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Best Year in Human History? That Would Be 2017

Nicholas Kristof calls for some perspective

(Newser) - Columnist Nicholas Kristof looks back on the state of the world in the year that just ended and arrives at a conclusion likely to surprise many: "2017 was probably the very best year in the long history of humanity," he writes in the New York Times . It's... More »

This May Be 'Best Year in the History of Humanity'

Nicholas Kristof explains

(Newser) - Need an antidote to the doom-and-gloom stories about, well, pretty much everything? Nicholas Kristof delivers one in the New York Times , with his first paragraph asserting that 2017 "is likely to be the best year in the history of humanity." He acknowledges this might sound a little crazy.... More »

NYT Columnist Nicholas Kristof Stops 'Wimpish' Hotel Thief

He fought with the suspect and held him down for police

(Newser) - New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof fought with and restrained an intruder he found in his Philadelphia hotel room early Saturday, the AP reports. Kristof said in a message on Twitter that there had been "big excitement" when he "interrupted an intruder" in his room at the Franklin... More »

Dylan Farrow: Allen Abuse 'Haunted Me'

Adopted daughter recounts sex assault, blasts Hollywood for celebrating director

(Newser) - After last month's Golden Globes tribute kicked up controversy over decades-old allegations of sexual abuse against Woody Allen, his accuser—adopted daughter Dylan Farrow, now 28 and living under a different name in Florida—is stepping forward to give her side of the story. In an open letter to... More »

Ted Turner Made Philanthropy Cool Again

Kristof: Billionaires have taken up the cause, except for Donald Trump

(Newser) - Fifteen years ago, Ted Turner announced he was giving away $1 billion to UN causes such as fighting poverty, clearing landmines, and helping refugees. While that was one of the largest philanthropic giveaways ever, more important was the example it set for America's richest, helping to revive the tradition... More »

We Need a Center-Right Party

Republicans have to adapt, for everyone's sake

(Newser) - Democrats didn't win this election: Republicans lost it, mostly because of demography. "A coalition of aging white men is a recipe for failure in a nation that increasingly looks like a rainbow," observes Nicholas Kristof in the New York Times . But nobody should cheer the ongoing decline... More »

Yes, Uninsured People Deserve Compassion

Nicholas Kristof responds to critics of his dying friend

(Newser) - In a recent column, Nicholas Kristof told the story of his friend Scott, who chose to save money by not buying health insurance, and wound up getting prostate cancer. "I was taken aback by how many readers were savagely unsympathetic," he writes in today's New York Times... More »

Taliban Knows the Power of Girls' Education; Do We?

Nicholas Kristof and Laura Bush sound off on the shooting of Malala Yousufzai

(Newser) - On Tuesday, the Taliban shot 14-year-old Malala Yousufzai in the head for no other crime than loving school and speaking out about it. "Let this be a lesson," her attackers said. And indeed, there is a lesson here. "The Taliban clearly understands the transformative power of girls'... More »

Let's Grade Obama's First Term

Nicholas Kristof rates most of his policies a 'B', but an 'F' in explaining them

(Newser) - Democrats are currently busy praising President Obama to the heavens, while Republicans are heaping scorn upon him. Nicholas Kristof thinks both sides are being over the top, and in today's New York Times , he grades the president thusly:
  • The economyB. When Obama took office, the US economy was
... More »

Iran Nuanced, Not 'Crazy'

US needs to nurture progress, not stereotypes

(Newser) - Nicholas Kristof may be mad at President Obama for protecting "odious" regimes such as Syria and Sudan, but Iran—despite its nuclear weapons program and terrible human rights record (and having accused Kristof of being a spy back in 2004)—deserves "a dollop of humility and nuance,"... More »

Sanctions, Not Bombs, Will Break Iran

Nationalist backlash to attack would keep regime in power for years

(Newser) - International sanctions are biting hard into Iran's significant and growing middle class, but for the most part people are blaming their government for the hardship, not the United States. Which is why it is so important that the United States concentrate on sanctions and not bomb Iran—a military... More »

Iranians Sound a Little Fed Up With Leaders

And many are remarkably 'pro-American': Nicholas Kristof

(Newser) - It's been eight years since Nicholas Kristof last visited Iran, and this time around, people "seem more discontented," he writes in the New York Times . Kristof blames that on economic troubles—and while Western sanctions are partially to blame, a "surprising number of Iranians" hold their... More »

Chemical-Soaked Danger Lurks in Your Couch

Deadly chemicals in furniture illustrate lobbyist dangers

(Newser) - To you, the sofa is probably just a place to park your butt. But to Nicholas Kristof, writing in his latest New York Times column, it is a symbol of how money and politics ruin everything. That's because nearly all couches in the United States contain flame retardant chemicals... More »

Goldman Sachs Owns Stake in Sex Trafficking Website was already the target of legal action

(Newser) - The No. 1 American website for sex trafficking of underage girls is And is owned by Village Voice Media, which is 16% owned by ... Goldman Sachs. The Wall Street firm "was mortified when I began inquiring last week about its stake in America’s leading... More »

Bomb Iran? It's No Debate at All

All credible experts agree striking Iran very bad idea, says Kristof

(Newser) - You might think from newspaper editorials and Sunday morning talk shows that a debate was raging over whether Israel should strike Iran's nuclear facilities. In fact, there is not—no credible security expert thinks it is a good idea, writes Nicholas Kristof in the New York Times . “Unless... More »

Bankers Giving Banking a Bad Name

Nicholas Kristof hopes young idealists can save American capitalism

(Newser) - Nicholas Kristof was dumbfounded when, during a recent college lecture, a student asked him if banking jobs were immoral. "I've been sympathetic to the Occupy Wall Street movement, but look, finance is not evil," he writes in the New York Times . It's an essential force, allocating... More »

What's a Great Teacher Worth? $700K

Nicholas Kristof explains why teacher quality is so important

(Newser) - What should you do if the excellent teacher your child was supposed to have next year retires? "Correct answer? Panic!" writes Nicholas Kristof in the New York Times , or better yet, get the incoming class to raise $100,000 to convince the teacher to stay—it would be... More »

Time for a New Approach to a New North Korea

Forget isolation, let's try outreach: Nicholas Kristof

(Newser) - North Korea's change in leadership provides the US a chance to rethink its Pyongyang strategy, which might actually be backfiring, writes Nicholas Kristof in the New York Times . Our sanctions have isolated the country, but that isolation has helped the Kims keep their grip on power. And in a... More »

Ex-Banker: Yeah, Collapse Was Our Fault

So why haven't homeowners been bailed out?

(Newser) - If you were trying to get a loan in southern Florida in 2007, bankers like James Theckston were there to help. "If you had some old bag lady walking down the street and she had a decent credit score, she got a loan," Chase's then-regional VP of... More »

Bloomberg, Cops Underscore Occupiers' Point

OWS about occupying the national agenda, not city parks

(Newser) - With harsh police crackdowns against Occupy Wall Street protesters around the country, it's enough to make you wonder if Michael Bloomberg and the nation's police chiefs are actually on the side of the protesters, writes Nicholas Kristof in the New York Times . Of course they're not really,... More »

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