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Kavanaugh: SCOTUS Ethics Changes Are on the Way

He predicts 'concrete steps' in the near future

(Newser) - Public confidence in the Supreme Court is at a 50-year-low, but Justice Brett Kavanaugh says change is on the way. When asked about "perceived ethical issues" at a judicial conference Thursday, Kavanaugh said the court is "continuing to work on those issues," as Chief Justice John Robert...

Alito Says Congress Lacks Right to Regulate Court

Democrats backing ethics code argue justices have always been subject to legislation

(Newser) - Justice Samuel Alito has offered an unsolicited, firm opinion about efforts to impose a code of ethics on him and his colleagues. "Congress did not create the Supreme Court," Alito said. "I know this is a controversial view, but I'm willing to say it. No provision...

Supreme Court Has a New 'Most Conservative' Justice

Samuel Alito overtakes Clarence Thomas in analysis

(Newser) - Now that the latest Supreme Court term is in the books, Axios is out with some interesting nuggets about the ideological breakdown. Based on the Martin-Quinn Scores from political scientists Andrew Martin and Kevin Quinn, the site reports that Samuel Alito has overtaken Clarence Thomas as the court's most...

Journal Defends Its Role in Alito's Attack on ProPublica

Headline criticized investigation of justice before it was published

(Newser) - Journalists, especially the ones at ProPublica, are wondering how the Wall Street Journal could have criticized an investigation into Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito's possible ethics violations before the article had been published. Two ProPublica reporters had emailed questions to Alito on Friday with a request to reply by...

Ahead of ProPublica Report, Alito Hits Back

Outlet reveals Supreme Court justice flew for free on billionaire's jet; Alito pens 'WSJ' op-ed about it

(Newser) - Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito beat ProPublica to the punch Tuesday, publishing an op-ed that responded to questions about possible ethics violations before ProPublica had published its own report. But publish it did . The report describes how hedge fund billionaire Paul Singer, who brought a high-stakes case before the nation'...

Alito Says He Might Know Who Leaker Was but Won't Tell

It wasn't anybody on his side, justice tells interviewer

(Newser) - Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito said he think he knows who leaked the draft of his majority opinion in the case that threw out Roe v. Wade, but he's not naming names because the highest court in the land can't prove it. The draft was published in Politico...

Alito Issues Stunning Dissent

Alito Issues Stunning Dissent

Justice lacks reason and judicial tone, Jennifer Rubin writes in 'Washington Post'

(Newser) - The only explanation from the Supreme Court when it announced Friday that mifepristone would remain available while the issue plays out in the court system came from Justice Samuel Alito—and that was a dissent. Writing in a Washington Post column, Jennifer Rubin is among those who find the content...

Supreme Court for Now Keeps FDA's Mifepristone Rules
Supreme Court Delays
Ruling on Abortion Pill

Supreme Court Delays Ruling on Abortion Pill

Alito extends stay on restrictions until Friday evening

(Newser) - The Supreme Court has delayed its ruling on the abortion pill mifepristone, leaving the drug widely available without new restrictions until at least Friday evening. Justice Samuel Alito issued the order on Wednesday, hours before an interim stay on a lower court's ruling was due to expire, the Guardian...

Alito Receives Standing Ovation for Abortion Ruling

Barrett jokes about Dobbs demonstrations at her home

(Newser) - Four members of the US Supreme Court attended a Federalist Society black-tie gala last week, and all received applause. But the most rapturous reaction, which included a standing ovation, was for Justice Samuel Alito's work in overturning Roe v. Wade, Politico reports. Alito didn't mention the June decision...

Did Alito Take a Shot at Elizabeth Warren in Court?

Justice floats question about bogus claims to American Indian heritage

(Newser) - Now that the dust has settled on hours of oral arguments Monday in two separate affirmative-action cases before the Supreme Court, a clear consensus has emerged in coverage. "The court's conservative majority signaled that it could be ready ... to end the use of race in college admissions,"...

