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They Say 200 Died From PNW Heat Wave. It May Be Much More

'Excess death' numbers out of Oregon, Washington state suggest hundreds more died than officially noted

(Newser) - While much of the US was slammed with a wall of heat Wednesday , the Pacific Northwest in particular is bracing for more super-hot days, just weeks after enduring a deadly "heat dome" that shattered records. That weather event produced an official death toll of 95 in Washington state and...

Sicily May Have Just Broken Temp Record for All of Europe

But the 48.8C temp must still be confirmed

(Newser) - Sicily reached a difficult-to-imagine 48.8 degrees Celsius (119.85 Fahrenheit) Wednesday, in what may be a record high temperature for all of Europe. The World Meteorological Organization must still confirm the temperature, which would break the previous record of 48 degrees Celsius set in Athens in 1977, the Guardian...

Oregon Declares Emergency as Extreme Heat Returns

'There can be no doubt after June that extreme heat can kill'

(Newser) - Extreme heat is returning to the Pacific Northwest, less than two months after a " heat dome " caused hundreds of deaths in the region. Oregon Gov. Kate Brown declared a state of emergency Tuesday and urged people to take steps to stay cool and check in on vulnerable relatives...

Salmon Essentially Being Cooked to Death in Hot Rivers

Video shows them looking poorly in Washington

(Newser) - The heat isn't just brutal on the human residents of Washington state. The non-profit organization Columbia Riverkeeper made the case, via video footage, that salmon in the Columbia River are suffering mightily too—experiencing heat nearly to the point of death. The video was taken on July 16, a...

There's Another 'Heat Dome,' and It's Going to Get Hot

Weather pattern will roast most of the lower 48 this week

(Newser) - Just what the US didn't want: Another heat dome. The same type of system that roasted the Northwest at the end of June is in play this week, and it’s covering more ground. Temperatures are surging upward again, and the highs are predicted to be at least 10...

Wildfires Rage as Western Heat Wave Peaks

California fire covers 140 square miles

(Newser) - Dozens of wildfires burned across the torrid US West on Monday, but fire agencies reported progress in corralling the flames and forecasters predicted a gradual decrease in extreme temperatures. The fires have forced evacuations in numerous areas with dispersed properties and tiny communities where some burned homes and other structures...

Wildfires Rage as West Bakes
Wildfires Rage as West Bakes

Wildfires Rage as West Bakes

Firefighters battle extreme heat in California, Oregon, elsewhere

(Newser) - Firefighters were working in extreme temperatures across the West and struggling to contain wildfires, the largest burning in California and Oregon, as another heat wave baked the region. Details, via the AP :
  • The largest wildfire of the year in California—the Beckwourth Complex Fire—was raging along the Nevada state

Hottest Place on Earth Could Be Getting Hotter

Death Valley recorded a temperature of 130 degrees for just the fifth time ever

(Newser) - Death Valley on Friday saw some of the hottest temperatures ever recorded on Earth, and this may not be the end of it. Dubbed the hottest place on the planet for its official record temp of 134 degrees Fahrenheit, set in 1913, the spot in eastern California had only seen...

Heat to Reach Yosemite This Weekend

Hikers will be facing temperatures of 100 degrees or so

(Newser) - As a heat wave settles in on the West Coast this weekend, Yosemite National Park might sound like an attractive escape. But temperatures at Yosemite are expected to hit 100 or 111 degrees over the weekend, SFGate reports. "Because there's a lot of exposed granite in the park...

Heat Wave Death Toll Reaches 95 in Oregon

Record temperatures seem to have caused hundreds of deaths in the Pacific Northwest

(Newser) - We don’t know how many people died in the recent heatwave in the Pacific Northwest, but it looks like a lot. The best guess is in the hundreds. Oregon’s governor, Kate Brown, said Sunday that 95 deaths there were related to the heat, the AP reports. Portland saw...

