Hong Kong

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South Park Responds to LeBron's Comments

With mockery, of course

(Newser) - South Park was quick to respond to LeBron James' controversial China comments. In an episode Wednesday titled "Let Them Eat Goo," some students at South Park Elementary School complain about the school lunches, so the cafeteria starts serving healthier options. Cartman is not happy, and after one of... More »

China Makes Odd Move Against Hong Kong Protesters

Companies banned from exporting black clothes to HK

(Newser) - After months of protests by black-clad demonstrators demanding democracy in Hong Kong, China has come up with a new countermeasure—banning the export of black clothes from the mainland to the territory. The South China Morning Post reports that customs officials in mainland China have ordered courier firms not to... More »

House Passes Resolutions Supporting Hong Kong Protesters

HK leader's policy address was halted by shouts from pro-democracy lawmakers

(Newser) - Shouting furiously, pro-democracy lawmakers foiled an attempt by Hong Kong's leader to deliver her annual policy speech. In chaotic scenes in the Legislative Council, Chief Executive Carrie Lam walked out after lawmakers interrupted her the first time. After a delay of a few minutes, she then walked back in... More »

LeBron Speaks Out on China, Takes Immediate Flak

Lakers star faces backlash as critics call him a hypocrite on Hong Kong post by Rockets' GM

(Newser) - The controversial tweet by the Houston Rockets GM has made its way to LeBron Land. In early October, Daryl Morey tweeted in support of pro-democracy supporters in Hong Kong, angering China and hurling the NBA into the middle of a firestorm. Now LeBron James is weighing in, and he's... More »

Xi: People Trying to Split China Will Have 'Bodies Smashed'

Remark seen as warning to Hong Kong protesters

(Newser) - "Anyone who attempts to split any region from China will perish, with their bodies smashed and bones ground to powder," China's President Xi Jinping said Sunday in what was widely seen as an unsubtle warning to protesters in Hong Kong. Xi, who was on a state visit... More »

Gamer Who Cried 'Revolution!' Has Punishment Reduced

Ng 'blitzchung' Wai Chung was initially suspended for a year

(Newser) - Activision Blizzard is easing up on a pro video game player who voiced support for Hong Kong protesters—but the company didn't exactly apologize, the Washington Post reports. Suspended at first for a year and stripped of prize money, Ng "blitzchung" Wai Chung will get to keep his... More »

Apple Pulls Hong Kong App Amid Pressure From China

Company said it 'threatened public safety'

(Newser) - Apple removed a smartphone app that allows Hong Kong activists to report police movements from its online store Thursday after an official Chinese newspaper accused the company of facilitating illegal behavior , the AP reports. Apple Inc. became the latest company to come under pressure to take Beijing's side against... More »

China Reads Apple the Riot Act Over 'Toxic' App

Company accused of aiding Hong Kong protesters after app approval

(Newser) - China is hinting that Apple is an accomplice in ongoing protests in Hong Kong over an app that tracks police movements. Apple initially rejected HKmap.live—which maps the location of police, pro-democracy protesters, and street closures based on user reports—but reversed course last week after critics noted the... More »

An Uncomfortable Wrinkle in NBA's China Controversy

Former Rockets star Yao Ming is now a China basketball exec; flap involves old team

(Newser) - A tweet has caused a major rift between the NBA and China, and the league is now fending off criticism that its initial response to the controversy was too accommodating to Beijing. Meanwhile, a familiar name has become embroiled in the mess. Here's the latest:
  • What happened: This began
... More »

Lam: China's Military Could Intervene in Hong Kong

But 'Hong Kong should handle the problem on her own, leader says

(Newser) - Hong Kong's leader Carrie Lam warned Tuesday that the Chinese military could step in if an uprising for democratic reforms that has rocked the city for months "becomes so bad" but reiterated the government still hopes to resolve the crisis itself. Lam said that asking for Chinese intervention... More »

