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Nobel Winner Sells Medal for Ukraine, Gets Huge Price

Journalist Dmitry Muratov's gold prize went for a staggering $103.5M; proceeds will go to UNICEF

(Newser) - Ukrainian children and their families who've been uprooted from their homes due to the Russian-led invasion are about to get a boost from a benevolent benefactor. Dmitry Muratov, editor-in-chief of Russia's independent Novaya Gazeta newspaper, announced earlier this year that he was selling the gold Nobel Peace Prize...

In Brazil, a Troubling Clue Emerges Over Missing Duo

Blood is found on boat of fisherman who was one of the last to see journalist, guide alive

(Newser) - Blood has been found in the search for a British journalist and his indigenous guide who vanished Sunday in Brazil's remote Amazon rainforest. The blood, to be tested to determine whether it is human or animal, was found on the boat of fisherman Amarildo da Costa, known locally as...

Ted Cruz Interview on Uvalde Doesn't Go Too Well

Texas senator storms off after UK reporter asks him why America has so many mass shootings

(Newser) - Politicians are making the rounds to express their thoughts on Tuesday's mass shooting in Texas that left 21 dead, but Ted Cruz's most recent interview didn't go exactly as planned, at least not from his perspective. After a vigil for the victims on Wednesday, the GOP senator,...

Israel Begins Investigation of Police Actions at Funeral

Officers beat mourners during procession for Al Jazeera journalist

(Newser) - Update: Israeli police announced Saturday they're investigating the actions of officers during a journalist's funeral that became violent. International criticism of the officers, who attacked pallbearers trying to reach a church in Jerusalem, has been widespread since the confrontation Friday, the Wall Street Journal reports. President Biden is...

Al Jazeera, Israel Clash Over Death of Reporter

Palestinian journalist Shireen Abu Akleh, a US citizen, was killed during Israeli raid in West Bank

(Newser) - A female journalist for Al Jazeera was shot and killed while covering an Israeli raid in the occupied West Bank town of Jenin early Wednesday. The broadcaster and a reporter who was wounded in the incident blamed Israeli forces, while Israel claimed there was evidence the two were hit by...

Belarus Dissident's Girlfriend Hears Her Fate in Court

Sofia Sapega gets 6 years behind bars for inciting social hatred; Roman Protasevich's trial pending

(Newser) - Update: It's been a year since the plane on which Belarusian dissident journalist Roman Protasevich and his Russian girlfriend were flying was forced to land so the pair could be detained by Belarus. Now, the latter has heard her official fate. Sofia Sapega, 24, was sentenced Friday by a...

Russian Journalist, a Putin Foe, Killed in Ukraine

Oksana Baulina worked to expose corruption inside Russia

(Newser) - Another journalist has been killed in Ukraine, this one hailing from Russia. Oksana Baulina died Wednesday during shelling in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv, the BBC reports. The 42-year-old, who previously worked as a producer for jailed Russian opposition figure Alexei Navalny's Anti-Corruption Foundation, had been reporting for an...

Nobel Winner Selling Medal for Noble Reasons

Russia's Dmitry Muratov, who won peace prize last year, wants funds raised to assist Ukraine refugees

(Newser) - People from all over the world are donating where they can to help the millions of refugees streaming out of Ukraine as Russia continues its invasion there—but very few have Nobel Peace Prize gold they can hawk to free up some funds. Russia's Dmitry Muratov is one of...

Fox News Correspondent Who Survived Attack Is 'Alert'

Benjamin Hall has been removed from Ukraine

(Newser) - Update: "It's been a couple of heavy days around here," Fox News' Bill Hemmer told viewers Wednesday, before providing "a dose of good news": Correspondent Benjamin Hall, who was injured in Ukraine on Monday, has been safely removed from the country. "Ben is alert and...

US Journalist Brent Renaud Killed in Ukraine

White House investigating what happened to the award-winning videographer

(Newser) - An American journalist has been killed while reporting from a suburb of the Ukraine capital of Kyiv, reports CBS News . Ukrainian authorities blame Russian troops for the death of 50-year-old videographer Brent Renaud in Irpin, though the circumstances of his death have not been confirmed. He was reportedly in a...

