Bill Gates

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Bill Gates Has COVID
Bill Gates

Bill Gates Has COVID

Microsoft co-founder is experiencing mild symptoms

(Newser) - Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates said Tuesday he has tested positive for COVID-19 and is experiencing mild symptoms, the AP reports. Via Twitter, the billionaire philanthropist said he will isolate until he is again healthy. “I’m fortunate to be vaccinated and boosted and have access to testing and great...

Bill Gates Speaks Out on Affair Allegations

'I caused pain,' he admits

(Newser) - In an interview with the London Times published Sunday, Bill Gates answered "no" when asked if he would discuss allegations of affairs during his 27-year marriage to Melinda French Gates. He opened up a little more in a Today interview on Tuesday, exactly one year after the couple announced...

Meet the 10 Richest People in the World

You know many of them already, including Elon Musk at No. 1, per 'Forbes' annual billionaires ranking

(Newser) - If Forbes is trying to make us feel bad for the world's billionaires, it's not really working. The magazine notes that, collectively, this group is now worth $400 billion less than they were a year ago, thanks to the ongoing pandemic, tepid markets, and war—but 1,000...

Melinda French Gates: Epstein Gave Me 'Nightmares'

Bill's ex says she hated that her husband met with the man

(Newser) - Melinda French Gates' full interview with Gayle King of CBS Mornings aired Thursday, and it reveals more details about her divorce and her future:
  • Not friends: French Gates said she and Bill have a "working relationship" now, but that's about it. While they are "friendly," they'

Melinda French Gates Talks for First Time of 'Painful' Divorce

In first TV interview, Bill Gates' ex says she got to a point where 'I couldn't trust what we had'

(Newser) - Since her split from ex Bill Gates, Melinda French Gates hasn't made herself available for a televised interview on the breakup—until now. CBS News has a clip from her sit-down with Gayle King, who got French Gates to open up about the "painful stuff" surrounding her divorce...

Bill Gates: 'Worst Part of the Pandemic' Could Lie Ahead

He says he's canceled Christmas plans because of the omicron variant

(Newser) - Bill Gates says he's taking the rise of the omicron variant extremely seriously and has canceled most of his holiday plans. In a series of tweets Tuesday night, the Microsoft co-founder warned that omicron is now "spreading faster than any virus in history," CNN reports. "Just...

Gates: Some Oil Giants Won't Be Worth Much

The survivors could still play a role in energy, billionaire says

(Newser) - A few of the world's big oil companies will survive the switch to clean energy, Bill Gates said Wednesday. But not all. "Some of these giants will fall, you know, 30 years from now," he said in Scotland, Axios reports, while "some of those oil companies...

Report: Execs Told Bill Gates to Stop Sending Flirty Emails

He was told to knock it off in 2008, per 'WSJ'

(Newser) - Microsoft told Bill Gates to stop sending flirty emails to a staffer as long ago as 2008, the Wall Street Journal reports. Not long after Gates and his ex-wife, Melinda French Gates, split, reports started to surface of affairs and other sketchy behaviors. Now, the WSJ reports that Microsoft’s...

It's the Next Pandemic That Worries Bill Gates

Equality has taken a hit in every way, foundation report shows

(Newser) - Bill Gates would have thought more would have been done by now to make sure the next pandemic doesn't catch us by surprise. "The attention to pandemic preparedness is lower than I would have expected," Gates told the Wall Street Journal . The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation...

Gates Says Meeting Epstein Was 'Huge Mistake'

They spent time together years after financier was convicted of sex crimes

(Newser) - Bill Gates has acknowledged that hanging out with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein was a bad move. The former Microsoft CEO told CNN 's Anderson Cooper on Wednesday that it "was a huge mistake to spend time with him, to give him the credibility of being there."...

