The Sopranos

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Artifact From Famed Final Sopranos Scene Sells for $82K

It was time for Holsten's in Bloomfield, NJ, to renovate, so famed diner booth went up for auction

(Newser) - The final scene of The Sopranos capped off one of the most polarizing series finales ever , and now, the diner booth where the title family enjoyed their last meal (perhaps ever) has found a new home. The piece of TV history from Holsten's, a diner/ice cream parlor in Bloomfield,...

After Ruling, Michael Imperioli Bars Bigots From His Audience
Actor Tells Bigots: Don't Watch

Actor Tells Bigots: Don't Watch

After Ruling, Michael Imperioli says he's following Supreme Court guidance

(Newser) - Justice Sonia Sotomayor was not alone in offering scathing criticism of the Supreme Court's decision announced Friday that allows a graphic designer to refuse service to same-sex couples on religious grounds. Michael Imperioli, an actor known for his roles on The Sopranos and The White Lotus, also has weighed...

10 Best TV Shows of All Time
Best TV Shows of All Time

Best TV Shows of All Time

'Rolling Stone' is out with its new ranking

(Newser) - Rolling Stone acknowledges it's a near-impossible task—ranking the 100 best TV shows of all time, with no regard to genre or era. It did so by enlisting critics, creators, and stars, and the full list of voters is here . Why The Sopranos at No. 1? Among other...

He Was a Gangster in Real Life. Then He Played One

Tony Sirico, best known for his role as 'Paulie Walnuts' on 'The Sopranos,' dies at 79

(Newser) - With his winged coiffure and scathing one-liners, Paul "Paulie Walnuts" Gualtieri was one of the most memorable characters on HBO's The Sopranos. Now, fellow cast members are saying arrivederci to the actor who played him: Tony Sirico has died in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., at the age of 79,...

Sopranos Creator Talks About Tony's Final Scene

2 years before finale, David Chase got idea for the character to be killed in a small restaurant

(Newser) - Ever since the famous cut-to-black scene in the Sopranos finale, show creator David Chase has been asked the same question over and over and over : Is Tony dead? In a new interview with the The Hollywood Reporter Awards Chatter podcast, Chase all but confirms the character did indeed get whacked....

Gandolfini's Son 'Riveting' in Sopranos Prequel
What Critics Are Saying
About Sopranos Prequel

What Critics Are Saying About Sopranos Prequel

James Gandolfini's son is 'riveting,' though film itself has some so-so reviews

(Newser) - Fourteen years after the cut-to-black ending of The Sopranos, James Gandolfini’ son, Michael, reprises his father's iconic role as Tony Soprano in the prequel , The Many Saints of Newark , co-written by Sopranos creator David Chase (with Lawrence Konner) and directed by series regular Alan Taylor. Set around Newark, New...

Tony Soprano's 'Dad' Is Dead at 64
Tony Soprano's 'Dad'
Is Dead at 64

Tony Soprano's 'Dad' Is Dead at 64

Actor Joseph Siravo had cancer

(Newser) - Another cast member of the Sopranos is gone. Joseph Siravo, who played Tony Soprano's father in flashback episodes, died Sunday at age 64, reports . Siravo had been diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2017 and later with colon cancer. In addition to his role as "Johnny Boy"...

Sopranos Cast Is Reuniting for Fundraiser

Cast members will read new sketch from series creator

(Newser) - The cast of The Sopranos is getting back together to help a good cause. Series creator David Chase will be joined by more than a dozen cast members, including Edie Falco, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, and Steve Buscemi, for a Friday night event to benefit Friends of Firefighters , a group founded after...

'Joey Pants' Is Severely Injured While Out for a Walk

Joe Pantoliano was hit by a Porsche that skidded out of control

(Newser) - Joe Pantoliano nearly got taken out, and no wiseguys were involved. The beloved Sopranos actor was out for a walk with his family Friday when a Porsche slammed into him and inflicted serious damage, his wife Nancy Sheppard tells TMZ ; she says another car T-boned the Porsche right into him....

