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US Tourist Caught Eating on Fountain Steps Is Fined

He was found with beer, ice cream at 1am in Rome

(Newser) - An American tourist was slapped with a $450 fine after police caught him sitting on the steps of a fountain early Saturday drinking a beer and eating an ice cream. The man had fallen afoul of one of the "urban decorum" rules the Italian capital introduced in 2017, the...

'Imbeciles' Pay for Surfing Canal
'Imbeciles' Pay
for Surfing Canal

'Imbeciles' Pay for Surfing Canal

Venice fines pair of foreigners, takes their boards after insulting them

(Newser) - A pair of foreigners who raced on motorized surfboards along the Grand Canal in Venice on Wednesday have been fined, had their boards taken, and been publicly insulted for the offense. And the Italian tourist destination isn't through with them yet, USA Today reports; the city attorney plans to...

American Tourist Takes Selfie, Falls Into Mount Vesuvius
American Tourist
Takes Selfie, Falls
Into Mount Vesuvius
in case you missed it

American Tourist Takes Selfie, Falls Into Mount Vesuvius

Guides abseiled down to rescue him

(Newser) - Almost 2,000 years after Mount Vesuvius destroyed Pompeii and other Roman cities, an American tourist came close to becoming another volcano victim. Authorities say the 23-year-old man, who had been unable to book tickets online, took an unauthorized route to the edge of the volcano's crater and fell...

Arizona Town's Residents Told to Stop Yelling at Tourists

Notes on cars are also a no-no, police in Jerome say

(Newser) - Police in a old Arizona mining town that gets 1 million tourists annually are warning residents to stop yelling at visitors or they could face harassment charges. Jerome, population about 450, was once home to one of Arizona's largest copper mines and is now a hub for artists, the...

Sri Lanka Desperate for Tourists, Russian Oil

President says he has asked Putin help

(Newser) - With Sri Lanka facing a severe economic crisis , the country's leaders have apparently decided they can't afford to shun Russia. President Gotabaya Rajapaksa said Wednesday that he had asked Vladimir Putin for help in a "very productive" phone call, reports Reuters . The country has almost exhausted its...

Cops: We Know What Killed US Tourists in Bahamas

Carbon monoxide was to blame; case remains 'under active investigation'

(Newser) - Update: It's confirmed: The three Americans in their 60s found dead in neighboring rooms at a Bahamas resort last month indeed "died as a result of asphyxiation due to carbon monoxide poisoning," according to the Royal Bahamas Police Force. It adds the case "remains under active...

Grand Canyon Adventure Turns Tragic for Canadian

Ottawa's Melanie Goodine, 41, dies after trying to make it back up to rim after hike to Colorado River

(Newser) - A Canadian hiker exploring the Grand Canyon didn't make it out alive this week. Officials tell CBS 5 that 41-year-old Melanie Goodine of Ottawa has died after trying to do a tough hike to the Colorado River and back. Per a National Park Service release , the Grand Canyon Regional...

Boy Thrown From Tate Modern Goes in the Pool Again

9-year-old continues to improve

(Newser) - Update: The boy who was hurled from a viewing platform at London's Tate Modern museum in 2019 is doing better than doctors had predicted, his family says in a new update posted to a GoFundMe campaign set up to help with his recovery. "We were able to celebrate...

Australia Busts Out Toy Koalas, Welcomes Back Tourists

After a 2-year hiatus, fully vaccinated travelers are now welcome

(Newser) - International tourists and business travelers began arriving in Australia with few restrictions on Monday, bringing together families in tearful reunions after separations of two years or longer forced by some of the most draconian pandemic measures of any democracy in the world, reports the AP . Australia closed its borders to...

Shuttered in March 2020, Fiji Celebrates a 'Momentous Day'

Fiji is once again open to tourists, for first time in nearly 2 years

(Newser) - Since March 2020, the island nation of Fiji has had its doors shuttered to tourists, in an attempt to keep COVID from overwhelming the limited medical services available to its 1 million residents. On Wednesday, nearly two years after the tourism-dependent country's shutdown, locals once again started to welcome...

