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Justice Alito Takes Issue With the 'Sinister' Term 'Shadow Docket'

Justice blasts 'shadow docket' criticism in speech at Notre Dame

(Newser) - Justice Samuel Alito on Thursday lashed out at the suggestion that there's "something sneaky and dangerous" about the Supreme Court's emergency docket, through which it allowed Texas' restrictive abortion law to take effect . In a speech at the University of Notre Dame days before the start of...

Supreme Court's Interesting New Math: 3-3-3
Supreme Court's Interesting
New Math: 3-3-3
the rundown

Supreme Court's Interesting New Math: 3-3-3

The 6-3 conservative majority isn't issuing decisions quite as expected, at least so far

(Newser) - When Amy Coney Barrett replaced Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court last year, it resulted in what is usually described as a 6-3 advantage for conservatives over liberals on the court. But two big decisions Thursday— one on ObamaCare and the other on a Catholic group that refuses to...

Supreme Court Move Means J&J Owes Women $2B

Company wanted justices to review decision over talc-based baby powder, but they declined

(Newser) - The Supreme Court is leaving in place a $2 billion verdict in favor of women who say they developed ovarian cancer from using Johnson & Johnson talc products, per the AP . The justices didn't comment Tuesday in rejecting Johnson & Johnson's appeal . The company argued that it wasn'...

Samuel Alito Gave Quite a Speech
Samuel Alito
Gave Quite a Speech
the rundown

Samuel Alito Gave Quite a Speech

Supreme Court justice worries about religious freedoms, pandemic restrictions, gay marriage

(Newser) - Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito gave a 30-minute speech via video to conservative lawyers with the Federalist Society on Thursday, and his comments on issues ranging from religious freedom to gay marriage to COVID restrictions were getting lots of attention on Friday. The details:
  • COVID: Alito stressed that he didn'

After Supreme Court Order on Pa. Ballots, a Trump Tirade

Justice Alito says ballots received after Election Day must be segregated, but count continues

(Newser) - As Joe Biden closes in on a win , Pennsylvania remains a key state that could put him over the top. And per a ruling from Pennsylvania's Supreme Court, ballots postmarked by Tuesday but received by 5pm Friday are allowed in the count. But on Friday, in response to a...

SCOTUS Rules for UT in Affirmative Action Case

University can consider race in limited manner in admissions process

(Newser) - In a move that surprised even affirmative action advocates, the Supreme Court ruled Thursday that the University of Texas may indeed take into consideration a student's race during the admissions process, albeit in a limited manner, the Washington Post reports. The vote was 4-3, per the New York Times ...

McConnell: 'Not Snowball's Chance' I'll Change Mind on Court Pick

He doubles down on any potential Obama nominee

(Newser) - Mitch McConnell and other top Senate Republicans insisted Tuesday afternoon that they had no intention of considering any nominee for the Supreme Court put forward by President Obama. On Tuesday evening, McConnell met behind closed doors with House conservatives anxious to know whether McConnell really meant it—and they heard...

Gay Marriage Ruling: What the 4 Dissenters Had to Say

Lines from John Roberts, Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito

(Newser) - The Supreme Court today declared that gay couples have a right to marry anywhere in America in a 5-4 ruling. In what Politico calls a "rare occurrence," each of the four dissenters penned their own dissent. Here's what they wrote :
  • John Roberts: "If you are among

Supreme Court Unanimous on Inmate Beard Length

Arkansas inmate, Gregory Holt, a Muslim, can grow a half-inch beard

(Newser) - The Supreme Court was unanimous today in a decision that will allow an Arkansas inmate to grow a half-inch beard. The state's rule specified that beard length must be kept to a quarter inch; Gregory Holt, a Muslim man also known as Abdul Maalik Muhammad, had sought permission to...

Dear Justice Alito: This Isn't Middle School

So save your eye-rolling, head-shaking and meet Dana Milbank at recess

(Newser) - Samuel Alito needs to clean up his act—and his opinions have nothing to do with it. The George W. Bush appointee to the Supreme Court has a tendency to visibly ridicule his fellow justices, Dana Milbank writes in the Washington Post . His habit was on full display yesterday as...

