Danish Tourist Accidentally 'Bodyslammed' Croc, Survives

Results, however, were predictable
By Daniel Kay,  Newser Staff
Posted Nov 7, 2016 3:03 PM CST

A Danish backpacker is recovering in the hospital after running afoul of a freshwater crocodile at Lake Kununurra in northern Australia, the Guardian reports. Johnny Bonde, 27, was leaning over a bank to take a photograph of a snoozing crocodile when he lost his balance and, in his own words, accidentally "bodyslammed" the reptile. The animal panicked and attacked Bonde, who recalls: "He got a pretty good grip on me and shook me around a bit." Lucky for Bonde, the animal he startled was a freshwater crocodile, much smaller and less dangerous than a saltwater crocodile. Bonde escaped with some deep lacerations in his arm. "It was the result of me being stupid," he says. "I pretty much bodyslammed him. If somebody bodyslammed me at night, I would be angry too."

He's currently recuperating in Kununurra District Hospital, the West Australian reports. The Dane's first thought on escaping was that his girlfriend would probably be mad at him. His plan was to keep it secret, but "once I saw the wounds," Bonde says he knew he'd have to confess. Bonde was extra-keen to get photos of the croc because he'd been in Australia for 14 months and this was the first crocodile he'd seen. Now, he says: "I definitely don’t want to see anymore crocs now, I don’t even want to go near the water for a while." ("Human stupidity" was blamed in this fatal crocodile incident.)

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