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Netanyahu May Have Failed 'Test of Basic Humanity'

Failure to engage with hostages' families hurt him, writes David Remnick in 'New Yorker' deep dive

(Newser) - Nobody has held power longer in Israel than Benjamin Netanyahu, writes David Remnick in the New Yorker . But in his in-depth look at the prime minister, now in his sixth term, Remnick notes that Netanyahu's polling is "dismal" in the wake of the Oct. 7 Hamas raid. He...

Trans Teen, Family 'Run Out of Town on a Rail'
Trans Teen, Family
'Run Out of Town on a Rail'

Trans Teen, Family 'Run Out of Town on a Rail'

'New Yorker' piece dives into how laws in Tennessee, and in South in general, have affected LGBTQ youth

(Newser) - Tennessee has passed nearly 20 anti-LGBTQ+ laws since 2015, among the highest in the nation, per the Human Rights Campaign. For Kristen Chapman, that number is more than just a statistic—it proved to be the death knell for her family's future in the Volunteer State, as her 17-year-daughter,...

He Found Secrets Under the Water. Then Came an Accusation

The 'New Yorker' profiles salvage diver Jared Leisek and his viral YouTube channel

(Newser) - Some tales of mysterious disappearances have taken an unexpected turn after family and friends seeking answers discovered "Adventures with Purpose" (AWP). Oregon-based salvage diver Jared Leisek initially filmed himself finding things like iPhones in lakes and rivers but stumbled into his mission in late 2019 thanks to a viral...

In Nashville, 'Outlaw' Country Artists Push Back on Tradition

Alternative performers pigeonholed as 'Americana' try to break into the mainstream—but it's not easy

(Newser) - When you hear "Tennessee," it's hard not to think of "Music City"—the nickname for the state capital of Nashville, home to the Grand Ole Opry and the heart of country music. But while that may call forth visions of white dudes in cowboy boots...

New Yorker Cartoonist Drew Signature Creatures 1K Times

Edward Koren's work lampooned without offending, critic says

(Newser) - Edward Koren, a longtime cartoonist for the New Yorker magazine known for his hairy, huminoid creatures, has died. He was 87. Koren died of lung cancer on Friday in Brookfield, Vermont, said his wife, Curtis Koren. He created more than 1,000 cartoons of the long-snouted creatures for the New ...

New Yorker Cover on Trump Is a First

Magazine has never used courtroom sketch for cover before

(Newser) - "I have been doing this job for some 43 years, but this was my most stressful assignment yet," courtroom sketch artist Jane Rosenberg tells the New Yorker , which is publishing a courtroom sketch on its cover for the first time in its 98-year history. The magazine tweeted an...

Jeremy Strong on New Yorker Profile: 'I Felt Foolish'

'Succession' actor is speaking out on the commotion, calls article a 'profound betrayal'

(Newser) - Update: Jeremy Strong has stayed mum since last year's polarizing New Yorker profile on him, which portrayed the Succession star as an extremely serious actor considered by some to be "self-indulgent." Now, the 43-year-old actor is speaking out, telling Vanity Fair that the article "felt like...

Jeffrey Toobin Is Back on CNN After Zoom Offense
Signs Off
at CNN


Toobin Signs Off at CNN

Legal analyst announces departure more than a year after end of his suspension

(Newser) - Update: Jeffrey Toobin told colleagues Friday that he's decided to leave CNN after 20 years as a legal analyst for the network. "It was great to spend my last day on air, like so many before, with my pals at Sit Room, AC360 and Don Lemon Tonight,"...

Rittenhouse Case: a 'Vivid Metaphor' for Polarized America

'New Yorker' piece looks at 'opportunists' who hijacked Kenosha suspect's narrative

(Newser) - As Kyle Rittenhouse awaits his November trial for opening fire at an August 2020 protest in Kenosha, Wis., killing two men and injuring a third, the Kenosha News offers two different depictions of the 18-year-old: "Black Lives Matter [supporters] have painted him as a trigger-happy white supremacist," while...

Remember 'Cat Person'? The Backstory Just Got Weird

Alexis Nowicki says Kristen Roupenian based short story on her

(Newser) - More than three years ago, at the peak of the #MeToo movement, a short story in the New Yorker went viral, earning Kristen Roupenian a book contract and movie deal . This week, however, a swerve: In an essay for Slate , Alexis Nowicki says the main female character in Roupenian's...

