Fox on Pepper Spray: It's Just a Food Product

It's, like, a derivative of pepper, says Megyn Kelly
By Mary Papenfuss,  Newser Staff
Posted Nov 22, 2011 2:05 AM CST

You know that pepper spray that makes eyeballs feel like they're being fried in hot oil? Relax, it's just a "food product," or so says Fox analyst Megyn Kelly. "First of all, pepper spray, that just burns your eyes, right?" Bill O'Reilly asks Kelly yesterday. "Right. I mean it's, like, a derivative of actual pepper," she responds. "It's a food product, essentially." She wonders if the spray shot directly into the faces of students at a UC Davis sit-in last week was possibly diluted because they didn't seem to be writhing in agony quite like they should. OK, so some students ended up in the hospital, she acknowledges, admitting: "It was something abrasive and intrusive."

But sitting-in "is a crime," she adds. "Ten of them were charged with unlawful assembly and failure to disperse because they were posing a, you know, sit-in, a student protest. I mean, you can do that. It's very American, but it may also happen to break the law. Look, I know the tape looks bad, but I don't know if from a legal standpoint the cops did anything wrong." Someone who is finally admitting the cops maybe did something wrong is the UC Davis chancellor. She finally apologized for the situation yesterday. "I'm here to apologize. I really feel horrible for what happened," Linda Katehi told a gathering of students, faculty, and parents. The apology was met with catcalls and shouts that she resign, reports Reuters. (More UC Davis stories.)

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