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'It Feels Cautiously Good' on COVID as Summer Hits

Still lots of infections, but deaths are relatively few compared to last fall and winter

(Newser) - The fast-changing coronavirus has kicked off summer in the US with lots of infections but relatively few deaths compared to its prior incarnations. COVID-19 is still killing hundreds of Americans each day, but it isn't nearly as dangerous as it was last fall and winter. With more Americans shielded...

10 Summer 'Blockbusters' That Flopped

'Ishtar,' 'Battlefield Earth,' and 'Evan Almighty' were all supposed to hit it big at the box office

(Newser) - After a summer devoid of the big screen last year, moviegoers are flocking back to theaters, though Scott Mendelson noted in his May preview in Forbes that most of the films being released this season are "smaller in scale and not aiming for blowout status. The hope is for...

Summer Skies Are About to Put On a Big Show

Look for the Perseid meteor showers, the Buck moon, and an appearance by the Milky Way

(Newser) - It’s summer in the US—time to find a park, a yard, a dark, quiet place, and look at the stars. The star of the show is always the Perseid meteor shower, which starts soon (usually July 14) and lasts about a month, peaking in mid to early August....

'Explosive Diarrhea' Outbreak Halts Slip 'N Slide Show

NBC pauses production after area near set tests positive for giardia

(Newser) - Here are two ideas you'd want to be as far apart as possible: Slip 'N Slide and explosive diarrhea. And in the interest of keeping one away from the other, NBC shut down production on Ultimate Slip 'N Slide, a summer game show featuring a water...

4 Seasons Aren't What They Used to Be
6 Months of Summer?
Researchers See Possibility
new study

6 Months of Summer? Researchers See Possibility

Study warns of big changes to our seasons by end of this century

(Newser) - A new study finds that summers have gotten longer and hotter over the years, but it also suggests we haven't seen anything yet. The research in Geophysical Research Letters suggests that summer in the Northern Hemisphere will last six months by the end of the century if climate change...

Thanks, COVID-19: A US Tradition Bites the Dust

It involves 7-Eleven and Slurpees, and it's too bad

(Newser) - The coronavirus pandemic has taken away another summertime tradition in the US: There will be no free Slurpees at 7-Elevens on Saturday— July 11—to hail a date that doubles as an abbreviation of the convenience store chain's name, the AP reports. 7-Eleven has been giving away its slushy...

Kimmel Shares Big News, Followed by Surprise Guest

Late-night host is taking summer off to spend time with family; Matt Damon is perturbed

(Newser) - If you're a Jimmy Kimmel fan who tuned in to his show last night, you'll be glad you did, as it was his final one for a while. "Tonight is my last new show for the summer," he said in a surprise announcement, per People . "...

Panel's Warning: Summer Won't Be a COVID Killer

'Pandemic likely will not diminish' in warmer weather, experts tell White House

(Newser) - Researchers are warning the Trump administration not to bank on warm weather to slow the spread of the coronavirus. In a letter sent to the White House, a panel from the National Academy of Sciences says data on the spread of the virus in cold versus warm weather is inconclusive,...

In Drought-Plagued Parts of Alaska, 'Extreme Measures'

And if climate change continues, these types of scenarios could happen more often

(Newser) - In one Alaska village, officials are barging in jugs of water and shutting off the public water supply 12 hours each day. In another, automatic flush toilets have been switched to manual flushing, and restaurants are serving meals on paper plates. Alaska's hot, dry summer has led to extreme...

Last Month, a 'Rewrite of Climate History'

July 2019 was hottest month ever on Earth, climate agency confirms

(Newser) - "We have always lived through hot summers. But this is not the summer of our youth. This is not your grandfather's summer." That's what UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres told reporters last week, and on Monday, final data came in to verify his assertion. The EU's...

