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Twitter Accused of Owing $500M in Severance Pay

Lawsuit accuses Twitter of paying out only a 'fraction' of severance due employees

(Newser) - A new class-action lawsuit accuses Twitter of failing to pay $500 million or more in severance it owes to laid-off employees. According to the class-action lawsuit proposed in a San Francisco federal court by Courtney McMillian, a former human resources employee at Twitter who was let go in January, a...

Musk Issues NSFW Challenge as Threads Hits 100M Signups

'Someone, please, make it stop' is the plea of one writer

(Newser) - Mark Zuckerberg's Twitter rival Threads had a strong weekend, with the Verge reporting that the platform has now surpassed 100 million signups. At the same time, Twitter's own traffic is "sinking," according to the head of internet services company Cloudfare, notes the Guardian . Cloudfare's Matthew...

Threads Is Going Gangbusters
Threads Is Going
the rundown

Threads Is Going Gangbusters

Mark Zuckerberg's Twitter rival probably has about 100M new signups by now

(Newser) - If Elon Musk were hoping Mark Zuckerberg's Twitter rival would flop upon arrival, it's clear by now his hopes have been dashed. Zuckerberg wrote Friday on Threads that the new platform had logged 70 million signups in less than 48 hours, reports the Guardian . The Meta CEO hasn'...

Jack Dorsey Has Beef With Meta's Threads

Co-founder complains that Meta just ripped off his creation

(Newser) - There are legions of people bemoaning Mark Zuckerberg's new "Twitter killer" app (and millions of others signing on to it at a dizzying rate ), Threads , and one of them is predictably Jack Dorsey. The co-founder and former CEO of aforementioned Twitter griped about Meta ripping off his...

Twitter Threatens Meta With Lawsuit Over Threads

Rival accuses Zuckerberg of hiring former employees to acquire trade secrets

(Newser) - Twitter has welcomed Threads aboard by threatening to sue its owner, Meta. CEO Mark Zuckerberg received a letter hours after Thread's launch Wednesday accusing the more senior social media platform of "systematic, willful, and unlawful misappropriation of Twitter's trade secrets and other intellectual property," Semafor reports...

Zuckerberg's 'Twitter Killer,' Threads, Goes Live

Meta boss announces launch with a dig at the competition

(Newser) - Threads, Meta's text-based messaging app that looks a lot like Twitter and is intended to challenge that platform, went live Wednesday. Mark Zuckerberg made the announcment in a post to his Threads account, including a shot at Twitter. He said his intention is for Threads to remain "friendly...

TweetDeck Is Going Behind a Paywall

Soon, it will be available only to those who pay for verified 'Twitter Blue' status

(Newser) - Like using TweetDeck? Well, you can say goodbye to it, unless you've been (or are willing to start) shelling out $11 per month for Twitter Blue, the social network's new, and controversial, subscription service that is now required in order to be a "verified" user. In what...

Twitter Limits Number of Posts People Can Read

New rules cause much confusion on Saturday

(Newser) - Thousands of people logged complaints about problems accessing Twitter on Saturday after owner Elon Musk limited most users to viewing 600 tweets a day—restrictions he described as an attempt to prevent unauthorized scraping of potentially valuable data from the site. The crackdown began to have ripple effects early Saturday,...

Twitter Users Report Problems
Musk Puts Limits on Twitter Use

Musk Puts Limits on Twitter Use

Announcement follows access problems for users

(Newser) - Hours after reports began pouring in of access problems on his platform, Elon Musk announced new limits on the number of tweets users can read each day. Verified accounts will be capped at 6,000 posts a day and unverified at 600 posts. New unverified users will have a daily...

New Twitter CEO Starts Paying the Bills: Report

Linda Yaccarino is clearing up social media's unpaid bills to Google for cloud services, per 'WSJ'

(Newser) - The "Velvet Hammer" is already getting it done at Twitter. Linda Yaccarino, the "hard-charging executive" enticed by Elon Musk from overseeing ads at NBCUniversal to become Twitter's new CEO , is paying the social media company's bills again—specifically, to Google, reports the Wall Street Journal . Platformer...