US Tourists Pick Wrong Place to Have 5:30am Beer in Rome

The Colosseum is neither a bar, nor open at that hour

(Newser) - Two American tourists, chatting over a beer in Rome. Unremarkable. That it happened at 5:30am is a little odder. That they allegedly broke into the Colosseum and threw one back there is downright strange—and, as you might imagine, illegal. The Guardian reports the 24- and 25-year-old men were...

Loch Ness Tourist Leaves a Bitter, Hilarious Review

Where the heck is Nessie?!

(Newser) - A tourist visiting Inverness in the Scottish Highlands apparently thought a Nessie sighting was guaranteed. In a bitter yet amusing one-star TripAdvisor review of the trip, posted in June, "Ron" from Grimsby, a port town in North East Lincolnshire, England, described his disappointment at failing to catch a sight...

England Makes Things Easier for Vaccinated Tourists

It does away with 10-day quarantine for vaccinated travelers

(Newser) - Fully vaccinated travelers from the United States and much of Europe can enter England without quarantining starting next week. The British government says people who have received both doses of a vaccine approved by the FDA in the US or the European Medicines Agency can take pre- and post-arrival coronavirus...

Thai Police Arrest 89 Foreigners for Flouting COVID Rules

People from more than 10 countries arrested in raid on island bar

(Newser) - Police and immigration officials raided a party at a bar on a popular resort island in southern Thailand and arrested 89 foreigners for violating coronavirus regulations, officials said Wednesday. The Tuesday night raid on the Three Sixty Bar on Koh Phangan also netted 22 Thais, including one identified as the...

Peru Opens Machu Picchu for a Single Tourist

Jesse Takayama held on to his entry ticket while stranded for seven months

(Newser) - A Japanese man found himself the lone tourist exploring Machu Picchu over the weekend—a privilege granted after seven months of waiting. Jesse Takayama had arrived in Peru in March with plans to stay for only a few days while taking in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Instead, he became...

Bottle of Sand Just Cost This Guy $1.2K

French tourist wasn't successful in bid to take home 4.4 pounds of the stuff from Sardinia

(Newser) - Since 2017, taking sand home as a souvenir from the beaches of Sardinia has been illegal —but yet another visitor to the Italian island apparently didn't get that memo. Local authorities say a French tourist was busted at Cagliari Elmas Airport on Sept. 1, trying to leave with...

Uzbekistan Makes Unusual Offer to Coax Tourists

If you get COVID-19 while visiting, the country will pay you $3K

(Newser) - The government of Uzbekistan is so sure of the hygiene and safety measures it's put in place to protect tourists against getting COVID-19 that "the president is prepared to put money where his mouth is." That's per a statement from the country's tourism ambassador to...

Tourist in Hawaii Arrested After Posting Selfies

NYC's Tarique Peters didn't quarantine himself for 14 days when he got to Oahu, as required

(Newser) - As the Daily Beast puts it, "Hawaii is not messing around" when it comes to tourists in the age of COVID-19. A 23-year-old New York City man found that out the hard way after he flouted the state's 14-day lockdown requirement for anyone coming in from outside of...

Outcome in Georgia After Reopenings: 'Not Unpredictable'

Tourists from neighboring states are flocking there in droves, worrying researchers

(Newser) - University of Maryland researchers keeping tabs on Georgia as it reopens during the pandemic say one outcome is "not an unpredictable one." The Washington Post reports that the scientists, using smartphone data that tracks user location, found that in the week after the state flung the doors back...

After Lockdown, Broke Tourists Spend 25 Days in Cave

They were stranded in northern India

(Newser) - A group of backpackers whose travel plans were thrown into disarray by India's nationwide lockdown ended up living in a cave for 25 days after running out of money, police say. The four men and two women were found in a cave near the popular tourist destination of Rishikesh...

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