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Trump Takes Tax Return Fight With New York to the Top

President argues immunity, asks justices to take up case this term

(Newser) - Arguing that he's protected from criminal proceedings while in office, President Trump has asked the Supreme Court to reverse a lower court's order that he turn over financial records and tax returns to New York prosecutors. "We assert that the subpoena violates the US Constitution and therefore... More »

Court Rejects Trump's Appeal in Fight Over Financial Records

President expected to appeal to Supreme Court

(Newser) - A federal appeals court will not take up President Trump’s appeal of a ruling that his accounting firm must turn over financial records to Congress . The order was handed down Wednesday by the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. It is almost certain that Trump... More »

Trump Loses a Round on New York Tax Returns

President has other options to thwart House Democrats

(Newser) - A federal judge on Monday tossed President Trump's attempt to keep House Democrats from getting to his state tax returns. Judge Carl Nichols ruled that the case mostly involves New York state law, so his Washington, DC, court isn't the place to consider it. The issue involves a... More »

Lawyer: Nothing Can Be Done if Trump Shoots Someone

Lawyer argues he has immunity from state criminal law, but only while in office

(Newser) - "I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and wouldn’t lose any voters, okay?" then-candidate Donald Trump said . As president, he could do that without being arrested, at least while he remained in office, his lawyers argued in front of the US Second Circuit... More »

ProPublica Sees Conflicting Figures in Trump Tax Records

Relating to two Trump Organization properties in NYC

(Newser) - Tax records relating to President Trump's businesses are notoriously tough to access—but ProPublica managed to get its hands on some and sees "major inconsistencies." As Heather Vogell writes, ProPublica obtained property tax documents for four of the Trump Organization's NYC properties (they were public because... More »

There's Another Whistleblower

And this one has made an accusation about Trump's tax returns

(Newser) - Tired of reading about the President Trump whistleblower complaint? Well there's another complaint involving Trump that kind of flew under the media radar, Business Insider reports. Turns out a federal worker presented "an unsolicited communication" on July 29 summarizing allegations of "inappropriate efforts to influence" the compulsory... More »

A Victory for Trump in Tax Return Fight

Victory in California as president sues Manhattan DA

(Newser) - A federal judge on Thursday handed President Trump a victory in his effort to keep his financial information secret, siding with his campaign's effort to block a California law aimed at forcing him to release his tax returns, the AP reports. The ruling by US District Judge Morrison England... More »

NYC Prosecutors Subpoena Trump Tax Returns

President's accounting firm says it will comply

(Newser) - New York City prosecutors have subpoenaed President Trump's tax returns, a person familiar with the matter told the AP on Monday. Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr.'s office recently sent a subpoena to Trump's accounting firm seeking the past eight years of state and federal tax... More »

GOP, Trump Sue California Over 'Unprecedented' Election Law

Newsom signed rule requiring tax return release to appear on primary ballot

(Newser) - The Trump campaign and Republican Party sued California on Tuesday over a new ( and "unprecedented" ) law requiring presidential candidates to release their tax returns to run in the state's primary, legislation that was aimed at prying loose President Trump's returns. California's law is "... More »

Judge Puts Hold on Trump's State Tax Returns

President sued to block House access

(Newser) - Despite passing a law to permit it, New York can't hand over President Trump's state tax returns to a congressional committee quite yet. U.S. District Judge Carl Nichols, who was appointed by Trump, issued the order Thursday. The president sued last week over the new law, and... More »

Trump Hits Back in Fight Over Tax Returns

Files lawsuit against House panel, New York officials

(Newser) - Opening up another legal front against the Democrats investigating him, President Trump on Tuesday sued the House Ways and Means Committee and New York state officials to prevent his state tax returns from being turned over to the congressional committee, the AP reports. The lawsuit seeks an injunction to block... More »

IRS Memo Contradicts Administration on Trump Tax Returns

It rejects Mnuchin's reason for withholding them

(Newser) - A draft Internal Revenue Service memo obtained by the Washington Post directly undercuts Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin's rationale for refusing to give President Trump's tax returns to House lawmakers—and may expose a rift in the IRS over the issue. The legal memo prepared last fall states that... More »

Administration Turns Back Subpoena for Trump's Tax Returns

House chairman says he's considering his next legal step after Mnuchin's refusal

(Newser) - Again saying there's no "legitimate legislative" reason for seeking President Trump's tax returns, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin rejected a House committee's subpoena for the documents on Friday. His letter kicks the issue back to the House, Politico reports, where Democrats will have to decide how to... More »

Trump Tweets His Response to $1B Loss Story

He cites 'massive write offs and depreciation' following 'hit job'

(Newser) - With #BillionDollarLoser and #BiggestLoser trending on Twitter, President Trump went on the defense Wednesday, suggesting a reported $1.1 billion in losses over 10 years was no big deal. Real estate developers in the 1980s and '90s "were entitled to massive write offs and depreciation which would, if... More »

NYT: Trump Tax Figures Show $1.1B in Losses Over 10 Years

Paper says it has tax transcripts from 1985 to 1994

(Newser) - President Trump was losing staggering amounts of money during the years he was building a reputation as a business genius, reports the New York Times , which says it has obtained printouts of Trump's tax transcripts from 1985 to 1994. During the years in question, Trump's core businesses, including... More »

Mnuchin Puts Refusal on Trump's Tax Returns in Writing

Treasury secretary officially rejects House request

(Newser) - Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has made it official: The administration won't be turning President Trump's tax returns over to the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives. Mnuchin told Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard Neal in a Monday letter that the panel's request "lacks a legitimate legislative purpose,... More »

Treasury Again Misses Trump Tax Return Deadline

Mnuchin says final decision will be issued by May 6

(Newser) - The Treasury Department on Tuesday defied a demand from House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard Neal to turn over six years of Trump's tax returns by the close of business—a strong signal that they intend to reject the request. In a letter to Neal, Treasury Secretary Steve... More »

Treasury Misses Deadline for Trump Tax Returns

Mnuchin cites concerns about Democrats' request

(Newser) - If Democrats want to see President Trump's tax returns, they might have to go through the courts. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin set up a potential legal battle Wednesday by telling House Democrats the department wouldn't meet that day's deadline for handing over six years of the president'... More »

Dems Will 'Never' See Trump Returns, Mulvaney Says

Voters made the call, chief of staff says

(Newser) - Democrats might as well forget about President Trump's tax returns, his acting chief of staff said Sunday. They'll "never" see the returns, Mick Mulvaney said, "nor should they." He made the statement on Fox News Sunday, the AP reports. The way Mulvaney sees it, the... More »

House Democrats Make Big Move on Trump Tax Returns

Committee chairman asks IRS for 6 years of returns

(Newser) - A House committee chairman on Wednesday formally asked the IRS to provide six years of President Trump's personal tax returns and the returns for some of his businesses as Democrats try to shed light on his complex financial dealings and potential conflicts of interest. The request by Massachusetts Rep.... More »

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