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She's Expected to Be a Senator in 2 Days

Laphonza Butler, president of Emily's List, is Gavin Newsom's pick to replace Dianne Feinstein

(Newser) - The woman who will become the newest US senator may not be a household name nationally, but she is a familiar figure in California political circles. Gov. Gavin Newsom has picked Laphonza Butler to fill the seat of the late Dianne Feinstein , reports Politico . Some basics:
  • Butler, 44, is the

One Line Explained Feinstein's Role in Gay Rights

She 'doesn't care who you sleep with, as long as you're in bed by 11 o'clock," a gay ally once said

(Newser) - Dianne Feinstein, who has died at the age of 90 , is being hailed as a trailblazer for women. She was, after all, the first female mayor of San Francisco before moving on to the US Senate, notes ABC News . But as Politico notes in a story headlined "The Dianne...

McConnell Called Allies After Freezing Up Again

Marjorie Taylor Greene says he's 'not fit for office'

(Newser) - Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's office says he was "momentarily lightheaded" when he froze up while speaking to reporters in Kentucky on Wednesday—but insiders say concerns about the 81-year-old's ability to remain in a leadership role are growing. McConnell had a similar episode a month ago...

Daughter Has Power of Attorney Over Congress' Oldest Member

Questions arise at revelation over control of Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein's legal affairs

(Newser) - Dianne Feinstein turned 90 last month, but the Democratic senator is still punching in for duty on Capitol Hill, despite not-so-subtle whispers about her cognitive abilities and overall health . Now, a new revelation has emerged via the New York Times , which reports that Feinstein's only child, 66-year-old daughter Katherine...

GOP Senator at Committee Hearing: 'I Don't Want Reality'

Sen. Markwayne Mullin draws laughs while discussing the teaching of race in schools

(Newser) - A Republican senator was trying to draw attention to a book about race taught in schools, but he instead made himself a laughingstock Wednesday during a committee hearing on child care. During a testy exchange, Oklahoma Sen. Markwayne Mullin told a witness that "I don't want reality,"...

Should Feinstein Resign? The Public (and Hillary) Weigh In
Big Name Pops
Up as Possible

Big Name Pops Up as Possible Feinstein Replacement

'Floated in California circle' as debate continues on whether 89-year-old senator should resign: Oprah

(Newser) - From a recent "concerning" exchange with a journalist, to the odd revelation that Nancy Pelosi's daughter is serving as her aide, Sen. Dianne Feinstein continues to spur questions on whether she should step down after a debilitating bout of shingles and related conditions . One person on the side...

John Fetterman Describes a 'Downward Spiral'

First interview with senator since his discharge airs on CBS

(Newser) - John Fetterman says a "downward spiral" started after he beat out Dr. Mehmet Oz for a Senate seat and kept getting worse until, soon after he was sworn in, the Pennsylvania senator wasn't eating, struggled to get out of bed, and felt like he was just going through...

Fetterman Leaves Hospital: 'I Am So Happy to Be Home'

Pennsylvania senator had been in treatment for clinical depression, will be back to work in mid-April

(Newser) - A month and a half after checking himself into a DC hospital to be treated for clinical depression, John Fetterman has been discharged, his office says in a statement, per Reuters . "I am so happy to be home," the Pennsylvania senator tweeted late Friday afternoon after leaving Walter...

Report: Sinema Slammed Schumer, Flipped Ron Klain the Bird

Sources also tell Politico that independent Arizona senator called Dems 'old dudes eating Jell-O'

(Newser) - Some have begun to speculate that yes, Sen. Kyrsten Sinema might be able to pull off a reelection win in Arizona if she runs, using her new "independent" status to siphon off independent voters and moderate Republican voters from her opponents. It looks like those are the voters she...

'Do You Still Identify as a Democrat?' Manchin Dodges

'I identify as an American,' the West Virginia Democrat says instead

(Newser) - It was a simple enough question. But Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin's response—or non-response—during an appearance over the weekend on Fox News is raising some eyebrows. The exchange, per Rolling Stone :
  • Fox's Maria Bartiromo: "Do you still identify as a Democrat?"
  • Manchin: "I identify as

Fetterman Is Hospitalized for Depression

Pennsylvania senator had been admitted last week after feeling lightheaded

(Newser) - John Fetterman has checked himself back into the hospital, this time over clinical depression, reports the New York Times . The move comes after the Pennsylvania senator was hospitalized last week when his staff said he felt lightheaded. “While John has experienced depression off and on throughout his life, it...

