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Tragedy Strikes Family on Their Way to Vacation

Missouri girl, 8, dies after falling ill on SkyWest flight bound for Chicago; cause of death isn't clear

(Newser) - An 8-year-old Missouri girl flying to Chicago with her family for vacation died after getting sick while in the air. The child, IDed as Sydney Weston of Carl Junction, "suddenly became ill and then unresponsive in flight," the Peoria County Coroner's Office said Thursday in an online...

Surprise Storm Leads to 'Flight From Hail'

Austrian Airlines flight lands safely after hail smashes cockpit windows, tears off plane's nose

(Newser) - A plane bound for Vienna from Spain suffered serious damage over the weekend after a surprise hailstorm. Austrian Airlines Flight OS434 from Palma de Mallorca issued a mayday call on Sunday afternoon after it flew into the severe weather system that pelted hail at the aircraft, shattering cockpit windows and...

For the Sake of Your Heart, Don't Drink on the Plane

Study finds combination of alcohol, sleep, and low air pressure can trigger hypoxia

(Newser) - "Please don't drink alcohol while being on an airplane." That's the advice of Dr. Eva-Maria Elmenhorst, a researcher at the German Aerospace Center's Institute of Aerospace Medicine and co-author of a new study showing the combination of alcohol, low air pressure, and sleep can trigger...

Singapore Airlines Flight Went Awry in 4.6 Seconds

The plane dropped 178 feet in that time

(Newser) - A bevy of investigators have pieced together a chronology of events on the Singapore Airlines flight that ran into extreme turbulence last week—including 4.6 terrifying seconds. Singapore's Transport Ministry, the FAA, the US National Transportation Safety Board, and Boeing have completed their preliminary analysis of the flight'...

After Extreme Turbulence, Experts Say Get Ready for More

Climate change could lead to more incidents like one on Singapore Airlines flight that killed a man

(Newser) - More than three dozen people remain hospitalized after an incident of severe turbulence on a Singapore Airlines plane on Tuesday, including a toddler, reports the BBC . The 2-year-old is receiving treatment in Bangkok for a concussion, per a doctor at Samitivej Srinakarin Hospital. The oldest patient is said to be...

'Trump Force One' Gets Into Fender Bender at Airport

The Boeing 757 clipped a VistaJet in West Palm Beach, Florida; not clear if Trump was on board

(Newser) - Donald Trump's private plane had a seemingly minor mishap in Florida over the weekend. WFLA reports that on Sunday, a Boeing 757 with the registration number N757AF clipped an empty private jet parked at West Palm Beach International Airport, with an FAA notice announcing the moving plane was taxiing...

DOJ: Boeing Breached Deal to Avoid Prosecution on 737 Max

It's not clear if the Justice Department will now file charges over the beleaguered aircraft

(Newser) - Boeing has violated a settlement that allowed the company to avoid criminal prosecution after two deadly crashes involving its 737 Max aircraft, the Justice Department told a federal judge on Tuesday. It's now up to the Justice Department to decide whether to file charges against the aircraft maker amid...

Pilot Shrugs Off Scary 'Textbook' Emergency Landing

No injuries reported after small plane's landing gear failed at Australia's Newcastle Airport

(Newser) - A small aircraft made an emergency landing in Australia on Monday after its landing gear failed. The AP and 9News report that the twin turboprop Beechcraft Super King Air flown by 53-year-old pilot Peter Schott, with two passengers on board, took off from New South Wales' Newcastle Airport around 8:...

Another Boeing Plane Grabs Headlines, This Time in Istanbul

Front landing gear failed to open on one of its 767s

(Newser) - Boeing's string of unfortunate headlines continued Wednesday with the news that one of its cargo planes had to make an emergency landing after its front landing gear failed to open. The Boeing 767 aircraft, which was operated by FedEx, had departed Paris en route to Istanbul; upon approach, it...

Delta Jet's Emergency Slide Turns Up in Fitting Spot

It washes up by the beachfront home of a lawyer whose firm is suing Boeing

(Newser) - In the strange coincidence department: The emergency slide that fell off one of Delta's Boeing jets on Friday washed up in front of the oceanfront home of an attorney suing the manufacturer for a similar incident, reports the New York Post . The slide fell off the Boeing 767 as...

