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Inmates Win $2K Each After Jail's Ivermectin 'Cocktail'

Arkansas prisoners received antiparasitic drug, which wasn't FDA-approved for COVID, in 2021

(Newser) - Five inmates at an Arkansas jail received a small settlement last month after being given ivermectin to treat their bouts with COVID. The Washington Post reports that the detainees involved in a lawsuit against Fayetteville's Washington County Detention Center were each awarded $2,000, in what ACLU Arkansas calls...

After Death of 'Ivermectin Influencer,' Reports of Scary Side Effects

But admins and many followers insist dewormer had nothing to do with Danny Lemoi's death

(Newser) - On March 3, just hours after posting to his popular ivermectin-touting Telegram group, Danny Lemoi was dead. While his obituary says only that he died "unexpectedly," administrators on the Telegram channel revealed that, unbeknownst to the 50-year-old, his heart was engorged and had grown to almost two times...

Ivermectin Has No Benefit Against COVID
Ivermectin Won't
Protect You From COVID

Ivermectin Won't Protect You From COVID

Double-blind, randomized trial found it did not reduce hospitalizations even if taken early

(Newser) - Treating COVID-19 patients with ivermectin did not alleviate the illness or reduce hospitalizations, according to a major double-blind, randomized clinical trial published Wednesday, which effectively rules out the anti-parasitic drug as a treatment. "There's really no sign of any benefit," Dr. David Boulware, an infectious-disease expert at...

Turns Out You're Footing the Bill for Americans' Ivermectin

Study of claims show Medicare is covering it

(Newser) - If you're in the camp that believes ivermectin is a wonderful drug ... for ailments other than COVID, a new Mother Jones article is likely to raise your ire. It flags a January study in the Journal of the American Medical Association that looked at just who is paying for...

Suit: Jail Gave Ivermectin Without Inmates' Knowledge

ACLU says Arkansas county was engaged in medical experimentation

(Newser) - After four inmates in an Arkansas county jail tested positive for COVID-19 last August, they were told about their treatment regimen: some combination of vitamins, antibiotics, and steroids. But what they got was ivermectin, a lawsuit says. The FDA and Merck, the manufacturer, do not recommend prescribing the anti-parasitic drug...

After Anti-Vax Summit, 7 Docs Fall Sick

One claimed he'd been taking ivermectin and 'never felt healthier'

(Newser) - At an anti-vaccine summit in Florida, where alternative treatments for COVID-19 were discussed, a 71-year-old cardiologist stood up and criticized his 97-year-old father for getting vaccinated. "He had been brainwashed" and "didn't tell me," Dr. Bruce Boros told attendees on Nov. 6, per the Guardian . "...

Woman Whose Husband Sued Hospital Over Ivermectin Dies

Ryan Drock wasn't successfully in getting Tamara Drock the anti-parasitic drug

(Newser) - The deaths of COVID patients continue to be routine circumstances around the globe, but one Florida death is attracting attention. The reason? Ivermectin, or the lack thereof. Tamara Drock, a 47-year-old West Palm Beach teacher, was admitted to Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center's ICU in August and treated with...

Alaska Lawmaker Who Refused to Mask Up Tests Positive

State senator Lora Reinbold says she's taking ivermectin

(Newser) - Update: An Alaska lawmaker's COVID drama just took another turn. Republican State Sen. Lora Reinbold, who bucked mask rules and was banned from Alaska Airlines, has tested positive for the virus, reports the Anchorage Daily News . The 57-year-old says she's recuperating at home with the help of remedies...

Man Whose Wife Sued to Get Him Ivermectin Died of COVID

Jeffrey Smith had been hospitalized in July

(Newser) - Jeffrey Smith, the Ohio man whose wife sued to force a hospital to treat him with ivermectin, died Sept. 25 , his attorney says. One judge in August ordered the hospital to give Smith the drug , which the FDA has warned against using for COVID, before another judge reversed the ruling...

2 Die in New Mexico After Taking Ivermectin for COVID

Poison control centers say calls about misuse of horse deworming drug have soared

(Newser) - Authorities have said it before and they'll say it again: Ivermectin is not an approved treatment for COVID-19, and people definitely shouldn't be taking medicine designed for horses. Officials in New Mexico say calls to poison control centers about the drug have soared over the last year and...

