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Samuel Little Is Dead, but LA Detectives Aren't Giving Up

They're still pursuing 16 possible murders committed by the serial killer

(Newser) - The nation's most prolific serial killer died last year in a California prison at age 80, but as the Los Angeles Times explains, that hardly shuts the book on Samuel Little. He described having committed 93 murders, but in the case of 31 of them, authorities still haven't...

FBI: We Think We've Nabbed Missouri/Kansas Serial Killer

Perez Reed, 25, accused of fatally gunning down 6 people in alleged crime spree

(Newser) - A suspected serial killer has been arrested for six deadly shootings throughout the Missouri/Kansas City area in September and October. Police say 25-year-old Perez Reed was nabbed by FBI agents on Friday after getting off a train in Independence, Mo., heading to his home in St. Louis from Kansas City,...

Bizarre False Confession Gave Serial Killer a Break

ABC News looks back at the case linked to the 'Happy Face Killer'

(Newser) - If you saw it in a movie, you might think there's no possible way it could happen in real life. But as ABC News explains in a story about now-imprisoned serial killer Keith Hunter Jesperson, it did indeed happen. And newly obtained police interview tapes shed new light on...

Serial Killer Caught by Victim's Friends Gets 160 Years

They lured Khalil Wheeler-Weaver with fake social media account

(Newser) - A New Jersey man who used dating apps to lure and kill three women five years ago was sentenced Wednesday to 160 years in prison after a trial in which it was revealed that friends of one victim did their own detective work on social media to ferret out the...

Miami Serial Killer Died in Plane Crash

Roberto Wagner Fernandes identified as murderer of 3 women

(Newser) - Three women were killed in 2000 and 2001 in South Florida, and now their murderer has been identified—as a man who died in a plane crash 16 years ago. Police say Roberto Wagner Fernandes, a Brazilian citizen living in Miami at the time of Jessica Good's 2001 slaying,...

Attempt of 'Black Widow' to Claim Dementia Goes South

Japan's Supreme Court upholds death sentence for Chisako Kakehi, who murdered 3

(Newser) - For nearly four years, Chisako Kakehi's legal team has been pushing back on her 2017 death sentence, arguing that the 74-year-old woman Japan knows as the "Black Widow" has dementia, rendering her incapable of understanding anything that's going on around her, including her own criminal trial. Those...

He Claims to Have Solved Zodiac Killer's Last Ciphers

But results from French-Moroccan man aren't embraced in the case's online community

(Newser) - A French-Moroccan man claims to have done what decades of sleuths have failed to do—crack two unsolved ciphers left by the Zodiac Killer and reveal his identity. But as the New York Times reports, the claims of 38-year-old Faycal Ziraoui aren't exactly being embraced by the large online...

Grisly Find at Ex-Butcher's Home: 3.8K Bone Fragments

Suspect may be responsible for 'greatest femicide in the history of Mexico'

(Newser) - A former butcher in Mexico has reportedly admitted to killing the 34-year-old wife of a local police official, but that appears to be only the tip of the iceberg, based on what authorities say they found in the basement of his home on the outskirts of Mexico City. The AP...

'Torso Killer' Pleads Guilty to 1974 Murders

Richard Cottingham says he kidnapped, drowned New Jersey teens

(Newser) - Authorities in New Jersey say they can close the book on two unsolved murders from 1974 after a confession from a serial killer linked to at least nine other killings. Richard Cottingham—known as the "Torso Killer" because he often dismembered his victims—pleaded guilty Tuesday to killing 17-year-old...

Serial Killer on Death Row for Murdering Family Dies

Victims of Joseph Edward Duncan, 58, who'd been diagnosed with brain cancer, included 2 boys

(Newser) - A convicted serial killer whose victims included two young boys died Sunday at a hospital in Indiana, authorities said. Joseph Edward Duncan died at the medical center near the United States Penitentiary in Terre Haute, where he was on death row, according to a statement from prosecutors in Riverside County,...

