Hiker Fell 60 Feet, Spent 6 Days in Australian Wilderness

'She couldn't proceed any farther and she had no way to get back out'
By Janet Cromley,  Newser Staff
Posted Jun 8, 2018 6:15 PM CDT
Korean Hiker Spends 6 Days in Australian Wilderness

A Korean hiker survived for six days in the Australian bush after falling 60 feet down a steep ravine. Twenty-five-year-old Joohee Han had hiked to the summit of Mount Tyson in Queensland, and took some pictures before she slipped and fell. She was knocked unconscious for five hours. When she came to, she crawled to a rocky waterfall and stayed there. "She couldn't actually proceed any farther and she had no way to get back out, and that's where she stayed for days," a Queensland Ambulance flight paramedic told ABC. She didn’t have food, but she had a raincoat, which kept her warm.

No one at a youth hostel in Cairns where she was staying alerted authorities because Han had mentioned that after the hike she was heading out of town for the weekend. Fortunately, she had been working in Tully, south of Cairns, for a banana farmer, and one of the farmer’s staff noticed that she hadn’t shown up for work. The employee went looking for Han at the youth hostel, only to discover that her belongings were still there and sounded the alarm. Eventually, Han’s screams led rescuers to her location, and she was lifted out of the ravine by a helicopter. “She was actually in really good condition,” said the paramedic. “She was in good spirits." (This hiker survived for three days in California's Joshua Tree National Park after falling from a boulder.)

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