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Historic SS United States Is Getting Evicted

72-year-old ocean liner still holds transatlantic speed record

(Newser) - The SS United States, a historic ship that still holds the transatlantic speed record it set more than 70 years ago, must leave its berth on the Delaware River in Philadelphia by Sept. 12, a federal judge says. The decision issued Friday by US District Judge Anita Brody culminated a...

Wreck That Ended the 'Heroic Age of Exploration' Is Found
Long-Lost Shackleton
Vessel Is Found

Long-Lost Shackleton Vessel Is Found

Quest, the last ship helmed by the adventurer, is discovered off Canada's east coast

(Newser) - Though not as famous as Ernest Shackleton's Endurance, one of the most sought-after shipwrecks in the world before its 2022 discovery , the sunken ship on which the Antarctic explorer made his final voyage has now been discovered, too. Quest, on which Shackleton suffered a fatal heart attack while trying...

Exploration Has Begun on 'Holy Grail of Shipwrecks'
Deep in the Caribbean,
an 'Unprecedented'
Mission Is Underway

Deep in the Caribbean, an 'Unprecedented' Mission Is Underway

Colombian government begins exploring Spain's San Jose galleon, the 'holy grail of shipwrecks'

(Newser) - In June of 1708, the Spanish galleon San Jose was attacked by the British Royal Navy and sank in the Caribbean off the coast of Cartagena, resting on the ocean floor with a reputed $20 billion in treasure on board. Only a handful of the 600 or so men on...

Collapse of Baltimore Bridge Hits a Milestone

Container ship Dali is refloated, escorted by tugboats back to Baltimore for repairs

(Newser) - The recovery from the deadly Baltimore bridge collapse reached a significant milestone this week as the ill-fated container ship Dali was slowly escorted back to port, its damaged bow still covered with smashed shipping containers, fallen steel trusses, and mangled concrete. The AP reports that the vessel, refloated at high...

Baltimore: Ship's Owners Were Negligent, Need to Pay Up

City files court papers to hold Grace Ocean and Synergy Marine fully liable in bridge collapse

(Newser) - The owner and manager of the massive container ship that took down the Francis Scott Key Bridge last month should be held fully liable for the deadly collapse, according to court papers filed Monday on behalf of Baltimore's mayor and City Council. The two companies filed a petition soon...

Billionaire Re-Ups Plans for Titanic II

Australia's Clive Palmer says the replica will set sail in 2027

(Newser) - Australian billionaire Clive Palmer says he plans to build a replica of the Titanic, to set sail in a few years. That might feel like deja vu. The mining tycoon first launched the idea of building the Titanic II , "a more buoyant version" of the original ship, in 2012,...

Ukraine: We Sank Russian Warship Using Sea Drones

Russia has yet to confirm the demise of the Caesar Kunikov amphibious vessel

(Newser) - Ukraine's military said Wednesday it sank a Russian landing ship in the Black Sea using naval drones, a report that hasn't been confirmed by Russian authorities. The Caesar Kunikov amphibious ship sank near Alupka, a city on the southern edge of the Crimean Peninsula that Moscow annexed in...

'Cruise That Will Really Never Stop' Set for May

You'll fork over at least $115K to spend entire 3.5-year circumnavigation on Villa Vie Odyssey

(Newser) - If you're one of the disgruntled customers who just saw their three-year cruise of a lifetime with Life of the Seas nixed last month , there's something else coming up that may float your boat. The Washington Post reports that Villa Vie Residences has announced the recent purchase of...

US, UK Shoot Down Dozen- Plus Drones Over Red Sea

Houthi rebels in Yemen attack vessels as Israel-Hamas war threatens to spread

(Newser) - Houthi rebels in Yemen have launched a series of attacks on vessels in the Red Sea, one of the world's busiest shipping routes, and have launched drones and missiles targeting Israel, as the Israel-Hamas war threatens to spread. US Central Command said that the destroyer USS Carney "successfully engaged...

Judge: France Owns 'Most Historically Important Shipwreck'

Battle over 16th-century La Trinite, off Florida coast, may finally be over

(Newser) - The wreck of a three-masted ship that sank in 1565 rests a stone's throw from a Cape Canaveral beach in less than 33 feet of water. It holds three bronze cannons, worth more than $1 million each, along with untold treasures. Yet since the discovery of La Trinite in...