Divorce Done, Melinda Gates Decides on Her Name

She's retaining her last name after divorcing Bill Gates

(Newser) - Melinda Gates has been going by Melinda French Gates since announcing her separation from Bill Gates. Their divorce was finalized Monday, and according to marriage dissolution documents cited by People , French Gates won't be ditching her last name. She also won't be receiving spousal support from Gates, whom...

Bill, Melinda to Do 2 Years at Foundation, Then Decide

If it's not working, Bill will essentially buy his ex-wife out

(Newser) - Bill Gates and Melinda French Gates are divorcing , but they'll remain together at the helm of their foundation for at least two years—at which point there is an out. Gates Foundation CEO Mark Suzman on Wednesday put it like so: "They have agreed that if after two...

ProPublica Gets Tax Details on the Richest of the Rich
ProPublica Gets Tax Details
on the Richest of the Rich

ProPublica Gets Tax Details on the Richest of the Rich

And finds that they pay a tiny fraction of their wealth in taxes

(Newser) - The richest Americans might complain about the federal government's tax bite, but an investigation by ProPublica reveals a compelling counterpoint. The very rich pay only a "tiny fraction" of their wealth in federal income taxes. And that's in stark contrast to Americans who live paycheck to paycheck,...

NYT Delivers Another Black Eye to Bill Gates

Investigation alleges 'culture of fear,' sexual harassment by money manager Michael Larson

(Newser) - The hits keep on coming for Bill Gates, this time in the form of an investigative piece about the man who manages his money. The New York Times paints a damning portrait of Michael Larson, who runs Cascade Investment, aka Bill and Melinda Gates Investments. Larson's sole job is...

Reports of Bill Gates' Iffy Behavior Are Coming Out
Reports of
Bill Gates'
Iffy Behavior
Are Coming Out
the rundown

Reports of Bill Gates' Iffy Behavior Are Coming Out

Involving his allegedly wandering eye, Epstein, and more

(Newser) - Reports of allegedly "questionable behavior," as the New York Times puts it, are piling up around Bill Gates in the wake of his divorce announcement . The Microsoft co-founder is accused of having a wandering eye going back years, according to the Times report, and in the Wall Street ...

Report: Gates Split Began in 2019 Over Bill's Epstein Ties

Per 'WSJ,' Melinda Gates wasn't keen on her husband's relationship with convicted sex offender

(Newser) - When Bill and Melinda Gates announced last week they were ending their marriage, they didn't offer a reason for the split. But per a new report from the Wall Street Journal , Melinda Gates had met with attorneys from multiple law firms and started ending their "irretrievably broken" union...

Bill and Melinda Gates' Divorce Hits China Hard

It was big news on Weibo

(Newser) - If you were rattled by the news of Bill and Melinda Gates' divorce, your reaction may have paled in comparison to those experienced in China. Or so CNN makes the case in a look at how that country has reacted to the news involving a man who "has achieved...

Late Night Jokes Flow Over This Presidential Photo

They 'look like a ventriloquist act,' quips Seth Meyers

(Newser) - To mark President Biden's 100th day in office, he and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden paid a visit to a couple who know a lot about what they're going through: Former President Carter and his wife, Rosalynn. Last Thursday's meeting at the Carters' home in Plains, Ga....

Melinda, Bill Gates Divorce: She Won't Seek Spousal Support

Gates' divorce is big news in the charitable sector

(Newser) - When Bill and Melinda Gates' divorce is finalized, she won't be getting any spousal support. People obtained a copy of Melinda Gates' divorce petition, which specifies that "spousal support is not needed" and she won't be seeking it. It also reveals that while the couple does not...

It's Splitsville for Bill, Melinda Gates

'We no longer believe we can grow together as a couple in the next phase of our lives'

(Newser) - Bill and Melinda Gates are calling it quits after 27 years of marriage. "After a great deal of thought and a lot of work on our relationship, we have made the decision to end our marriage," they said in a statement Bill Gates tweeted Monday. The former Microsoft...

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