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Adulterers in NY Aren't Just Cheaters—They're Criminals

State legislature is looking to repeal 1907 law that made cheating on your spouse a misdemeanor

(Newser) - For more than a century, it's been a crime to cheat on your spouse in New York. But as the AP reports, adultery may soon be legal in the Empire State, thanks to a bill working its way through the Legislature that would finally repeal the seldom-used law that'...

NASCAR Driver Penalized for Wearing 'Concerning' Glove

Joey Logano wore webbed glove, possibly as an aerodynamic blocker, during qualifying rounds

(Newser) - NASCAR on Saturday displayed a clearly altered glove that Joey Logano wore in qualifying rounds at Atlanta Motor Speedway, where aerodynamic-deflecting alterations were so obvious it looked as if he was wearing part of an amphibious costume. The black glove for Logano's left hand had webbing made of an...

Chinese Chess Champ Loses Crown Over Pooping Incident

Yan Chenglong, accused of cheating with anal beads, defecated in hotel tub

(Newser) - There's playing dirty, and then there's celebrating dirty, and allegations of both have gotten the newly crowned king of Chinese chess unceremoniously dethroned. As AFP reports, Yan Chenglong on Dec. 17 won the national title of "Xiangqi King," or king of Chinese chess, a hugely popular...

Piers Morgan Confronts Chess Prodigy on Odd Cheating Theory

Talk show host asks Hans Niemann if he used anal beads to illegally win

(Newser) - Last year, accusations started flying against chess whiz Hans Niemann, with five-time world champ Magnus Carlsen alleging that his fellow grandmaster had cheated as they faced off in the Sinquefield Cup. Now, those accusations are being resurrected, with the 20-year-old Neimann defiantly insisting he's completely on the up-and-up. Niemann,...

Report: 11K Cheated in Mexico City Marathon

Some of them reportedly took public transport to the finish line

(Newser) - This year's Mexico City Marathon was a carnival of cheating, with more than a third of the 30,000 runners disqualified, according to Spanish sports newspaper Marca . According to Marca, tracking data showed that 11,000 runners didn't pass checkpoints set up every 3.1 miles along the...

Chess Feud for the Ages Is Over
Chess Feud for
the Ages Is Over

Chess Feud for the Ages Is Over will welcome back alleged cheater Hans Niemann, with Magnus Carlsen's toleration

(Newser) - The feud between Norwegian former world chess champion Magnus Carlsen and American grandmaster Hans Niemann, which hit its peak with the filing of a $100 million lawsuit , has been resolved., which banned Niemann for cheating and was cited in his defamation suit, announced Monday that Niemann would be...

Golf Pro: Yep, I Cheated at PGA Tour Event

Justin Doeden admits he changed his scorecard at Commissionaires Ottawa Open

(Newser) - At a PGA Tour Canada developmental event last week, questions came out about a player's score. And on Monday, tour pro Justin Doeden admitted he changed his scorecard after it was signed at the Commissionaires Ottawa Open, Golf Digest and report. The issue was first brought to...

Hans Niemann Sues for $100M Over Cheating Allegations
Chess Upstart
Gets Bad News
on Huge Lawsuit

Chess Upstart Gets Bad News on Huge Lawsuit

Hans Niemann tried to go after Magnus Carlsen, for $100M

(Newser) - Bad news for the young US grandmaster accused of cheating in a scandal that rocked the chess world: A federal judge on Tuesday tossed the antitrust portion of his lawsuit against prominent chess figures including and former world champion Magnus Carlsen, and since it was dismissed with prejudice,...

Fishermen in Cheating Scandal Get Jail Time

10 days, plus probation and fines

(Newser) - The two men who pleaded guilty to cheating at an Ohio fishing tournament last year were sentenced Thursday to 10 days behind bars, WBAY reports. Jacob Runyan, 43, and Chase Cominsky, 36, also received a year and a half each of probation, USA Today reports, and they will each pay...

Fishermen in Cheating Scandal Plead Not Guilty
Fishermen in
Cheating Scandal
Do a 180

Fishermen in Cheating Scandal Do a 180

They switched their pleas to guilty

(Newser) - The fishermen accused of cheating during an Ohio tournament in September of last year have accepted a plea deal. Jacob Runyan and Chase Cominsky will have to give up their fishing licenses for three years, Field and Stream reports. Cominsky must also forfeit a bass boat worth $100,000 as...