NBA Accused of 'Kowtowing' to China Over Hong Kong

Rockets GM faced furious backlash after tweeting in support of protesters

(Newser) - Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey expressed support for Hong Kong protesters Friday—then backtracked after a massive backlash from Beijing. The now-deleted tweet, which said "Fight For Freedom. Stand With Hong Kong," caused Chinese broadcasters to say they would no longer broadcast Rockets games, the BBC reports.... More »

Protesters Defy Mask Ban

Police clash with demonstrators in Hong Kong after emergency powers are invoked

(Newser) - Tens of thousands of Hong Kong protesters answered the day-old ban on wearing masks by marching through the streets in a pouring rain Sunday, setting fires and breaking windows. Police fired tear gas and projectiles at the crowds, who yelled, "Wearing a mask is not a crime." The... More »

Hong Kong Leader Invokes Emergency Law

Ban on masks at protests takes effect Saturday

(Newser) - Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam banned protesters from wearing masks Friday in a hardening of the government’s stance on the territory’s most disruptive crisis since it reverted to Chinese rule in 1997. Lam announced the ban at an afternoon news conference where she decried a recent escalation of... More »

Hong Kong Plans to Outlaw Masks

Government would invoke colonial-era emergency powers for the first time

(Newser) - Hong Kong is moving toward enacting a ban on face masks like those pro-democracy demonstrators have been wearing in street protests. To do that, the government would start using emergency powers for the first time in a half-century that date to British colonial rule. The law allows the chief executive,... More »

After HK Teen Is Shot, Critics Condemn 'Trigger-Happy' Cops

Chinese state media, meanwhile, says shooting of teen protester was 'totally appropriate'

(Newser) - China's commemoration of 70 years of Communist rule earned a thumbs-up from the US president, but in Hong Kong, protesters called National Day a "day of grief." With mass transit in the city shut down, Molotov cocktails thrown, and roads blocked, police started firing tear gas and... More »

Protester Shot as Hong Kongers Defy Ban

Tens of thousands marched on China's National Day

(Newser) - As Beijing marked 70 years of Communist Party rule with a massive military parade , black-clad protesters in Hong Kong declared National Day to be a "Day of Grief." A crowd estimated by organizers at 100,000 defied a protest ban Tuesday and marched through the city center, RTHK... More »

After Clashes, Hong Kong Bans Pro-Democracy March

Protesters declare 'Day of Grief' on National Day

(Newser) - Hong Kong authorities on Monday rejected an appeal for a major pro-democracy march on China's National Day holiday after two straight days of violent clashes between protesters and police in the semi-autonomous territory raised fears of more showdowns that could embarrass Beijing. The Civil Human Rights Front, which has... More »

Protesters Ask US for Help in Red, White and Blue Rally

Clashes follow peaceful march in Hong Kong

(Newser) - The standoff in Hong Kong between pro-democracy demonstrators and police took a confrontational turn Sunday afternoon, after a peaceful march pleading for US intervention. Police made arrests at the city's Central subway station before protesters blocked an exit and set their barricade on fire, CNN reports. Windows were smashed... More »

After Months of Unrest, a 'Dramatic U-Turn' in Hong Kong

Leader Carrie Lam withdraws controversial extradition bill that sparked violent protests

(Newser) - Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam formally withdrew an extradition bill Wednesday as protesters have demanded, in what CNN notes was a "dramatic U-turn" for the chief executive. The bill allowing Hong Kong residents to be sent to mainland China for trials has sparked massive protests that have rocked the... More »

In Leaked Audio, HK Leader Says She Would Quit If She Could

She apologizes for 'unforgivable havoc'

(Newser) - Many Hong Kongers would like Chief Executive Carrie Lam to step down—and Carrie Lam is apparently among them. In leaked audio from a meeting with businesspeople last week, Lam says she has caused "unforgivable havoc" and she would step down—if it was an option. "If I... More »

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