Town That Recorded Highest Temperature Is Now on Fire

Mayor of Lytton, BC, orders evacuation

(Newser) - On Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, the village of Lytton, British Columbia, broke records for the hottest temperature ever recorded in Canada. By Wednesday, it was on fire. Mayor Joe Polderman says he signed an evacuation order around 6pm Wednesday as fire tore through the village of around 250 residents. "...

Hundreds Dead Amid 'Disastrous' Heat Wave in Canada

The country has seen its highest temperature ever, for 3 days in a row

(Newser) - Canada broke its 84-year-old temperature record by nearly 3 degrees Sunday, when a temperature of just under 115 degrees Fahrenheit was recorded in the village of Lytton, British Columbia. It was then beaten twice more in subsequent days. Lytton recorded a temperature of 117.5 degrees on Monday, followed by...

Rolling Blackouts Expected as Heat Wave Moves Inland

Spokane predicts highest-ever temperature

(Newser) - The unprecedented Northwest US heat wave that slammed Seattle and Portland, Oregon, moved inland Tuesday—prompting a electrical utility in Spokane, Washington, to warn that people will face more rolling blackouts amid heavy power demand. The intense weather that gave Seattle and Portland consecutive days of record high temperatures far...

As Seattle Bakes, Amazon Lends a Helping Hand
As Seattle Bakes,
Amazon Steps In

As Seattle Bakes, Amazon Steps In

Part of its headquarters is now a 1K-capacity cooling center

(Newser) - Amazon has transformed part of its Seattle headquarters into a public cooling center amidst a grueling heat wave that saw temperatures climb above 100 degrees on Monday for the third day in a row. With a dome of high pressure over the Northwest, Seattle hit an all-time record of 108...

Behind Talk of Heat Wave Is Talk of a 'Heat Dome'
Region With Few AC Units
Is Baking Under a 'Heat Dome'
the rundown

Region With Few AC Units Is Baking Under a 'Heat Dome'

Temperatures in Northwest raise fears of a new normal being established

(Newser) - The Pacific Northwest—and Canada, too —must bake for one more day before cooler temperatures arrive on Tuesday, reports the Oregonian . That's a relative term: It's still expected to be unusually hot in Portland, though in the 80s and 90s instead of triple digits. Related coverage of...

This Is the Hottest Temperature Ever Recorded in Canada

Nearly 115 degrees Fahrenheit, in the village of Lytton on Sunday

(Newser) - The village of Lytton in the interior of southern British Columbia sizzled under a new all-time high temperature for Canada on Sunday, reaching 46.1 degrees Celsius, or just under 115 degrees Fahrenheit. The reading by Environment Canada in Lytton surpassed the previous national high of 45 C (113 F),...

Northwest Isn't the Only Part of US Due for a Scorcher

East and West coasts will both see temps well above seasonal averages this weekend, next week

(Newser) - The Pacific Northwest was already gearing up for a sweltering weekend, with temps in Seattle set to be higher than those in Cairo , but it's not the only part of the US that's due to be hit with soaring digits. CNN notes the "dueling heat waves" that...

Seattle Will Be Hotter Than Cairo This Weekend

'This is an unprecedented event'

(Newser) - A record-breaking heat wave in the Northwest will make Seattle hotter than Cairo this weekend and authorities are scrambling to find ways to keep vulnerable residents cool. The National Weather Service predicts that temperatures in the city will hit 100 on Sunday and a record-breaking 104 on Monday, the Seattle ...

With Temperatures Climbing, Risk of Surface Burns Rises

Doctors warn of danger from pavement, especially

(Newser) - Doctors at Arizona and Nevada burn centers are warning of injuries from contact with super-heated roadways and other surfaces as the first extreme heat wave of the year extends across the West. A high-pressure system is expected to push temperatures above 115 degrees this week in Las Vegas and Phoenix....

EPA's First Climate Update Since 2016 Is Dire

'Americans are seeing and feeling the impacts up close with increasing regularity'

(Newser) - The EPA's website dedicated to climate change indicators wasn't updated once under the Trump administration. Now, it's been given a facelift —and a disturbing one at that. The US is in unprecedented territory with the effects of climate change intensifying even since 2016, according to the...

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