Heat Wave: Denver Just Tied Its All-Time Record
As US Bakes,
Denver Ties
a Record

As US Bakes, Denver Ties a Record

Temperatures in the Mile High City hit 105 this week

(Newser) - Denver experienced its very own Rocky Mountain high on Thursday, when thermometers hit 105 degrees, tying the city’s all-time record set on June 26, 2012, reports CBS News . Other places in Colorado were even hotter. On Thursday, Lamar, Colo., scored a sizzling 109, notes the Denver Post . The heat,...

These Are the 10 Best Beaches in America
Welcome to
the Best Beach
in America

Welcome to the Best Beach in America

Florida's Siesta Beach is Dr. Beach's fav

(Newser) - Just in time for summer, Dr. Beach—aka Florida International University professor Stephen Leatherman—is out with his ranking of the best beaches in the country. Leatherman has been rating beaches since 1991 and takes his job pretty seriously, examining 50 different factors, from sand and waves to parking, reports...

Search for MH370 Will Likely End by July: Chief

But ATSB head says he's 'optimistic' they'll find the missing Malaysia Airlines plane by then

(Newser) - If the hunt for MH370 doesn't turn up anything over the next few months, the head of the Australian Transport Safety Bureau says the search of a 46,000-square-mile swath of the Indian Ocean will likely be called off by July, NBC News reports. Chief Commissioner Martin Dolan says...

It's Scientifically Better to Be Born in Summer

Summer babies grow taller, are generally healthier: study

(Newser) - There's more reason to be jealous of summer babies than all those birthday parties by the pool: They may be healthier adults, according to a new study. University of Cambridge scientists surveyed roughly 500,000 Britons aged 40 to 69 for their birth dates, height, weight, and the age...

'Song of the Summer' Is Probably Already Out

FiveThirtyEight blog: Labels now making an early push to win unofficial title

(Newser) - So what will the song of the summer be for 2015? It's only early May, but as Walt Hickey at FiveThirtyEight writes, radio listeners have probably already heard it. Going back to 1985, about 72% of the top summer songs came out in May or earlier. But more significantly,...

Good News for Your Summer Road Trip

Lowest prices in 6 years are predicted—a $2.45-per-gallon average

(Newser) - Not since 2009 have we seen the gas prices that industry experts are expecting this summer driving season—but in a good way. Per a US Energy Department forecast , gas will cost an average of $2.45 for a gallon of regular between April and September, typically the nation's...

Let's Get Rid of Summer Vacation
 Let's Get Rid of 
 Summer Vacation 

Let's Get Rid of Summer Vacation

It's creating gap between rich, poor kids: Matthew Yglesias

(Newser) - Imagine the government deciding to shut down the military, or the transit system, or law enforcement, for a few months every year, for no particular reason. The outcry would be insane, because that's a ridiculous idea. So why, then, is there no backlash over the three months out of...

Predicted: Top Summer Hits of 2013

Shazam predicts summer mega-hits using 4M searches

(Newser) - Since Shazam correctly predicted Gotye's "Somebody That I Used to Know" would be 2012's summer mega-hit, you'll probably want to download the tunes the music ID app says will take over airwaves this year. Compiled using 4 million Shazam searches, the list from USA Today looks...

New Threat to Ozone Layer: Summer Storms
 New Threat to 
 Ozone Layer: 
 Summer Storms 
study says

New Threat to Ozone Layer: Summer Storms

Study points to US skin cancer risk

(Newser) - New research links two major environmental concerns: ozone depletion and climate change. Soaring water vapor from summer storms can damage the ozone layer right over the US, researchers find, and global warming can increase the frequency of such storms. Once the vapor reaches the stratosphere, it can interact with chemicals...

Our Kids Just Get 'Dumber, Fatter' Each Summer

But Peter Orszag has some ideas on how to remedy the situation

(Newser) - Ahh, those halcyon days of summer … from which our children emerge "dumber and fatter," writes Peter Orszag on Bloomberg . Come fall, the average child is at least one month behind where they were academically before going on break, and they've also most likely put on weight...

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