on Australia's Cocos Islands suggests we still may have greatly underestimated the problem. Researchers surveyed 88% of the total landmass of the remote islands considered "Australia's last... More »

Another Country Hit by Populist Wave

Australians reject candidate who sought to reduce fossil fuels

(Newser) - Australia's ruling conservative coalition won a surprise victory in the country's general election on Saturday, defying opinion polls that had tipped the center-left opposition party to oust it from power and promising an end to the revolving door of national leaders, the AP reports. Opposition Labor Party leader... More »

He Wasn't Just a World Leader, He Held a Drinking Record

Former Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke is dead at 89

(Newser) - A former Australian prime minister by the name of Bob Hawke died Thursday, and the 89-year-old is getting due consideration for his four terms as prime minister from 1983 to 1991. But Hawke also has an unusual entry on his resume, especially for a world leader—he's in the... More »

Appropriately Named Dog Helps Find a Gold Nugget

Discovery by 'Lucky' and his Australian family out for a Mother's Day stroll is worth about $25K

(Newser) - Not a bad Mother's Day morning: A family out for a stroll in Australia found a 20-ounce gold nugget estimated to be worth more than $24,000. "I actually walked right past it but my daughter pretty much kicked it as she was walking," the dad, who... More »

Australia's $50 Bill Has a Typo. Nobody Noticed for Months

In fairness, you need a magnifying glass to spot 'responsibilty'

(Newser) - When Australia's new $50 banknote was unveiled last year, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation predicted readers would not be able to spot all the birds on it. Turns out, there is something more interesting to spot—a typo, even if you need a magnifying glass to see it. See a... More »

Egg Bounces Off Aussie PM's Head

Woman charged with common assault

(Newser) - Australia's prime minister was hit on the head with an egg and a woman was knocked off her feet Tuesday during a protest ahead of a general election next week. The egg appeared to strike Prime Minister Scott Morrison on the back of the head then bounce off without... More »

44 Pounds of Meth Delivered to 'Quite Elderly' Couple

They received package in error

(Newser) - An elderly couple in Australia who received a large quantity of methamphetamine in error decided to contact police instead of going the Walter White route. Police say the couple mistakenly signed for a parcel sent to their west Melbourne home that turned out to contain around 44 pounds of the... More »

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