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Blizzard Warnings in Effect for Alaska and ... Hawaii?

Aloha State may get a foot of snow or more in the Big Island mountains, with 100mph wind gusts

(Newser) - It's typical for Alaska to have blizzard warnings at this time of year. Hawaii, not so much. But as winter approaches without any measurable snow in Denver , as well as below-average snowfall in most of the contiguous United States, the Aloha State was the only other state in addition...

Snowstorm Strands Dozens in IKEA Overnight

Customers, workers in Denmark got to 'pick the exact bed they always have wanted to try'

(Newser) - Dozens of people stranded by a snowstorm in Denmark this week didn't have as much beer available as a group that was stuck in a British pub for days after a storm—but they had no shortage of beds to choose from. Six customers and 25 employees had to...

Houston Woman, Child Die While Trying to Stay Warm

8 others suffer carbon monoxide poisoning amid historic storm in Texas

(Newser) - Ahead of a historic storm, KBMT in Beaumont, Texas, warned residents about the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning, which killed a dozen people in Texas and Louisiana amid last year's Hurricane Laura. The notice apparently wasn't enough. Ninety miles west in Houston, a woman and her 8-year-old daughter...

Texas Wind Turbines Are Frozen
Texas Wind Turbines
Are Frozen

Texas Wind Turbines Are Frozen

Unprecedented storm continues to take its toll

(Newser) - The historic winter storm causing power outages, canceled flights , and lots of snow and ice across Texas has also frozen many wind turbines in the state. So many, in fact, that nearly half of the state's installed wind power generation capacity is offline, the Austin American-Statesman reports. The unfrozen...

In Frigid Texas, a 'Last Resort' Move to Save Power

Utility begins rotating blackouts

(Newser) - A winter storm dropping snow and ice also sent temperatures plunging across the southern Plains, prompting a power emergency in Texas a day after conditions canceled flights and impacted traffic across large swaths of the US. Rotating power outages were initiated by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, or ERCOT,...

Pair Helps Out Nurses Who 'Want to Get Home'

Volunteers clear off hospital employees' cars during snowstorm

(Newser) - When a snowstorm hit a month ago, a Rhode Island 10-year-old decided to give nurses battling the coronavirus a hand when it snowed next. "I was thinking they've been helping us a lot through this whole pandemic," Christian Stone said, "and I figured why don't...

Thousands Trapped in Rare Blizzard
It's the 'Worst
Storm in 80 Years'

It's the 'Worst Storm in 80 Years'

Thousands are trapped in cars, airports, and train stations as blizzard buries Spain in snow

(Newser) - An unusual and persistent blizzard that Madrid's mayor is calling "the worst storm in 80 years" has blanketed large parts of Spain with snow, freezing traffic and leaving thousands trapped in cars or in train stations and airports that had suspended all services as the snow kept falling...

Pilot Cuts, Snow Bring Cancellations
Storms, Staffing Cancel Flights

Storms, Staffing Cancel Flights

With fewer pilots, Delta struggles with logistics

(Newser) - Logistical complications brought on by the pandemic, piled on top of a snowstorm, led Delta Air Lines to cancel hundereds of flights for Wednesday and Thursday. Anticipating the snowfall at its Minneapolis hub, the airline scrapped 250 flights early, the Washington Post reports. Staffing problems brought the cancellation of another...

Snowstorm Traps 1K Drivers for 2 Days

(Newser) - The US Northeast isn't the only place digging out after a massive snowfall. In Japan, more than 1,000 people have been stranded on a highway, some of them for more than 40 hours, by a heavy snowstorm that began late Wednesday, CNN reports. Authorities say that at one...

Big Surprise for Virtual Students After Big Snow

W. Va. school district cancels remote classes to let students, staff just enjoy the day

(Newser) - Do you want to build a snowman? Thanks to a West Virginia school district, Anna and Elsa weren't the only ones donning their hats and gloves Wednesday to frolic in the snow after Winter Storm Gail slammed the East Coast. Jefferson County Schools could have still made kids go...