John Wayne Gacy May Have Killed More

Docuseries raises the prospect about the Chicago-area serial killer

(Newser) - He was convicted of killing a mind-boggling 33 men, but a new docuseries raises the possibility that John Wayne Gacy had even more victims, reports NBC News . The six-part series John Wayne Gacy: Devil in Disguise on Peacock includes an audio recording of Gacy telling an attorney that he disposed...

Relief in Cleveland: 'We Can Go On Because He's Dead'

Victims' families relieved after serial killer, rapist Anthony Sowell dies in prison hospital

(Newser) - A serial killer and rapist who terrorized Cleveland before the bodies of 11 women were found on his property has died on death row. "Cleveland strangler" Anthony Sowell was moved Jan. 21 from Ohio's Chillicothe Correctional Institute to the end-of-life care unit at the Franklin Medical Center in...

Decades Later, Teen Runaway Identified as Serial Killer Victim

Wendy Stephens was 14 when murdered in 1980s by Green River Killer Gary Ridgway

(Newser) - Genetic genealogy helped identify the youngest known victim of one of the nation's most prolific serial killers almost 37 years after her remains were discovered near a baseball field south of Seattle, per the AP . Wendy Stephens was 14 and had run away from her home in Denver before...

'Twitter Killer' Hears His Fate
'Twitter Killer' Hears His Fate

'Twitter Killer' Hears His Fate

Takahiro Shiraishi gets death after pleading guilty to murdering, dismembering 9 in Japan

(Newser) - The "Twitter Killer" of Japan has heard his fate, and he didn't react. Takahiro Shiraishi received the death penalty Tuesday after pleading guilty in September for the murder and dismemberment of nine people, and the judge who handed down the sentence had to ask if the "stone-faced"...

'Volga Maniac' Accused of Killing 26 Elderly Women

Russian police say suspect has confessed

(Newser) - Investigators in Russia say they have caught the "Volga maniac," a serial killer who killed dozens of elderly women in 2011 and 2012. Russia's Investigative Committee says Radik Tagirov, a 38-year-old locksmith, was identified from DNA evidence and shoe prints and has confessed to the murders, the...

How Worst Serial Killer in US Got Away With It for Decades

Samuel Little enjoyed decades of impunity by targeting the unmissed: Washington Post

(Newser) - America's most prolific serial killer operated for more than 30 years, targeting vulnerable, usually Black women, under the watch of an "indifferent" criminal justice system. That's according to part one of an in-depth investigation by the Washington Post , which interviewed experts and reviewed thousands of pages of...

Yorkshire Ripper Dies After Refusing COVID Treatment

Peter Sutcliffe was one of UK's most notorious serial killers

(Newser) - Few people will be mourning one of COVID-19's latest victims in Britain. Peter Sutcliffe, one of the country's most notorious serial killers, has died after refusing treatment for the virus, the BBC reports. He also had underlying health conditions including obesity and diabetes. The 74-year-old "Yorkshire Ripper"...

Serial Killer: Cops Should Have Easily Caught Me

South Korea's Lee Chun-jae says he didn't try very hard to cover his tracks

(Newser) - One of South Korea's most notorious serial killers spoke publicly about his crime spree for the first time on Monday, and he expressed surprise police didn't catch him sooner than they did. "I still don't understand [why I wasn't a suspect]," Lee Chun-jae said...

Showtime's Most Famous Serial Killer Is Coming Back

Network is bringing Michael C. Hall back for 10-episode run of 'Dexter'

(Newser) - With recreational activities still limited due to COVID-19, people have taken to hunkering down at home and binge-watching TV. Now, fans of one of Showtime's most popular shows ever can gear up for a return of their favorite serial killer, at least for a little while. USA Today reports...

Victims Curse 'Subhuman' Golden State Killer

'He truly is an evil monster with no soul'

(Newser) - Victim after victim lined up on Tuesday to describe Joseph DeAngelo as a "sick monster,” "horrible man," and “subhuman” who stole their innocence and changed their lives during a more than decade-long reign of rape and murder that earned him the nickname Golden State Killer....

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