Musk Says This Word Is a 'Slur' on Twitter. Except It's Not

Platform's owner threatens suspension if people use 'cisgender' in 'repeated, targeted harassment'

(Newser) - A complaint on Twitter about a word has led to Elon Musk declaring it a "slur." The word is "cisgender" (or "cis," for short), which per Merriam-Webster , signifies "a person whose gender identity corresponds with the sex the person had or was identified as...

Sheriff Ordered to Evict Twitter From Colorado Office

Company hasn't been paying rent in Boulder

(Newser) - Twitter is getting kicked out of its office in a building in Boulder, Colorado, after failing to pay rent for months. The Denver Business Journal reports that according to court documents, a Boulder County judge has ordered the sheriff to evict Twitter from four office suites following a complaint from...

Carlson's Show Brings a Letter From Fox

New Twitter program violates his contract, host's former employer says

(Newser) - Tucker Carlson's new show on Twitter violates his contract with Fox News, his former employer informed him Wednesday. Carlson, who lost his longtime Fox job in April, debuted the new program, Tucker on Twitter , on Tuesday night. The letter delivered to his lawyers says Carlson is "in breach"...

Tucker Carlson Is Back and 'Grateful'

Commentary is his usual fare on 10-minute, bare-bones episode

(Newser) - Tucker Carlson returned to the airwaves Tuesday night—or at least the Twitter waves—in a 10-minute episode of "Tucker on Twitter" that was classic Carlson in terms of content, reports the Hill . The wildly popular former Fox News host took on the breached dam in Ukraine, put the...

Ben & Jerry's Ditches Twitter Over 'Hate Speech.' It's Not Alone

'NYT' reports company has seen 59% drop in ad sales from previous year

(Newser) - Elon Musk seemed cautiously optimistic in April about Twitter's finances, telling the BBC that most of the social media platform's advertisers had returned and that it was "roughly breaking even." New stats tell a somewhat different story, with an internal presentation seen by the New York ...

More Twitter Safety Execs Flee Twitter
More Safety Execs
Flee Twitter

More Safety Execs Flee Twitter

AJ Brown, platform's head of brand safety and ad quality, steps down right after Ella Irwin

(Newser) - First Ella Irwin, Twitter's second head of trust and safety under Elon Musk, resigned earlier this week. Now, two more safety executives at the company are stepping away as well, leaving many wondering what this means for the platform's future with advertisers. Sources tell the Wall Street Journal ...

Twitter Loses Another Head of Trust and Safety

Ella Irwin, in the role since November, resigns

(Newser) - Twitter apparently has no head of trust and safety currently. Ella Irwin , who took over the job in November 2022 after her predecessor, Yoel Roth, left the company , told Reuters on Thursday that she has resigned, and sources tell Fortune her internal Slack account has been deactivated. The reason for...

During China Visit, Musk Goes Silent on Twitter

Chinese social media users praised 'Brother Horse'

(Newser) - Elon Musk took an unusually long break from Twitter this week as he visited China, where the platform is banned. In his first visit to the country since before the pandemic, Musk met with top officials including China's foreign, commerce, and industry ministers, Reuters reports. The two-day visit also...

Report: Twitter Now Worth a Third of $44B Purchase Price

Fidelity's latest valuation may put investors on edge

(Newser) - Elon Musk famously forked over $44 billion to become the owner of Twitter last year, but a new valuation from one of its outside investors may set all of the other investors squirming. Forbes reports that Fidelity has valued the social media platform at only about $15 billion, or about...

Wagner Advertises for Recruits on Facebook, Twitter

Job ads promise the chance to see the world

(Newser) - Having reportedly lost 20,000 fighters in the battle for one Ukrainian city, the Wagner Group has posted job ads on Facebook and Twitter to replenish its workforce—posts specifying that employment comes with health care. Researchers found 60 ads in dozens of languages seeking people to fill support positions...

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