NYC Just Got More Snow Than It Did All Last Winter

Some parts of the Northeast could get more than 2 feet

(Newser) - A winter storm has delivered what the National Weather Service calls an "overabundance of hazards" from the mid-Atlantic to the Northeast—including more snow than some areas saw all of last winter. The service said early Thursday that the 6.5-inch snowfall in New York City's Central Park...

Massive Snowstorm to Wallop the East Coast

Some areas could get half a season's worth of snow in one day

(Newser) - The biggest snowstorm to hit the area in years is heading for the Northeast, and is forecasted to bring a lot of snow to the region starting Wednesday. Per CBS News , New York City is expected to receive more than a foot of snow—something that hasn't happened in...

Thousands Lose Power Amid 'the First Big One'

Heavy snow lands in the Northeast

(Newser) - The first big wintry storm of the season began dropping what forecasters say could be more than a foot of wet, heavy snow Saturday on parts of the Northeast, making travel treacherous and cutting off power to tens of thousands, the AP reports. Morning rain gave over to snow in...

Northeast Braces for Possible 'Bomb Cyclone'

Some areas could see double-digit snowfall levels in area's first major snowstorm of the season

(Newser) - The Northeast's first major snowstorm of the season is set to blanket multiple states over the weekend, with strong winds, anticipated snowfall in the double digits, heavy rains, and power outages in some areas. The weather event may even turn into a "bomb cyclone," which occurs when...

Storm Drops 30 Inches of Snow in 1 Day

Newfoundland's premier is seeking help from Canada's military

(Newser) - Newfoundland's premier asked for the Canadian military's help Saturday as residents of the province's capital struggled to tunnel out from homes buried by the heaviest snowfall ever recorded in St. John's, the AP reports. Premier Dwight Ball said he had asked for the federal government's...

Storm Arrives in Northeast
Storm Unloads on Northeast

Storm Unloads on Northeast

Much of the region could have 10 to 24 inches of snow by Tuesday

(Newser) - A seemingly endless winter storm that hindered travel across most of the country over th holiday weekend is delivering a last wallop as it swoops through the Northeast, dumping heavy snow, shuttering hundreds of schools and bedeviling commuters. The storm dropped more than a foot of snow in places late...

Powerful Storm Is on the Move
Deadly Storm
Finds a New

Deadly Storm Finds a New Target

New England, New York, and parts of Pennsylvania are up next

(Newser) - A deadly winter storm that has been tormenting travelers across the US since before Thanksgiving moved to the Northeast on Sunday, packing one last punch of snow and ice as people made their way home after the holiday weekend, the AP reports. The National Weather Service predicted more than a...

This Is Arizona—and That's Not the Half of It

From California up through the northern midwest, it looks like winter

(Newser) - Wintry weather bedeviled Thanksgiving weekend travelers across the US on Saturday as a powerful and dangerous storm moved eastward, dumping heavy snow from parts of California to the northern Midwest and inundating other areas with rain, the AP reports. A 5-year-old boy died and two other children were missing in...

More Snow, Storms Ahead for Much of US

Some places can expect a blizzard, others severe thunderstorms

(Newser) - The busy travel weekend isn't over yet, and neither is the snow that complicates it. The National Weather Service said a broad band from the Northern Rockies, through the Northern Plains, to Michigan's Upper Peninsula can expect at least 8 inches — more than 18 inches in places....

3 Storms Headed Our Way for the Holiday

Inclement weather could muck up travelers' plans during Thanksgiving week

(Newser) - According to AAA , upward of 55 million Americans will be journeying away from home during Thanksgiving week—a normally busy time for travelers that looks like it will be compounded by three storms across the nation, reports USA Today . AAA warns Wednesday afternoon will likely be the worst time to...

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