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Dallas Station: Sorry We Delayed Tornado Warning for Football

'We know that seconds matter'

(Newser) - A Dallas TV station has apologized for taking six minutes to decide that a tornado warning was worth interrupting coverage of the Cowboys game over. NBC affiliate KXAS issued a statement admitting that although its meteorologists were tracking thunderstorms Sunday night, they delayed breaking into programming when a tornado warning... More »

Tornado Destroys Homes, Businesses in Dallas

NWS says it touched down near Love Field Airport

(Newser) - A major search and rescue operation is underway in Dallas, where a tornado accompanied by violent thunderstorms touched down Sunday night, leaving a trail of destruction over 17 miles. Homes and businesses were destroyed and at least three people were hospitalized with storm-related injuries, the Washington Post reports. Authorities say... More »

After Vicious Storm Near Kansas City, a New Record

12th straight day that at least 8 tornadoes were reported to National Weather Service

(Newser) - A vicious storm tore through the Kansas City area Tuesday, spawning tornadoes that downed trees and power lines, damaged homes, and injured at least a dozen people in the latest barrage of severe weather that saw tornado warnings as far east as New York City, the AP reports. Parts of... More »

Tornadoes Leave Trail of Destruction Across Ohio, Indiana

Crews used snowplows to clear an Ohio highway

(Newser) - A rapid-fire line of apparent tornadoes tore across Indiana and Ohio overnight, packed so closely together that one crossed the path carved by another. The storms strew debris so thick that at one point, highway crews had to use snowplows to clear an interstate, the AP reports. At least half... More »

First, the Siren. Then the Calm. Then Came the Twister

At least 2 killed as tornado roars through Okla. town, leveling mobile home park, motel

(Newser) - A likely tornado killed at least two people as it destroyed a motel, roared through a mobile home park and caused significant damage in the Oklahoma City area, officials said Sunday. El Reno Mayor Matt White said that "there have been two fatalities at this point in time,"... More »

He Was Doing Laundry. Then He Dove Behind the Washers

'Violent tornado' touches down in Jefferson City, Mo.

(Newser) - A "violent tornado" touched down in Missouri's capital Wednesday, causing heavy damage, per the National Weather Service. The service reported a "confirmed large and destructive tornado" was observed over Jefferson City at 11:43pm Wednesday, moving northeast at 40mph, per the AP . Jefferson City Police Lt. David... More »

3 Dead as Strong Storms Batter Deep South Again

It's region's second outbreak of severe weather in days

(Newser) - Strong storms again roared across the South on Thursday, killing two Mississippi drivers and a woman in Alabama while leaving more than 100,000 people without power across Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas. National Weather Service forecasters said they believe multiple tornadoes hit southwest and central Mississippi, although they won'... More »

Bar Owner Faults Patrons Kicked Out Amid Tornado

He says they were 'too intoxicated to understand' they were in 'danger' behind 'wall-to-wall glass'

(Newser) - The owner of a bar near Mississippi State University is defending his decision to kick out some 250 people as a tornado raged nearby . Bin 612 owner Ty Thames has weathered a storm of his own since ordering patrons out of the Starkville bar beginning around 9:45pm Saturday, as... More »

Deadly Storms Hit the South

2 children die beside their parents in Texas

(Newser) - Powerful storms that killed at least eight people, including two children, continued to move across the South on Sunday after spawning suspected tornadoes that left several people injured and multiple homes and businesses damaged or without power, the AP reports. In East Texas, the Angelina County Sheriff's Office said... More »

Tornado Strikes Texas Town

More bad weather is expected across the South this weekend

(Newser) - A storm system moving across the South spawned a tornado Saturday that struck a Texas down and caused severe damage. At least seven people were injured in Franklin, population 1,600, where trees were uprooted and roofs ripped off buildings, per USA Today and CNN . Local officials tell KWTX that... More »

Family of Storm Chaser Killed in Crash Sues TWC for $125M

Corbin Lee Jaeger's mom says 2 Weather Channel contractors were 'habitually reckless and dangerous'

(Newser) - Nearly two years to the day after three storm-chasers were killed in a Texas crash , the mother of one of the men has filed a $125 million lawsuit against The Weather Channel, per USA Today . The complaint filed by Karen Di Piazza, mother of the National Weather Service's Corbin... More »

Trump's Bible- Signing Session Causes a Buzz

Some were offended by what happened at Alabama church; others say it's not a big deal

(Newser) - President Trump made the rounds in Alabama Friday to offer support for those affected by the tornadoes that devastated the state this week, killing at least 23. Per the Washington Post , some called his visit a "godsend," but one thing he did during his trip had others scratching... More »

They Married Young, Split, Reunited. Both Died in Tornado

Another family lost 10 of its members

(Newser) - The death toll in Alabama's recent tornado stands at 23, with the Lee County sheriff announcing Wednesday that all missing people have been accounted for in Beauregard. And 10 of those victims were all members of the same extended family . Cousins Cordarrly Jones and Demetria Jones tell the AP... More »

Alabama Tornado Killed 7 Members of Same Family

And children as young as 6

(Newser) - Tragic details are emerging in the deaths of 23 people killed Sunday in Alabama's deadliest tornado in almost six years. The youngest victim, 6-year-old Armando "AJ" Hernandez Jr., huddled in a closet with his older brother and their dad, who wrapped his arms around the boys. But AJ... More »

23 Dead: 'This Is a Day of Destruction for Lee County'

Powerful tornado hit eastern Alabama Sunday

(Newser) - At least 23 people—ranging in age from children to people in their 80s—were killed when a powerful tornado left a path of destruction in eastern Alabama on Sunday. Authorities say the tornado, one of several reported as a severe weather system hit the area, traveled straight down a... More »

22 Tornadoes Smash Illinois

Twister 'nightmare' appears in sync with recent study

(Newser) - Central Illinois is reeling after a Saturday rash of at least 22 tornadoes crushed houses, tore up trees, and took down power lines, CNN reports. It "feels like I woke up to a nightmare," says a man in Taylorville, the hardest-hit town. Officials say 21 people were hospitalized... More »

Coming to the Eastern US: More Tornadoes

Study finds a shift eastward in this type of weather system

(Newser) - Over the past few decades, tornadoes have been shifting—decreasing in Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas, but spinning up more in states along the Mississippi River and farther east, a new study shows. Scientists aren't quite certain why, the AP notes. The study, which looked at changes since 1979, found... More »

Tornado Kills Newborn, Destroys 122 Structures

'Complete destruction' at North Dakota RV park

(Newser) - A newborn baby was killed and more than two dozen people were injured when a tornado whipped through a North Dakota oil patch city overnight, overturning recreational vehicles and demolishing more than 100 structures, officials said Tuesday. The storm moved through Watford City, in the northwestern part of the state,... More »

Tornado Chaser's Obituary: Launch Me Into a Twister

Missouri man had a real feel for the weather

(Newser) - A Missouri storm chaser told friends in his obituary that he wants them to launch his ashes into a tornado, adding: "That'll be fun!!!!" Jim "Mad Dog" Sellars spelled out his unique wishes in the obituary he wrote before he died Tuesday, reports the AP . Greenlawn... More »

Yes, That's a Tornado in This Lawnmowing Photo

'I was keeping an eye on it,' says Theunis Wessels of Alberta

(Newser) - Listen, that lawn isn't going to mow itself, tornado or no tornado. A photo of a man in Alberta, Canada, taking care of his lawn chore with a twister in the background has gone viral, reports UPI . Cecelia Wessels posted it to Facebook with the caption, "My beast... More »

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