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Knife-Wielding Gang Steals Toilet Paper in Hong Kong

Coronavirus outbreak has caused panic buying

(Newser) - Criminals in Hong Kong have plumbed new depths amid the coronavirus outbreak and the associated panic-buying. Police say three masked men armed with knives threatened a deliveryman before stealing around 600 rolls of toilet paper from outside a supermarket early Monday, the South China Morning Post reports. Shortages—and rumors... More »

10 Cruise Passengers Test Positive for Coronavirus

3.7K others ordered to stay Diamond Princess

(Newser) - The Diamond Princess cruise ship is now a floating quarantine center—and the only passengers who will be allowed back on land in the next 14 days will be sick ones. Japanese authorities said Wednesday that at least 10 people on the ship have tested positive, and only 300 of... More »

Coronavirus Diagnosis Traps 3.7K on Cruise Ship

Hong Kong resident spent 5 days on Diamond Princess, which has quarantined all aboard

(Newser) - Coronavirus has found its way to a cruise ship. Princess Cruises says a passenger from Hong Kong was diagnosed with the virus at a local hospital, where he's in stable condition, after departing the Diamond Princess when it docked in Hong Kong on Jan. 25, per USA Today . Hong... More »

Coronavirus Kills 2nd Person Outside Mainland China

Hong Kong man had been to Wuhan

(Newser) - The coronavirus outbreak has now killed a second person outside mainland China. Hong Kong reported its first coronavirus death Tuesday. Authorities say the patient who died was a 39-year-old man who had traveled to Wuhan, the mainland city that has been the epicenter of the outbreak, before being hospitalized. The... More »

Feds Issue Level 4 Warning Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Number of coronavirus deaths tops 100

(Newser) - As the coronavirus outbreak spreads, the State Department is warning Americans to avoid going to China. The State Department issued a Level 3 warning Monday, urging US citizens to avoid all nonessential travel to the country. A Level 4 warning—a highest-level alert—warns against travel to Hubei province, which... More »

Airline Forced Female Flier to Take Pregnancy Test

Hong Kong airline said it was fighting 'birth tourism'

(Newser) - A budget airline in Hong Kong has apologized "unreservedly" for forcing a 25-year-old passenger to take a pregnancy test. Hong Kong Express Airways told Midori Nishida before a flight from Hong Kong to Saipan in November that she had been randomly selected for a "fit to fly" assessment... More »

Human Rights Watch Director Banned From Hong Kong

China says it was because group supported protests

(Newser) - Hong Kong authorities barred the head of Human Rights Watch from entering the territory Sunday, the advocacy group said. Kenneth Roth, Human Rights Watch's executive director, had planned to launch the organization's annual world report in Hong Kong this week. The report's focus is China's efforts... More »

In Protest-Heavy Nation, a Big Find on PTSD

Nearly one-third of people in Hong Kong say they have PTSD symptoms

(Newser) - A new study identifies a "major mental health burden" in Hong Kong, and it's linked to much of the social unrest there. Per the Guardian , a new study published in the Lancet journal notes that almost a third of adults there—nearly 2 million people—reported having symptoms... More »

'Mystery Illness' Hits City

So far, 59 people in Wuhan have been diagnosed with the respiratory illness

(Newser) - Looks like the Chinese city of Wuhan is ground zero for a mystery illness—but officials say it isn't a reemergence of the 2002-2003 SARS epidemic that originated in China and killed over 700 people, the Guardian reports. So far, 59 people have been diagnosed with the viral pneumonia,... More »

China Retaliates for America's New Hong Kong Law

US military visits to Hong Kong banned

(Newser) - China said Monday it will suspend US Navy visits to Hong Kong and sanction several American pro-democracy organizations in retaliation for the signing into law of legislation supporting human rights in the semi-autonomous territory. While the nature of the sanctions remained unclear, the move appeared to back up Chinese threats... More »

China Furious After Trump Signs 2 Hong Kong Bills

Beijing threatens 'countermeasures' for 'evil' laws

(Newser) - Pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong held a rally Thursday night to thank President Trump for signing two bills supporting human rights in the territory —but the central government in Beijing was furious. China's Foreign Ministry accused the US of backing "violent criminals" and warned that "countermeasures"... More »

Trump Signs a Bill That Might Upset China

The president supports pro-democracy activists

(Newser) - President Trump on Wednesday signed two bills aimed at supporting human rights and pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong, the AP reports. Trump signed the bills, which were approved by near unanimous consent in the House and Senate, even as he expressed some concerns about complicating the effort to work out... More »

In Hong Kong Election, a 'Big Slap in the Face'

Pro-democracy candidates win big in 'political message to the government,' China

(Newser) - On Sunday, about 75% of eligible voters turned up to cast ballots in the Hong Kong election—per the BBC , nearly 3 million people came out, compared to 1.4 million in 2015—and by the time voting was over, anti-government advocates were celebrating a big win. Reuters reports pro-democracy... More »

Hong Kong Election Has Already Broken a Record

And pro-democracy candidates are surging

(Newser) - Partial returns show that pro-democracy candidates won nearly half of the seats in Hong Kong's local elections as voters sent a clear signal of support for the anti-government protests that rocked the Chinese territory for more than five months, the AP reports. A record 71% of the city's... More »

Trump: I Stopped China From Attacking Hong Kong

'We have to stand with Hong Kong, but I’m also standing with President Xi. He’s a friend of mine'

(Newser) - President Trump didn't just talk about impeachment in his long phone-in to Fox & Friends Friday morning. He also touched on the unrest in Hong Kong , with some surprising statements. "If it weren't for me, Hong Kong would've been obliterated in 14 minutes," Trump said,... More »

Ex-UK Consulate Staffer Says He Was Tortured in China

Simon Cheng says interrogators demanded information on Hong Kong protests

(Newser) - A former employee of the British Consulate in Hong Kong says he was detained and tortured by Chinese secret police trying to extract information about massive anti-government protests in the territory. Simon Cheng said in an online statement and media interviews that he was hooded, beaten, deprived of sleep, and... More »

China Threatens to Retaliate After Senate Passes Hong Kong Bill

Measures supports human rights in territory

(Newser) - The Senate on Tuesday easily approved a bill to support human rights in Hong Kong following months of often-violent unrest in the semi-autonomous Chinese territory. The Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act was passed by voice vote. It now goes to the House, which has already passed similar legislation.... More »

Things Get Ugly in Hong Kong

Riot officers break into university held by protesters as fires rage

(Newser) - Hong Kong police using tear gas and rubber bullets fought off protesters Monday as they tried to break through a police cordon that is trapping hundreds of them on a university campus. Protesters advanced on the police from outside the cordon, while others emerged from the campus, their trademark umbrellas... More »

Hong Kong Protesters Now Have Arrows, Catapults

Cop shot in the leg with an arrow amid ongoing tensions

(Newser) - A Hong Kong police officer was hit in the leg by an arrow Sunday as authorities used tear gas and water cannons to try to drive back protesters occupying a university campus and blocking a major road tunnel under the city’s harbor. Police said the arrow struck a media... More »

China Troops Emerge in Hong Kong—With Brooms

Much-anticipated moment wasn't so scary after all

(Newser) - Chinese troops came out of the barracks in Hong Kong on Saturday—not to quell protests but to help clean up, the AP reports. It was a rare public appearance by the People’s Liberation Army on the streets of the semiautonomous territory, where the local government’s inability to... More »

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