Election Day

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With Big Wins, Democrats Get a 'Blueprint' for 2024
Big Wins Give Democrats
a 'Blueprint' for 2024
the rundown

Big Wins Give Democrats a 'Blueprint' for 2024

Voters back abortion access, appear wary of Trump-backed candidates

(Newser) - Nearly a year and a half after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, abortion remains a key issue in elections across the country—to the benefit of Democrats, who've made protecting abortion rights a priority. A major takeaway from Tuesday's elections is that "voters are casting...

Mississippi's Republican Governor Wins Reelection

Brandon Presley had earlier conceded to Gov. Tate Reeves

(Newser) - Not long after his Democrat challenger called him to concede, the AP officially called the Mississippi gubernatorial race for incumbent Gov. Tate Reeves. The race was, per the outlet, "unusually competitive" for the "GOP stronghold" of a state, where Republicans have held fort in the governor's mansion...

Democrat Andy Beshear Will Remain Governor in Kentucky

He fends off challenge from Daniel Cameron

(Newser) - Democrat Andy Beshear will keep his job as governor in Kentucky. Beshear was reelected Tuesday in a competitive race against Republican state Attorney General Daniel Cameron, reports the AP . The 45-year-old Beshear, who flipped the governor's seat from red to blue in 2019 with his defeat of Matt Bevin,...

What's at Stake on This Election Day
What's at Stake
on This Election Day
the rundown

What's at Stake on This Election Day

2 big governors' races (one featuring a cousin of Elvis) and an Ohio abortion amendment in Ohio are among the contests

(Newser) - It's an off-year election, but nonetheless a busy Election Day across America, with voters in nearly 40 states heading to the polls. Afterward, expect much reading of the tea leaves on the politics of abortion and its implications for 2024. Some of the marquee races on pundits' radar:
  • Ohio

Rhode Island May Elect Its First Black Congressman

Gabe Abo is up against GOP challenger Gerry Leonard

(Newser) - Rhode Island voters could make history Tuesday by electing the state's first Black representative to Congress or return the seat last held by Republicans in the 1990s to a GOP candidate. Democrat Gabe Amo and Republican Gerry Leonard are vying for Rhode Island's 1st Congressional District seat, per...

Pa. Race May Portend Future of Abortion, Voting Rights

Seat on the swing state's very influential Supreme Court is up for grabs in this election

(Newser) - Pennsylvania voters will make a decision with implications for the future of voting and abortion rights in a presidential battleground state when they choose the winner in Tuesday's election for an open state Supreme Court seat. The race between Democrat Dan McCaffery and Republican Carolyn Carluccio will not change...

Abortion a Big Issue in Tuesday's Voting

Restrictions, protections are front and center in Ohio, Kentucky, and Virginia

(Newser) - The most-watched races in Tuesday's off-year general election have been dominated by the ongoing debate over abortion rights. From a reelection bid for governor in Kentucky and a statewide ballot measure in Ohio, to state legislative elections in Virginia, access to abortion has been a frequent topic in campaign...

We Won't See a Moon Like Tuesday's for 2-Plus Years

Blood moon caused by total lunar eclipse is set for Election Day

(Newser) - Better catch the moon's disappearing act Tuesday—there won't be another like it for more than two years. The total lunar eclipse will be visible throughout North America in the predawn hour—the farther west, the better—and across Asia, Australia, and the rest of the Pacific after...

NBA Makes Unusual Move for Election Day

No games will be played on November 8, to encourage voting

(Newser) - The NBA will release its 2022-23 schedule on Wednesday, but one day is already known to be a blank slate—November 8. As in, Election Day. The league announced Tuesday that no teams will play that day in order to encourage people to vote, reports Politico . Instead, all 30 teams...