High Court Split in Gay Marriage Questioning

SCOTUSblog predicts a no-decision

(Newser) - The Supreme Court has finished hearing the arguments in the Proposition 8 case, and prognosticators are busy reading the tea leaves for what it might be thinking. Here's what went down:
  • Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Elena Kagan, Sonia Sotomayor, and, perhaps surprisingly, John Roberts, peppered Charles Cooper, the lead attorney

2 in 3 Americans Can't Name One Supreme Court Justice

John Roberts is best-known at 20%

(Newser) - Nine people helped determine the fate of ObamaCare this year—and most Americans can't name a single one. Two-thirds of us are unable to name a Supreme Court justice, according to legal website's poll of 1,000 people. Chief Justice John Roberts was the most familiar...

Roberts Court Eschews Politics, Rules as One

NYT study shows court moving in unexpected directions

(Newser) - While the Supreme Court has appeared deeply divided along ideological lines in recent years, its latest term reveals a strikingly different court, often unanimous and aggressive in reviewing the other branches of government, reports the New York Times in an analysis of the last nine months of the Roberts Court....

Supreme Court Strikes Down Mont. Campaign Finance Law
Supreme Court Strikes Down Mont. Campaign Finance Law
Supreme Roundup

Supreme Court Strikes Down Mont. Campaign Finance Law

Also, rules life in prison out of bounds for kids

(Newser) - The US Supreme Court today struck down a Montana campaign finance law that would have allowed states to curb the impact of the court's earlier Citizens United ruling. In a 5-4 vote along the court's usual ideological divide, the court issued a summary reversal, ignoring liberal justices' calls...

Stevens: High Court Likely Rethinking Citizens United

Former Supreme Court justice says 'second thoughts' are likely

(Newser) - John Paul Stevens, who dissented on the controversial Citizens United ruling before retiring from the US Supreme Court in 2010, says the rest of the justices appear to be having "second thoughts about the breadth of the reasoning." Stevens made his comments at a University of Arkansas event...

Hey, Lefties: This Supreme Court Should Scare You
Hey, Lefties: This Supreme Court Should Scare You

Hey, Lefties: This Supreme Court Should Scare You

Obama too timid on federal nominees, with big issues coming

(Newser) - With big issues working their way toward the Supreme Court on such vital issues as health care reform, same-sex marriage, affirmative action, and police stops of undocumented immigrants, liberals need to be on guard, writes longtime court-watcher Emily Bazelon for the New York Times . Sure, there are solid progressives, such...

Supreme Court Extends Handgun Rights Nationwide

Decision could undermine Chicago's ban

(Newser) - The Supreme Court says the Constitution's "right to keep and bear arms" applies nationwide as a restraint on the ability of government to limit its application. The justices' decision today casts doubt on a Chicago-area handgun ban, but their 5-4 vote also signaled that less severe restrictions could survive...

40% Approve of Kagan: Poll
 40% Approve of Kagan: Poll 

40% Approve of Kagan: Poll

Gallup finds numbers similar to Alito, Miers

(Newser) - Forty percent of Americans think Elena Kagan was an "excellent" or "good" choice for the Supreme Court, while 14% rate President Obama's choice of nominee "poor," according to a new Gallup poll. That puts Kagan's initial approval numbers in line with those for Bush nominees Samuel...

Alito vs. Obama: Opposing Views
Alito vs. Obama:
Opposing Views

Alito vs. Obama: Opposing Views

Which one breached protocol? Depends whom you ask

(Newser) - Justice Samuel Alito's critical reaction during last night's State of the Union speech is still making waves:
  • Shannen Coffin, National Review : "That Justice Alito betrayed his feelings in a minor way is understandable. ... In his preening, Obama flatly misrepresented the ruling" and showed an "utter lack of tact.

Justice Alito Mouths 'Not True' at Obama Criticism
Justice Alito Mouths 'Not True' at Obama Criticism

Justice Alito Mouths 'Not True' at Obama Criticism

Observers see 'Joe Wilson moment'

(Newser) - Though Supreme Court justices normally sit impassively during the State of the Union address, Justice Samuel Alito took unusual umbrage to President Obama’s criticism of the court’s recent ruling on campaign finance—mouthing “ not true ” when Obama said the decision “reversed a century of law...

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