Oldest Sitting Senator Won't Run for Reelection

Dianne Feinstein, 89, confirms the rumors

(Newser) - Longtime Sen. Dianne Feinstein confirmed Tuesday what all of Washington already assumed—she won't be running for reelection, reports the Los Angeles Times . "I am announcing today I will not run for reelection in 2024, but intend to accomplish as much for California as I can through the...

GOP Senator Comes Up With Colorful Insult for Santos

John Kennedy calls fellow Republican a 'bunny boiler,' a reference to 1987's 'Fatal Attraction'

(Newser) - Rep. George Santos has been rather busy since the 118th Congress convened on Jan. 3, though not all with duties related to his new role as a US congressman. He's mainly been playing defense against his ever-evolving laundry list of lies , the barbs of late-night comedians , and allegations of...

Report Details 'Onerous' Rules for Sinema Staffers

Daily Beast has instructions that cover everything from senator's eating schedule to travel 'minefield'

(Newser) - Kyrsten Sinema, the senator from Arizona who announced earlier this month that she's leaving the Democratic Party to register as an independent, "stands apart" from other senators who've taken a similar route, per Intelligencer , which dives into the ways she differs from those party-switching counterparts. The Daily...

Reporter Stumbles Onto Kyrsten Sinema's 'Side Hustle'
Reporter Stumbles Onto
Kyrsten Sinema's 'Side Hustle'
in case you missed it

Reporter Stumbles Onto Kyrsten Sinema's 'Side Hustle'

Arizona senator is an active seller of clothes, athletic gear on Facebook Marketplace

(Newser) - A post at Slate by writer Christina Cauterucci declares in its headline, "I think I found Kyrsten Sinema's side hustle." That side hustle: The Arizona senator, newly independent , is an active seller of hand-me-down designer clothes and used athletic gear at Facebook Marketplace. For example, Cauterucci bought...

Lindsey Graham Gets Bad News From Federal Judge

SC senator is ordered to testify about calls he made after Trump's loss in 2020 election

(Newser) - Lindsey Graham just lost a key battle in his fight to avoid testifying about his actions after the 2020 election. A federal judge in Atlanta on Monday ruled that the GOP senator from South Carolina must appear before a special grand jury in Fulton County that's investigating election meddling...

Lawmakers Cite Concerns on Feinstein's Memory, She Balks

'I'm rather puzzled,' 88-year-old Dem senator says of 'Chronicle' report on her mental acuity

(Newser) - Dianne Feinstein is pushing back on a report that her memory is fading and she may be mentally unfit to continue serving in the US Senate—concerns voiced even by fellow Democrats. On Thursday, the San Francisco Chronicle published those concerns from ex-staffers, four senators (three of them Democrats), and...

Dem Senator's Stroke Imperils SCOTUS Nominee
Democrat Is
Back in Senate
After Stroke

Democrat Is Back in Senate After Stroke

Absence had threatened to complicate the Supreme Court confirmation vote for his party

(Newser) - Update: Sen. Ben Ray Lujan received a bipartisan standing ovation when he walked into a committee meeting Thursday. The New Mexico Democrat had been gone a month after suffering a major stroke. Lujan told reporters he's "back to work" and plans to be fully involved in the job;...

Amy Klobuchar: I Delayed Doctor's Visit, Then Got Cancer Diagnosis
Amy Klobuchar's
6-Month Follow-Up
Had Good News

Amy Klobuchar's 6-Month Follow-Up Had Good News

Minnesota senator is cancer-free

(Newser) - Update: Amy Klobuchar is cancer-free. The Democratic senator tweeted Wednesday that following her recent six-month "post-cancer" check-up, "everything was clear." After expressing gratitude to her family, friends, doctors, and nurses, she ended the post by reminding her followers to schedule their mammograms, USA Today reports. Our original ...

Senate's Longest-Serving Democrat Is Retiring

Vermont's Patrick Leahy won't run for re-election

(Newser) - The longest-serving Democratic senator is calling it quits. Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont said Monday that he won't run for re-election next year, reports Politico . "It is time to pass the torch to the next Vermonter who will carry on this work for our great state," the...

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