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Video Shows Massive Mine Collapse That Took 120 Lives

'I feel empty in my heart,' says a Myanmar miner

(Newser) - At least 126 people are dead after a terrifying mine collapse buried workers in a wave of rock and mud Thursday in Myanmar, the BBC reports. Officials say rainfall caused a heap of muddy waste to crumble at the jade mine in Hpakant township in Kachin state, setting off the... More »

Huge Alaskan Tsunami Could Be Imminent

A glacier is retreating, and scientists say a massive wave will eventually result

(Newser) - Scientists are warning that the sudden collapse of an Alaskan slope currently being propped up by a retreating glacier could trigger a catastrophic tsunami hundreds of feet high. "It could happen anytime, but the risk just goes way up as this glacier recedes," researcher Anna Liljedahl tells the... More »

Colorado Says 'Memorial Boulder' Is Staying Put

State thinks it could become tourist attraction

(Newser) - A boulder the size of a house that tumbled across and gouged a southwestern Colorado state highway last month will stay put. State officials plan to rebuild the highway next to it, saving taxpayers money and possibly creating a tourist attraction, the AP reports. Democratic Gov. Jared Polis says Colorado... More »

Mayor: '99%' Chance Landslide Victims Are Dead

But mayor vows to keep digging

(Newser) - A Philippine mayor said Monday that it's unlikely any of the dozens of people feared buried in a huge landslide set off by Typhoon Mangkhut will be found alive, though rescuers are still digging through the massive mound of mud and debris covering a chapel where they'd taken... More »

Mandatory Evacuations in NC Due to 'Life-Threatening' Floods

Landslides have 'compromised' integrity of Lake Tahoma Dam, evacuations mandated

(Newser) - When you live near a major dam, the last thing you want to hear is that the integrity of it has been "compromised" by landslides. But that's exactly what residents living below North Carolina's Lake Tahoma were told late Tuesday in a tweet from a local National... More »

Deadly Landslide Buries 62 Homes, 120 People

Hundreds of rescuers are searching for survivors in China

(Newser) - Officials say more than 120 people were buried by a landslide that caused huge rocks and a mass of earth to come crashing into their homes in a mountain village in southwestern China, the AP reports. The Sichuan provincial government says the landslide, which came from a mountain, engulfed a... More »

California Is Now 13 Acres Bigger

Thanks to a massive May 20 landslide in Big Sur

(Newser) - A recent landslide is the largest one a rep with California's Department of Transportation is aware of, and the US Geological Survey explains just how big it was. The May 20 slide in Big Sur involved more than a million tons of rock and dirt, and by analyzing before-and-after... More »

First Came a 'Catastrophic Collapse,' Then a Tsunami

Evidence of 300K-year-old landslide found off Australia

(Newser) - More than 300,000 years ago, a massive chunk of rock broke off from Australia's continental shelf, triggering the largest undersea landslide ever known, per Science Alert . But scientists only know this thanks to a chance discovery. Researchers were mapping the Queensland Trough, a basin next to the Great... More »

$50M Settlement Proposed in Suit Over Massive Wash. Landslide

Judge must still approve it

(Newser) - Attorneys representing the survivors and family members of people who died in a massive 2014 landslide north of Seattle have announced a proposed $50 million settlement with the state of Washington on the eve of a trial, the AP reports. The lawsuit was filed following the devastating March 22, 2014,... More »

Alaska Had Biggest Landslide in Decades— and No One Saw

The slide dumped tons of debris into Taan Fiord

(Newser) - If millions of tons of rock slide down an Alaskan mountain and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Regardless, it certainly creates enough of a ruckus to get picked up by a sophisticated seismic monitoring network, Alaska Dispatch News reports. The Oct. 17 Icy... More »

3 Missing After 'Sea of Logs' Hits Alaska Town

Sitka's fire marshal presumed killed in landslide

(Newser) - Three men missing following an Alaska landslide are presumed dead and the search will be a "body recovery effort," an official says. A landslide described as a sea of logs, mud, and debris is believed to have trapped the three who were missing from a neighborhood in the... More »

Landslide Devours Town, Killing 52

Tragedy strikes Salgar, 60 miles from Colombia's Medellin

(Newser) - An avalanche of mud and debris roared over an alpine town in western Colombia before dawn today, killing at least 52 people in a flash flood and mudslide triggered by heavy rains. Residents were stirred from bed in the dead of the night by a loud rumble and neighbors' shouts... More »

Dozens Killed as Hiroshima Gets Month of Rain in 24 Hours

Landslides kill at least 36

(Newser) - Landslides on the outskirts of Hiroshima killed at least 36 people early today and authorities in the Japanese city warn that the death toll is likely to rise and at least seven people are still missing. Authorities say the landslides were triggered when as much rain as usually falls in... More »

Swiss Train Derails, Car Plunges Into Ravine

200 people on board, number of casualties unknown

(Newser) - A landslide today sent one carriage of a Swiss passenger train plunging into a ravine and left another hanging from the rails, the BBC reports. Officials are calling it a "serious" incident, though the number of casualties isn't known. The RT network reports 200 passengers were on board;... More »

159 Feared Dead in Nepal Landslide

Many still buried under rubble after village destroyed

(Newser) - Rescuers recovered nine more bodies today from a massive weekend landslide in northern Nepal, raising the official death toll in the disaster to 19, but say there is no chance of finding alive any of the more than 150 people believed still buried under the rubble. The landslide crushed dozens... More »

'Mountain Came Down': Village Vanished in Mudslide

30 dead, 100 missing as Indian rescuers comb through mud

(Newser) - More than 24 hours after yesterday's landslide in western India, authorities said the chances of survival were slim for anyone still trapped under the mud. The mudslide in Malin—a village of some 700 people about 95 miles southeast of Mumbai—has killed at least 30 people and left... More »

150 Feared Trapped in India Landslide

Slide buried about 40 houses

(Newser) - A landslide hit a village in western India following torrential rains today, sweeping away scores of houses and raising fears that more than 150 people could be trapped, officials say. Federal rescue workers were being hampered by continuing rains and poor roads leading to the village of Ambe in Pune... More »

After 4 Months, Final Wash. Mudslide Victim Found

Officials confident they've located Molly "Kris" Regelbrugge

(Newser) - Four months after a devastating mudslide killed 43 people in Snohomish County, Wash., the official death toll remains at 42—but that will soon change, because yesterday morning rescue workers found what they believe to be the body of the final victim. Molly "Kris" Regelbrugge was found in an... More »

Afghan Landslide Village Now a 'Cemetery'

More than 2K are feared dead

(Newser) - An Afghanistan village buried in a landslide yesterday is now considered a "cemetery," says a government official in Badakhshan province. The last of the rescuers gave up hope today of finding survivors in the mud that devastated the village of Abi Barik in the mountainous and remote northeast,... More »

2K Missing After Afghan Landslide

UN confirms at least 350 deaths so far

(Newser) - A huge landslide in northeast Afghanistan is already registering catastrophic casualties. The UN says at least 350 people are dead, reports AP , and authorities say about 2,000 are missing. Mud and rocks buried homes in a remote, mountainous area of Badakhshan province near the border with China, following days... More »

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