Top Sexiest Ugly People

By Harry Kimball,  Newser Staff
Posted Jun 2, 2009 5:36 PM CDT
Top Sexiest Ugly People
Sandra Bernhard   (AP Photo)

There's pretty, and there's ugly, but there's also sexy ugly. Nerve runs down the "sexiest ugly people alive." The top 5, in reverse order:

  • Paul Giamatti: "Somebody's got to say no to firm jaw lines and six-pack abs, and no one does it with Giamatti's panache."
  • Courtney Love: "Yeah, she's the girl your friends tell you not to go home with when you've had a few. But she's also the gal you go home with after telling your friends, 'I'm not even drunk.'"

  • Mickey Rourke: "You can just picture those meathook-hands wrapping around your lower back and carrying you somewhere you desperately want to be."
  • Sandra Bernhard: "A sort of sex symbol for contrarians," she's "definitely funny-looking, but she's a bad-ass kind of funny-looking. Like a hammerhead shark, or a VW Bus."
  • Keith Richards: "It's true that Richards might be better-looking these days if he'd stayed on the straight and narrow, but then he wouldn't be Keith Richards."
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