Flirting With Fake Bartender Could Fend Off Real Temptation

Virtual reality has entered the realm of relationship therapy

(Newser) - Staying monogamous has been one of humankind's most persistent partnership problems. Now, scientists in the virtual reality world think they may have a remedy of sorts to keep couples honest and cheating at bay. Futurism reports on some "strange research" out of Reichman University in Israel that suggests...

They've Gone Down in History for Their 1999 Running Ruse

Sergio and Arnold Motsoeneng infamously cheated during the Comrades

(Newser) - Google "Sergio Motsoeneng," or the name of his brother Arnold, and you'll enter a portal into a scandal. The South African brothers' story of cheating in a 1999 ultramarathon has persisted as one of the most lasting in running history, writes Ryan Lenora Brown for Insider , as...

Med School Accuses Twins of Cheating, Must Pay $1.5M
Med School Accuses Twins of
Cheating, Must Pay $1.5M
in case you missed it

Med School Accuses Twins of Cheating, Must Pay $1.5M

Identical twins Kellie and Kayla Bingham sued Medical University of South Carolina

(Newser) - After an important exam at the Medical University of South Carolina, identical twins Kellie and Kayla Bingham weren't surprised to discovered they had nearly identical scores. That has always been the case with them academically, including with the SAT ( Insider reports they scored the exact same), the MCAT,...

Cheating Scandal in Ohio: 'We Got Weights in Fish!'
Suspiciously Heavy Fish
Lead to Chaos at Tournament

Suspiciously Heavy Fish Lead to Chaos at Tournament

Team disqualified in Ohio after their walleyes were found stuffed with weights, fillets

(Newser) - First the chess world was rocked by cheating allegations . Now, it's joined by the competitive fishing world. Video started making the rounds over the weekend promoting a "serious controversy" out of Ohio, in which a two-man team is now accused of stuffing their entries in a local tournament...

Chess Champ Magnus Carlsen Accuses His Rival of Cheating
Chess Champ
Finally Unloads

Chess Champ Finally Unloads Cheating Allegations

Magnus Carlsen says Hans Niemann isn't owning up to extent of his trickery

(Newser) - After much speculation, world chess champion Magnus Carlsen officially accused fellow grandmaster Hans Moke Neimann of cheating on Monday. The Norwegian said the 19-year-old American, who's admitted to cheating twice in online matches at the ages of 12 and 16, had "cheated more—and more recently—than he...

Magnus Carlsen: I'll Explain More on Chess Cheating

Chess champ says a statement is coming

(Newser) - The reigning chess world champion has promised to say more regarding the game's ongoing scandal. Magnus Carlsen, who resigned a game last week after playing just one move against Hans Niemann (he also resigned from an entire tournament earlier this month after Niemann beat him in an upset), seems...

Carlsen Drops Hints About Chess Rival's Play

World's top player slips in name of opponent's mentor, for some reason, amid cheating allegations

(Newser) - Magnus Carlsen took questions about the suspicions consuming chess that Hans Moke Niemann cheated, but the answers from the world's top-ranked player only raised more questions. On Monday, Carlsen resigned in protest after making one move against Niemann in an online game. The flap began when Niemann beat Carlsen...

Cheating Uproar Follows Carlsen's Stunning Tourney Withdrawal

Reigning champion provides few clues, but 19-year-old American denies wrongdoing

(Newser) - Magnus Carlsen's loss to a newcomer was only the first surprise in the Sinquefield Cup competition in St. Louis. The world's top player withdrew from the tournament hours later without saying why, the Wall Street Journal reports, kicking off widespread suspicion that his opponent, Hans Moke Niemann, had...

Those Who Catch Cheating Cheated on Their Ethics Exams

Ernst & Young has to pay a $100M fine to the SEC

(Newser) - It's a scandal rich in irony. Auditors with the giant accounting firm Ernst & Young—the very people whose job it is to catch cheaters—themselves cheated on exams needed to keep their licenses, reports NPR . But the irony gets richer: The accountants cheated on the ethics portion of...

Professor Trying to Unmask Cheaters Makes Unusual Move

Chapman University's David Berkovitz is suing his students after finding his exams posted online

(Newser) - Chapman University professor David Berkovitz instructed students not to use class materials or other resources when they completed a midterm and final exam for his business law class from home during the spring 2021 semester. He also instructed students not to copy any part of the exams. He now says...

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