Election Officials Fear Paper Ballot Shortage

Supply chain issues, and even truck driver shortages, cause worry about handling voting

(Newser) - The same supply chain problems that have limited the availability of consumer goods have election officials worried about having enough paper ballots and envelopes for this year's voting. Orders are being placed much earlier than usual, which complicates budgeting, Politico reports. "Sometimes that means ordering in advance of...

After George Floyd, a Big Choice for Minneapolis Voters

Residents to decide whether to replace police department with new public-safety agency

(Newser) - Voters in Minneapolis were deciding Tuesday whether to replace the city's police department with a new Department of Public Safety, more than a year after George Floyd's death under the knee of a white police officer launched a movement to defund or abolish police across the country. The...

Robocalls Told Voters to 'Stay Safe, Stay Home'

But there were few incidents of intimidation

(Newser) - The FBI says it is looking into reports of robocalls aimed at discouraging voting on Election Day—including some that told voters in Michigan they could be arrested for outstanding warrants if they went to the polls. The BBC reports that millions of voters in multiple states received calls saying,...

This Election Day, It's a Common Sight

Storefronts boarded up across the country in anticipation of protests

(Newser) - This Election Day looks different. Federal officials on Monday erected "non-scalable" fencing around the White House in anticipation of protests, per ABC News . Some businesses are following suit. "If you go downtown, everything is boarded up," a manager at Commercial Glass Door Repair in Washington, DC, tells...

Election Day Have You Stressed, Hungry? Check Out the Freebies

Doughnuts, chicken, and massages are gratis

(Newser) - Once you've voted, head to the gym for a free workout and massage, then reward yourself with a free doughnut. Still waiting around for election results early Wednesday? You can snag a free coffee, too. It's all possible with perks offered by various businesses this Election Day, which...

On Election Day, Investors Are in a Good Mood
Dow Is Surging
on Election Day

Dow Is Surging on Election Day

Investors hoping for elections results with little drama

(Newser) - Election Day jitters aren't plaguing Wall Street. The Dow was up more than 600 points in morning trading, more than 2%, and the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq also were up by more than 2%. What the Wall Street Journal reads into this: Investors are betting that Joe...

Poll: Few Believe Winner Will Be Announced Election Night

Only 17% are expecting an immediate result

(Newser) - President Trump has said the election winner should be announced on election night—but few Americans are expecting that to happen, according to a Politico /Morning Consult poll. The poll found that only 17% of Americans expect to know the winner Tuesday night, while 18% expect to know the following...

White Castle Is Making Rare Move on Election Day
White Castle Starting
'New Tradition' on Nov. 3
in case you missed it

White Castle Starting 'New Tradition' on Nov. 3

Restaurants will be closed for 4 hours to give employees time to vote

(Newser) - White Castle normally keeps its restaurants open 24 hours a day every day except Christmas Day—but it is making an exception on Tuesday. The burger chain says its 377 restaurants in 13 states will be closed from 7am to 11am on Election Day to give workers time to vote....

Twitter Puts New Rules in Place for Election

Politicians can't declare victory on their own

(Newser) - Twitter is going to look and feel slightly different over the coming days. Per the Washington Post , the social media platform will be putting in place guardrails to mitigate misleading and false tweets regarding the Nov. 3 election, including warnings on politicians' falsehoods and strict rules on when the election...

Bill Gates: US Pandemic Response is 'Shocking'

He also doesn't expect a vaccine before Election Day

(Newser) - Bill Gates has some bad news for President Trump, who has suggested that a coronavirus vaccine could be available by Election Day. Gates tells CNBC that he doesn't see it happening. "None of the vaccines are likely to seek approval in the US before the end of October,...

Facebook to Employees: Here's Time Off, Go Work Those Polls

Company joins in efforts to alleviate shortage of poll workers for Election 2020

(Newser) - With shortages of poll workers looming before the election, one big tech company is stepping up to help fill that gap. Facebook executives told Axios this week that it will be offering its employees additional paid time off so they can become poll workers if they so choose, which would...

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