COVID Patient in Ivermectin Fight Is Dead

Veronica Wolski's supporters had tried to get hospital to administer it

(Newser) - A woman who was involved in the ivermectin debate died Monday at a Chicago-area hospital. Veronica Wolski, 64, a QAnon follower who had been outspoken against masks and the COVID-19 vaccine, was hospitalized with the virus and made headlines after her husband announced she had requested to be treated with...

Judge Rules Hospital Can Stop Using Ivermectin

An earlier order required its use for a COVID patient in the ICU

(Newser) - An unusual medical and legal case involving the controversial drug ivermectin appears to be over in Ohio. A judge ruled on Monday that a hospital can stop administering it to a 51-year-old COVID patient in its ICU, reports NBC News . Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge Michael Oster Jr. wrote that...

Joe Rogan Posts Negative COVID Test

Podcaster only just revealed diagnosis Wednesday

(Newser) - Days after revealing he'd tested positive for COVID-19, Joe Rogan posted a negative test result to his Instagram Friday. "Tested negative today! Thanks for all the kind wishes!" the podcaster wrote along with a photo of a digital readout. Just the previous Wednesday, the Joe Rogan Experience...

Doctors, Pharmacists: Everyone Stop Using Ivermectin Now

AMA wants the prescriptions to stop

(Newser) - The American Medical Association has something to say about people taking ivermectin . And what they have to say, essentially, is knock it off, you’re going to get hurt. Ivermectin can be prescribed for humans for some problems—problems that have nothing to do with COVID. The CDC and FDA...

Inmates Say They Were Told Ivermectin Was 'Vitamins'

3 inmates at Washington County jail in Arkansas make the claim

(Newser) - Several inmates at a northwest Arkansas jail said they weren't told a medication they were given to treat COVID-19 was actually an anti-parasite drug that federal health officials have warned should not be used to treat the coronavirus. Three inmates at the Washington County jail told the AP they...

Judge Rules Hospital Must Give COVID Patient Ivermectin
Judge Rules Hospital Must
Give COVID Patient Ivermectin

Judge Rules Hospital Must Give COVID Patient Ivermectin

Prescriptions for deworming drug soar

(Newser) - A New York Times report on the demand for a deworming drug that some people erroneously believe can prevent or treat COVID opens with an anecdote that's likely repeated in doctors' offices across the country: The story of a San Antonio doctor who says he's asked to prescribe...

3rd Anti-Vaccine Radio Host Dies of COVID-19
Another Anti-Vaccine
Radio Host Just Died of COVID

Another Anti-Vaccine Radio Host Just Died of COVID

Marc Bernier called himself 'Mr. Anti-Vax'

(Newser) - First Dick Farrel , then Phil Valentine , and now a third conservative radio host who had spoken out against the COVID-19 vaccine has died of the coronavirus. Marc Bernier, a well-known 65-year-old talk radio personality in Daytona Beach, Fla., died Saturday night after being hospitalized August 7, Politico reports. He had...

Horse Drug Taken for COVID Leads to Poisonings

Mississippi health officials warn people not to buy their medicine at a feed store

(Newser) - Mississippi officials have become alarmed enough at calls coming in to its poison control center to issue a statewide health alert. Don't take a drug intended for horses to self-treat COVID-19, officials said. "At least 70% of the recent calls have been related to ingestion of livestock or...

YouTube Yanks Videos From Brazil's Bolsonaro

Platform accuses him of spreading misinformation about COVID

(Newser) - YouTube has removed some 15 videos posted by Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro that spread misinformation about COVID-19. The platform says it does not allow content "that states that hydroxychloroquine and/or ivermectin are effective in treating or preventing Covid-19, that states there is a cure for the disease, or says...

Senator's Speech on COVID Treatments Gets Dinged on YT

Ron Johnson earns one-week suspension after site says he spread medical misinformation

(Newser) - Ron Johnson had some thoughts earlier this month on treatments for COVID, and those nuggets have now earned him a one-week suspension from YouTube. The Republican senator from Wisconsin made a June 3 appearance at the Milwaukee Press Club, where he slammed both the Trump and Biden administrations for "...

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