Game of Thrones

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Return of Game of Thrones Smashes Ratings Record

It was HBO's most-watched show ever

(Newser) - The season premiere of Game of Thrones has smashed an HBO ratings record set by the previous episode of Game of Thrones. The show's return had 17.4 million viewers, compared to 16.9 million for the last episode of Season 7 almost two years ago, reports Deadline , which... More »

Critics Weigh In On Return of Game of Thrones

With the end in sight, there's 'no messing around'

(Newser) - Game of Thrones made its long-awaited return Sunday night—and if you don't want to see spoilers for the first episode of Season 8, do not read on. As the epic returned after almost two years, secrets were revealed and reunions occurred at Winterfell, with the undead army moving... More »

Who Will Be 2,340th Person to Die on Thrones?

Final season of hit HBO show premieres Sunday, and fan theories are flying

(Newser) - When Ned Stark was offed in the very first season of Game of Thrones, fans were shocked that the show would kill off, via decapitation, what was then perceived to be the main character. The reaction of Sean Bean, who played Stark, to his premature demise? "It was a... More »

Jon Snow Gets Trolled on SNL

'Game of Thrones' star sees some old friends stop by his monologue

(Newser) - Kit Harington hosted the latest episode of Saturday Night Live ahead of the hotly anticipated final season of Game of Thrones, and some old pals dropped by his opening monologue, reports the Washington Post . Even Harington's co-stars had questions, including Emilia Clarke, who asked, "Can you just give... More »

Emilia Clarke Nearly Died —Twice

Game of Thrones star reveals 2 brain aneurysms for first time publicly

(Newser) - Emilia Clarke was at a high point: She had just finished filming her first season playing Daenerys Targaryen on Game of Thrones and, though she writes that she was "terrified" at her sudden success, she also writes that all her "childhood dreams seemed to have come true."... More »

Game of Thrones Final Season Trailer Is Here

And it's pretty epic

(Newser) - The internet is losing its collective mind over the Game of Thrones season 8 trailer released Tuesday, nearly two minutes of glorious shots including dragons, boats, armies, characters making out, characters looking pensive, characters looking terrified, characters preparing to do battle, characters actually doing battle, Cersei drinking wine, soaring music,... More »

Bud Light Super Bowl Ad Delivers Epic Surprise

Here are this year's most talked-about ads

(Newser) - The ads provided some much-needed entertainment during the lowest-scoring Super Bowl in history —especially a Bud Light ad that took a very dark turn. The ad, set at a medieval jousting match, was "hijacked" by HBO's Game of Thrones to promote its final season, with the skull-crushing... More »

Winter Is Coming. In Exactly 3 Months

'Game of Thrones' sets April 14 premiere date for season 8

(Newser) - Winter is coming, and now we know precisely when. On Sunday night HBO premiered a new 90-second teaser for Game of Thrones' eighth and final season, and if that wasn't exciting enough for GoT fans, it ended with a date: April 14. That's when the first of the... More »

Winter Is Coming, and So Is Big Meeting on Game of Thrones

HBO promo shows Daenerys Targaryen face-to-face with Sansa Stark

(Newser) - A one-minute HBO promo that dropped during the Golden Globes contains a mere five seconds that has the internet buzzing. Nestled amid brief teasers for Veep, True Detective, and Watchmen is one for Game of Thrones that features an apparent meeting between two powerful characters—and hints at how the... More »

HBO Warned Trump Not to Mess With Trademark. Here We Go Again

He won't stop making 'Game of Thrones' memes, and this time fans are snickering

(Newser) - We know President Obama is a Game of Thrones fan ; we're pretty sure President Trump isn't, or at least he hasn't seen the end of the seventh season yet. As part of what the Week calls Trump's "fixation" with memes from the hit HBO show,... More »

3 New Species Named After Game of Thrones

Professor has been naming beetles for 50 years

(Newser) - A Nebraska entomologist has named three of his eight newest beetle discoveries after the dragons from the HBO series Game of Thrones and the George RR Martin book series, A Song of Ice and Fire, the AP reports. University of Nebraska-Lincoln professor Brett Ratcliffe named the new scarab beetle species... More »

Trump's Game of Thrones Tweet Irks HBO

"How do you say trademark misuse in Dothraki?"

(Newser) - "We ... would prefer our trademark not be misappropriated for political purposes." That's HBO's take on a Game of Thrones-like image of President Trump with the caption "Sanctions Are Coming November 5" that the president tweeted Friday, CNBC reports. The message—which imitates’ the show’s... More »

Game of Thrones Brings Unwanted Masses to Town

Mass tourism threatens Croatian town of Dubrovnik

(Newser) - Marc van Bloemen has lived in the old town of Dubrovnik, a Croatian citadel widely praised as the jewel of the Adriatic, for decades, since he was a child. He says it used to be a privilege, per the AP . Now it's a nightmare. Crowds of tourists clog the... More »

Limestone Altar Reveals Secret of Mayan Rule

Guatemalan engraving may reveal how rival dynasty defeated Tikal

(Newser) - How do you conquer a powerful Mayan city-state? Forge a political dynasty, ally with smaller surrounding cities, and slowly envelop until you become leader of the Serpent Kingdom—at least according to one take on a newly unveiled Mayan altar, the AP reports. Discovered in 2017 at the Guatemalan site... More »

Game of Thrones Teaser: Blink, and You'll Miss It

HBO releases short clip in promo for upcoming shows

(Newser) - Game of Thrones fans are getting their first look at the upcoming eighth and final season of HBO's hit show—albeit a very, very brief look. io9 refers to "three seconds of footage" buried in a promotional video for a bunch of upcoming HBO shows; Fox News pegs... More »

Here Are Your Emmy Nominees

'Game of Thrones' leads the nominations with 22

(Newser) - Game of Thrones roared back onto the Emmy battlefield, topping Thursday's nominations with 22 bids but facing a formidable opponent in The Handmaid's Tale, last year's top drama series, the AP reports. The latter series got 20 bids, while HBO's Westworld earned 21. The nominations for... More »

Jon Snow Marries His Wildling

Kit Harington, Rose Leslie wed in Scotland, celebrate in a castle

(Newser) - It was no Red Wedding for former Game of Thrones co-stars Kit Harington and Rose Leslie , who married in a church service on Saturday, but of course there was a castle—the bride's ancestral 900-year-old Wardhill Castle in Scotland, which hosted the after party. In attendance at the decidedly... More »

'Game of Thrones' Prequel Will Get an HBO Pilot

So... summer is coming?

(Newser) - Fans of the mega-hit fantasy series "Game of Thrones" have been both eagerly awaiting the upcoming season and dreading it at the same time. The show's highly anticipated next season will be it's last. But, according to CNN , there's a light at the end of the... More »

GoT Star Tried for 7 Years to Be World's Strongest. Now, Victory

Hafthor Bjornsson (aka 'The Mountain') finally gets the gold in World's Strongest Man competition

(Newser) - Some people just aren't satisfied appearing in one of the most popular TV series in existence. In the case of Hafthor Bjornsson (aka Gregor "The Mountain" Clegane on HBO's Game of Thrones), he is now also the World's Strongest Man. Bjornsson threw his muscle into the... More »

Game of Thrones Creators Take on New Intergalactic Project

Benioff, Weiss will produce new 'Star Wars' trilogy

(Newser) - Winter is coming in a galaxy far, far away. Disney and Lucasfilm say the writing and producing duo behind Game of Thrones will begin work on a series of Star Wars movies after the HBO series ends in 2019, the BBC reports. No release dates or other details on the... More »

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