The Ax Falls on Toobin
Jeffrey Toobin Gets the Ax

Jeffrey Toobin Gets the Ax

The New Yorker shows him the door for exposing himself during Zoom meeting

(Newser) - Looks like Jeffrey Toobin's days of exposing himself at the New Yorker are done. The magazine fired him Wednesday after investigating his behavior during a Zoom meeting last month with staffers of the New Yorker and WNYC radio, Deadline reports. "I was fired today by @NewYorker after 27...

Even OJ Is Piling On Jeffrey Toobin After Gaffe
Even OJ Is Piling On
Jeffrey Toobin After Gaffe
the rundown

Even OJ Is Piling On Jeffrey Toobin After Gaffe

Legal analyst on hiatus after his way-too-personal mistake on Zoom call

(Newser) - Jeffrey Toobin's cringe-inducing gaffe is causing quite a stir. Motherboard was the first to report the unfortunate news that the New Yorker writer and CNN analyst began masturbating during a break in a Zoom work call with his magazine colleagues. Toobin has apologized for what he calls his "...

Profile of Mike Pompeo Isn't Exactly Flattering
Profile of Mike Pompeo
Isn't Exactly Flattering

Profile of Mike Pompeo Isn't Exactly Flattering

'New Yorker' piece includes some colorful descriptions about his loyalty to Trump

(Newser) - The New Yorker is out with a lengthy profile of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and it's not very far along when this quote pops up from an unnamed former White House official: Pompeo is "among the most sycophantic and obsequious people around Trump." Which sounds pretty...

3-Year-Old Locks iPad, Will Be 51 When It's Usable

Dad Evan Osnos hoping to find a fix within the next 48 years

(Newser) - The kid really wanted to get into that iPad. Instead, the toddler managed to lock it for 25,536,442 minutes, or more than 48 years, reports the Daily News . Parent Evan Osnos, a writer for the New Yorker, tweeted an image of his child's handiwork and the resulting...

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Master of 'The Shove'
Julia Louis-Dreyfus,
Master of 'The Shove'

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Master of 'The Shove'

Actress talks about her life, her career, and her bout with cancer in the 'New Yorker'

(Newser) - Seinfeld fans know it well: "the shove," as practiced by Elaine, when she puts both hands on the chest of a man and yells something like "Shut up!" as she shoves him backward. In a profile of Julius Louis-Dreyfus, the New Yorker notes that Louis-Dreyfus brought...

The 'Surprise Ascendance' of Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Paige Williams profiles WH press secretary and her job as 'Trump's battering ram' for 'New Yorker'

(Newser) - "What does the press secretary believe in—other than defending the president's every word?" That's the question Paige Williams poses for a deep dive on Sarah Huckabee Sanders (aka "Trump's battering ram") for the New Yorker . It follows Sanders from her "so miserable,...

Mark Zuckerberg's Scrabble Strategy Is Telling
Zuckerberg: My Honeymoon
Kind of Had 3 People

Zuckerberg: My Honeymoon Kind of Had 3 People

Him, his wife, and Roman emperor Augustus, as the 'New Yorker' explains

(Newser) - The New Yorker is out with a lengthy profile of Mark Zuckerberg, and a Scrabble anecdote is drawing attention. It seems Zuckerberg was playing a friend's teenage daughter on a plane, and she beat him in the first game. Before game two, he wrote a computer program to have...

After U-Turn, Bannon Slams 'Gutless' New Yorker

His invitation to the magazine's festival was pulled

(Newser) - Nobody expected Steve Bannon to get an especially warm welcome to the New Yorker Festival—but the backlash was so fierce that the magazine ended up withdrawing its invitation to the former Trump strategist. Guests, readers, and New Yorker staffers were outraged Monday after it was announced that Bannon would...

CBS Honcho Leslie Moonves May Be Next 'MeToo' Casualty

'New Yorker' to publish allegations of sexual misconduct regarding the CEO

(Newser) - Ronan Farrow, the journalist whose work helped bring down Harvey Weinstein , has another powerful figure in his sights: Leslie Moonves, the CEO of CBS. To be clear, the story in the New Yorker isn't out yet, but it's expected to be published Friday afternoon, per the Hollywood Reporter...

Ann Coulter's 'Child Actors' Claim Called Into Question
Ann Coulter
Makes Volatile
Claim, Author
Disavows Her
the rundown

Ann Coulter Makes Volatile Claim, Author Disavows Her

Conservative pundit says 'child actors' are portraying crying kids at the border

(Newser) - One of the more controversial views in the border separations saga was voiced by conservative pundit Ann Coulter, who argued on Fox News that kids seen crying on TV are "child actors." In response, the author of an article she cited to back up her theory says she'...

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