Was Tony Soprano Whacked? 'Meadow' Has a Theory

Actress Jamie-Lynn Siger doesn't think Tony was killed

(Newser) - It's been 12 years since The Sopranos ended in ambiguous fashion, with viewers debating to this day whether Tony was fatally ambushed in the final scene. Now Jamie-Lynn Sigler, the actress who played daughter Meadow Soprano, is weighing in with her opinion. No, Tony didn't get whacked, she...

Tony Soprano's House Goes Up for Sale

But the 'starting price' is $3.4M, owners say

(Newser) - Want Tony Soprano's old house? Here's the email to ask . But otherwise, fuggedaboutit: The 1.5-acre property in North Caldwell, NJ, is selling for at least $3.4 million in a neighborhood where similar homes sell for about half that, the New York Times reports. Owners Patti and...

Who's Playing Young Tony Soprano? Gandolfini's Son

Michael Gandolfini's dad, of course, originated the iconic role

(Newser) - Awesome casting news for the Sopranos prequel : James Gandolfini's own son will play a young Tony Soprano in The Many Saints of Newark. The feature film from Sopranos creator David Chase is set during the 1960s Newark riots, when black and Italian gangsters in the city clashed, and will...

David Chase: I'm Bored With 'Is Tony Dead' Question

Is there even an answer to that question? Maybe not, 'Sopranos' creator says in new Q&A

(Newser) - In honor of the 20th anniversary of the premiere of The Sopranos, coming up Thursday, series creator David Chase sits down with the New York Times for a Q&A—and reveals he's "just bored with" the question of whether Tony Soprano died in the show's final...

A Sopranos Prequel Is Coming
A Sopranos
Is Coming

A Sopranos Prequel Is Coming

It's set during the Newark riots era of the 1960s

(Newser) - Fans of The Sopranos will soon be able to dive back into that world—sort of. David Chase, who created the iconic HBO show, has sold a screenplay for a movie prequel to the series to New Line. The Many Saints of Newark (its working title) is also set in...

TV, Movie Mobster Frank Vincent Dies
TV, Movie Mobster
Frank Vincent Dies

TV, Movie Mobster Frank Vincent Dies

He was best known for 'Sopranos,' 'Goodfellas' roles

(Newser) - Hollywood is mourning veteran TV and movie mobster Frank Vincent, best known for his roles as Phil Leotardo in The Sopranos and Billy Batts in Goodfellas. The 78-year-old character actor died at a New Jersey hospital Wednesday,a week after he had open-heart surgery following a heart attack, TMZ reports....

10 Best TV Shows of All Time
10 Best TV Shows
of All Time

10 Best TV Shows of All Time

'The Sopranos' takes the No. 1 spot

(Newser) - Getting people to agree on the greatest TV show of all time is about as futile as trying to sway people to your side in a political argument on Facebook. Undaunted, Rolling Stone adds its thoughts to the mix with what it calls its "definitive ranking of the game-changing...

David Chase: Tony Soprano May Be Dead After All; or Not

It's a 'spiritual question,' so stop looking for a yes or no, he says

(Newser) - Well, Sopranos fans, it may have seemed like you learned that Tony Soprano survived the finale, given that series creator David Chase told Vox as much in an interview. But things are way more complicated than that. Here is a statement from Chase's publicist in the wake of all...

Sopranos Creator: Tony Didn't Die

David Chase finally answers the question

(Newser) - Sopranos creator David Chase has finally answered the question that fans have debated endlessly since the show's ambiguous finale: Is Tony dead? "No," Chase tells Martha P. Nochimson of Vox . "No, he isn't." Before answering, Nochimson writes that Chase lashed out in "sudden,...

(Some) HBO Shows Headed to Amazon Prime

Sorry, no 'Game of Thrones'

(Newser) - Soon, Amazon Prime customers will be able to stream HBO shows—but before you get too excited, be warned that the announcement mostly applies to older programs. Game of Thrones isn't part of the exclusive deal, though seasons of shows like Girls and Veep will appear some three years...

Jersey Store Gives Fitting Tribute to Gandolfini

'Reserved' sign goes up at booth where final scene of 'Sopranos' was shot

(Newser) - Amid all the tributes to the late James Gandolfini , a New Jersey ice cream parlor came up with one of the most fitting. The owner of Holsten's in Bloomfield put up a "reserved" sign at the booth where the final scene of The Sopranos was shot, reports the...

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