In a Remote Part of Greenland, a Cruise Ship Is Stuck
Cruise Ship Pulled
Free After 3 Days

Cruise Ship Pulled Free After 3 Days

Vessel ran aground in a remote part of Greenland

(Newser) - A luxury cruise ship that ran aground in a remote part of Greenland above the Arctic Circle has been freed after three days, reports the AP . A fisheries research vessel came to the rescue earlier than expected and managed to pull the MV Ocean Explorer free at high tide on...

Paul Allen's Beloved Ship Tips at Dockyard

Research ship once owned by late Microsoft co-founder topples in Edinburgh, Scotland

(Newser) - A large research ship docked in Edinburgh, Scotland, tipped on its side Wednesday and injured nearly three dozen people. Photos showed the 250-foot-long Petrel leaning at a 45-degree angle, reports the AP . The BBC reports that 12 people were treated at the scene and another 21 were taken to the...

Texas Explorer Finds the Deepest Shipwreck Ever

USS Samuel B. Roberts went down in WWII fighting Japanese warships in Philippine Sea

(Newser) - In its determined last stand in October 1944, the Sammy B took on the Japanese during a World War II battle that eventually sent it down to the ocean floor. The US Navy destroyer (official name: the USS Samuel B. Roberts) remained lost to humankind for nearly 80 more years—...

New Mega Cruise Ship No One Wants Is Headed for Scrapyard

Owner of unfinished Global Dream II files for bankruptcy, without a buyer for vessel

(Newser) - The Global Dream II's maiden voyage will be one its builders probably didn't anticipate: from the shipyard to the scrapyard. Intended to be "one of the world's largest liners," the cruise ship was designed to transport 9,000 passengers and was nearing completion in a...

Woman Dies in 60-Foot Fall From Mast of Tall Ship

Police are investigating death of volunteer on Galveston ship

(Newser) - Tragedy on a tall ship: A woman fell 60 feet to her death in front of horrified tourists at the historic Elissa ship in Galveston on Saturday. Authorities say the 58-year-old woman was one of the volunteers who maintain the tall ship at a seaport museum, KTRK reports. Port of...

Let's Hope Ever Given Doesn't Get Stuck on Its Way Out

Container ship that blocked Suez Canal is finally setting sail after owners finalize deal with Egypt

(Newser) - It's not clear how much of the $550 million Egypt demanded it actually got, but it was enough to spring a container ship. The Ever Given has begun its departure from the Suez Canal, where just a few months ago it created an international headache when it got stuck...

The Ever Given Saga Isn't Over Quite Yet

Egypt won't release container ship until probe is done, 'compensation is paid'

(Newser) - Rumors started floating again this week that the beleaguered Ever Given, the container ship stuck in the Suez Canal last month for six days, had become restuck. That's not true , but the 1,300-foot ship isn't exactly free, either: The Wall Street Journal reports that Egypt won't...

They Tried to Age Beer on a Sunken Ship. The Barrels Vanished

A 'deep-water beermaking' experiment gone wrong off the coast of Argentina

(Newser) - Craft beer is getting ... weird. And the weirder the better, it seems, after thieves made off with or otherwise liberated nearly 200 gallons of ale being aged in a sunken ship off Argentina. The theft took place near Mar del Plata, where three local breweries and a diving school had...

Report: Stowaways Turn Violent on Oil Tanker

British authorities are investigating the Nave Andromeda

(Newser) - British police are investigating an undisclosed incident aboard an oil tanker in the English Channel, the AP reports. The incident reportedly took place aboard the Libyan-registered oil tanker Nave Andromeda south of Sandown on Isle of Wight, according to Isle of Wight Radio. "We are aware and dealing with...

The Ocean Just Got a Little Less Mysterious

Scientists have mapped nearly a fifth of the ocean floor

(Newser) - Wish you could see the ocean floor? A project to map the entire surface by 2030 is making headway and has nearly a fifth of it completed, the BBC reports. The Nippon Foundation-GEBCO Seabed 2030 Project began in 2017 with only 6% mapped, so it's moving at a decent...

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