'I Told You We Shouldn't Have Done the Live Shot Here'

Matthew Chance of CNN was reporting live when explosions were heard in Kyiv

(Newser) - Journalist Matthew Chance was reporting live from the Ukraine capital of Kyiv late Wednesday when his surroundings gave viewers a first-hand sense of the Russian assault. Chance was speaking with Don Lemon on CNN when the first explosions rattled the capital, reports the Daily Beast . In this video , Chance pauses...

This Reporter's News Coverage Prompted Marriage Proposals

Philip Crowther's 6-language fluency while reporting on Russia-Ukraine crisis impressed many

(Newser) - You'd think a person would be tripping over their words with six different languages bouncing around in their head. Not so for journalist Philip Crowther, who showed the world Monday just how eloquent he could be while covering the Russia-Ukraine crisis in English, Luxembourgish, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and German....

Journo: My Interview With Peng Shuai Was 'Propaganda'

Marc Ventouillac says China let him talk to tennis star, but he has doubts that she's speaking freely

(Newser) - It was the interview many sports journalists wanted: A sit-down with Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai, prepped and ready to talk for the first time with Western media about allegations she made of forced sex with a former top-ranked Communist Party official that triggered a global outpouring of fears for...

Journalist Who Triggered Fall of Berlin Wall Dies
Journalist Who Triggered
Fall of Berlin Wall Dies

Journalist Who Triggered Fall of Berlin Wall Dies

Riccardo Ehrman's 1989 question prompted thousands to flock to wall

(Newser) - Italian journalist Riccardo Ehrman has died at age 92—32 years after he asked a question that changed the world. Ehrman was Italian news agency ANSA's East Berlin correspondent in the fall of 1989 as protests against the communist East German regime gathered steam. At a Nov. 9 press...

Freed American Journalist Speaks Out

Danny Fenster says he is relieved to be returning to the US from Myanmar

(Newser) - American journalist Danny Fenster, who was freed after nearly six months in jail in military-ruled Myanmar, expressed relief that he on his way home ahead of his arrival in the United States on Tuesday. “I’m feeling all right physically,” a bearded Fenster, in baggy drawstring pants and...

US Journalist Gets 11 Years With Hard Labor in Myanmar
US Journalist Is Freed
From Prison in Myanmar

US Journalist Is Freed From Prison in Myanmar

Danny Fenster was sentenced days ago to 11 years

(Newser) - Update: American journalist Danny Fenster, sentenced only days ago to 11 years hard labor in Myanmar, has been freed and is on his way home, per the AP . Former US Ambassador to the UN Bill Richardson said Fenster had been handed over to him in Myanmar and would return to...

Jailed for COVID Reporting, Zhang Zhan 'May Not Survive'

Family of Chinese citizen journalist say she's near death behind bars after hunger strike

(Newser) - Update: Hints that things had deteriorated for the Chinese citizen journalist put in prison for reporting on the coronavirus in Wuhan in early 2020 came over the summer . Now, more sobering news: Zhang Zhan's family says she is not far from dying after going on a hunger strike behind...

Nation Accepts Responsibility for Journalist's Gang Rape

International court finds Colombia tolerated, if not consented, to 2000 attack on Jineth Bedoya

(Newser) - Colombian journalist Jineth Bedoya was kidnapped at gunpoint outside a prison in Bogota, where she'd expected to interview an imprisoned paramilitary leader in May 2000. It was the start of 16 hours of torture that would include a gang-rape, reports CBS News . "All I know is that I...

How to Deliver a Report on Skateboarding
Report Goes Viral

Journalist's Skateboarding Report Goes Viral

Detroit's Victor Williams gives it a personal touch

(Newser) - A new skate park in Detroit is offering free lessons, and suddenly a lot of people know about it. The reason? WDIV journalist Victor Williams' report from the skate park has gone viral—because he delivered it live while showing off his own skateboarding skills, reports the Detroit News . In...

Katie Couric Memoir Opens Up Can of Worms on RBG Interview

Journalist admits she edited out controversial remark on athletes who kneel to 'protect' Ginsburg

(Newser) - Katie Couric's memoir Going There is due out Oct. 26, though where she went within its pages has started a journalistic ethics firestorm. The controversy centers on a 2016 interview Couric had with Ruth Bader Ginsburg, in which the Supreme Court justice, who died in September 2020, made some...

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