46K Planes Got 'Jammed,' and Officials Have a Suspect

Report says Russia may be behind GPS interference over Baltic Sea since last August

(Newser) - Planes flying in and out of Europe, especially the eastern part of the continent near Russia, have seen their GPS signals jammed over the past year or so, and now there's a suspect: Russia. Citing an analysis by the Sun, which looked at flight logs from, the...

At Reagan Airport, a Near Disaster on Runway

Southwest plane nearly crossed runway in front of departing JetBlue plane Thursday in Virginia

(Newser) - Two planes nearly collided at Reagan National Airport in Arlington, Virginia, on Thursday, and might have done so if an air traffic controller hadn't yelled "Stop!" Around 7:40am, an air traffic controller instructed Southwest Flight 2937 to cross runway 4 on its way to runway 1....

Whistleblower: Don't Fly on Boeing 787

Sam Salehpour says safety issues are 'as serious as I have ever seen in my lifetime'

(Newser) - Before he was due to testify in front of a Senate subcommittee on Wednesday, Boeing whistleblower Sam Salehpour gave his first on-camera interview, telling NBC News that all 787 Dreamliners ought to be grounded. Asked whether he would put his family on such a plane, Salehpour said he would not....

The Plane Landed. Then Workers Saw the Missing Panel

It's the latest in a string of incidents involving Boeing aircraft, this time in Oregon

(Newser) - A post-flight inspection revealed a missing panel on an older Boeing 737-800 that had just arrived at its destination in southern Oregon on Friday after flying from San Francisco, officials said, the latest in a series of recent incidents involving aircraft manufactured by the company. United Flight 433 left San...

Boeing Supplier Used Dawn Liquid Soap as Lubricant

It's one of the anomalies that turned up in an FAA audit

(Newser) - After a door plug flew off an Alaska Airlines jet, the FAA took a closer look at the Boeing manufacturing process for the 737 Max. The New York Times has details from the six-week audit, which flagged "dozens of problems" at Boeing and supplier Spirit AeroSystems. However, two in...

Israel's War Effort Receives a Blow in Dutch Court

Dutch government ordered to stop sending F-35 parts to Israel given potential use in war crimes

(Newser) - A court has ordered the Dutch government to stop sending fighter jet components to Israel as they "might be used in the commission of serious violations of international humanitarian law." Human rights groups made that same argument in a lawsuit filed against the government in December. Oxfam Novib,...

He Tracks Jets of the Rich and Famous. Swift Isn't Happy
He Tracks Jets of the Rich
and Famous. Swift Isn't Happy

He Tracks Jets of the Rich and Famous. Swift Isn't Happy

Singer threatens legal action if college student Jack Sweeney doesn't stop keeping tabs on her plane

(Newser) - Taylor Swift seems to be enjoying her life lately , and doesn't seem to mind the attention that comes with it—with the exception of the attention now coming from an infamous college student with a penchant for tracking the private planes of celebrities, politicians, and billionaires. Jack Sweeney, now...

Boeing Laments 'Only Course of Action' After Latest Flub

Deliveries may be delayed after supplier finds faulty drilled holes in fuselage of Max 9 jets

(Newser) - As Boeing tries to stanch the bleeding after a plethora of recent problems , there's a new issue to contend with. An employee with Spirit AeroSystems, which manufactures fuselages for Boeing, made an unsettling discovery last week: badly drilled holes on some of the airplane bodies that Spirit was making,...

Ex-Boeing Employees: Don't Fly on the Max

Safety expert says concerns that arose 5 years ago are 'still there'

(Newser) - Boeing sells merchandise with the phrase, "If it's not Boeing, I'm not going." It's a nod to the company's reputation of old, when it was "known for building the safest, most advanced planes in the sky," per CNN . That reputation has dissolved...

Travelers Stuck on Plane for Hours Applaud Rebel Passenger

Man turned over to Mexican cops after walking onto wing; others say he did it 'to protect everyone'

(Newser) - At first it sounds like a typical case of bad behavior aboard airplanes. The Mexico City International Airport acknowledged in a statement Friday that a man had opened an emergency exit and walked out on a wing of a plane that was parked and waiting for takeoff on Thursday. The...

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