Abortion Rights Supporters May Wind Up Thanking Alito

Kansas result suggests court decision could lead to a national consensus in favor of access

(Newser) - The overwhelming support for abortion rights in Kansas is giving Democrats new wind in their sails ahead of the November midterms, which have looked bad for the party for a while, particularly given President Biden's approval ratings . The Kansas vote suggests strong national support for abortion rights—a focus...

Alito Mocks Prince Harry Over Roe Criticism

Supreme Court justice also takes shot at Boris Johnson, other overseas critics

(Newser) - Samuel Alito wrote the Supreme Court opinion that overturned Roe v. Wade, and he's not much interested in hearing what foreign critics have to say about it. In a speech on religious liberty in Rome hosted by Notre Dame Law School, Alito mocked Prince Harry and outgoing British Prime...

Roots of Alito's Roe Opinion Go Back to a 1985 Memo

He began laying out a long game as Justice Department lawyer in the Reagan administration

(Newser) - Samuel Alito wrote the Supreme Court opinion that dismantled Roe v. Wade , a development seen as the culmination of a decades-long strategy he began laying out as a Justice Department lawyer in 1985. Back then, while advising the Reagan administration on how to proceed in two abortion cases, Alito wrote...

Margaret Atwood: My 'Far-Fetched' Tale Is Coming True

Author weighs in against Supreme Court draft opinion to overturn Roe v. Wade

(Newser) - The author of The Handmaid's Tale says her dystopian story of a world in which women are forced to become pregnant and give birth is coming to life as evidenced by the Supreme Court draft opinion that would overturn Roe v. Wade. In a piece at the Atlantic , Margaret...

Demonstrations Move to Homes of Justices

Roe supporters take issue to Roberts, Kavanaugh

(Newser) - Demonstrators met outside the Washington-area homes of Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Brett Kavanaugh over the weekend to voice their opposition to overturning Roe v. Wade. "You don’t get to take away my bodily autonomy and get enjoy your Saturday at home," one protester said. "...

Alito Appears to Be Shifting Away From Roberts

Also, Supreme Court justice cancels appearance in wake of big leak

(Newser) - In what may be a sign of how heated things have gotten in the wake of this week's bombshell Supreme Court leak , justice Samuel Alito has canceled an appearance. Reuters reports that Alito—author of the leaked draft opinion that would dismantle Roe v. Wade —was to appear...

Justice Alito Takes Issue With the 'Sinister' Term 'Shadow Docket'

Justice blasts 'shadow docket' criticism in speech at Notre Dame

(Newser) - Justice Samuel Alito on Thursday lashed out at the suggestion that there's "something sneaky and dangerous" about the Supreme Court's emergency docket, through which it allowed Texas' restrictive abortion law to take effect . In a speech at the University of Notre Dame days before the start of...

Supreme Court's Interesting New Math: 3-3-3
Supreme Court's Interesting
New Math: 3-3-3
the rundown

Supreme Court's Interesting New Math: 3-3-3

The 6-3 conservative majority isn't issuing decisions quite as expected, at least so far

(Newser) - When Amy Coney Barrett replaced Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court last year, it resulted in what is usually described as a 6-3 advantage for conservatives over liberals on the court. But two big decisions Thursday— one on ObamaCare and the other on a Catholic group that refuses to...

Supreme Court Move Means J&J Owes Women $2B

Company wanted justices to review decision over talc-based baby powder, but they declined

(Newser) - The Supreme Court is leaving in place a $2 billion verdict in favor of women who say they developed ovarian cancer from using Johnson & Johnson talc products, per the AP . The justices didn't comment Tuesday in rejecting Johnson & Johnson's appeal . The company argued that it wasn'...

Samuel Alito Gave Quite a Speech
Samuel Alito
Gave Quite a Speech
the rundown

Samuel Alito Gave Quite a Speech

Supreme Court justice worries about religious freedoms, pandemic restrictions, gay marriage

(Newser) - Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito gave a 30-minute speech via video to conservative lawyers with the Federalist Society on Thursday, and his comments on issues ranging from religious freedom to gay marriage to COVID restrictions were getting lots of attention on Friday. The details:
  • COVID: Alito stressed that he didn'

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