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Man Who Killed 2 in Easter DUI Is Finally Behind Bars

He fled before he could be sentenced in 2003 crash

(Newser) - Justice has been a long time coming for Florida man Henry de la Hoz, who killed a retired couple while driving drunk on Easter Sunday 16 years ago. Victor and Olga Lisabet had been on their way to a sunrise service in South Miami-Dade when they were hit by de... More »

Here's How Not to Spell 'School'

Florida road crew gets it wrong

(Newser) - A road crew in Florida should get an "F'' for spelling. A motorist on Thursday spotted the error, reports the AP , realizing that workers in Doral had made a mistake when painting the word "school" at a pedestrian crossing in the road. Instead of S-C-H-O-O-L, it was... More »

Hurricane Michael: Even Worse Than We Thought

The NOAA says it was really a rare Category 5 hurricane

(Newser) - Hurricane Michael was "unimaginable." It crushed entire Gulf Coast communities and killed dozens when it struck Florida last October. Now we know it was also the worst hurricane to hit America in 26 years, the BBC reports. Initially designated Category Four, Michael was upgraded Friday to Category Five... More »

14-Year-Olds' Plan to Kill 9 Uncovered by Teacher: Police

Middle school students allegedly made a hit list

(Newser) - A Florida teacher who saw and heard two 14-year-olds acting suspiciously found their plans to kill nine people and dispose of the bodies, police say. The girls now each face nine counts of conspiracy to commit murder and three counts of conspiracy to commit kidnapping, according to sheriff's reports.... More »

Man Who Tossed Daughter Off Bridge Learns His Fate

A Florida jury sentences John Jonchuck

(Newser) - A Florida jury on Tuesday found a man guilty of first-degree murder for dropping his 5-year-old daughter off a bridge four years ago, despite arguments from his attorneys that he was insane and thought his actions would actually save her, the AP reports. He was automatically sentenced to life in... More »

'World's Most Dangerous Bird' Kills Its Breeder

Marvin Hajos, 75, was killed by a cassowary

(Newser) - A Florida bird-breeder was killed Friday when he fell down near the world's most dangerous bird, the Gainesville Sun reports. Police say Marvin Hajos, 75, was attacked by a cassowary, a 6-foot-tall flightless bird endowed with razor-sharp claws. Hajos was able to call 911 and another person on the... More »

Largest Python Found in Everglades Packed a Secret

17-foot female was carrying 73 eggs

(Newser) - Snake hunters trying to rid the Florida Everglades of invasive Burmese pythons used a new method to make a record-breaking catch. A team at Big Cypress National Preserve caught a 17-foot 140-pound female python, the longest python ever caught in the Everglades, the Guardian reports. The snake contained 73 "... More »

At Center of Battery Charge: a Famous Wrestling Move

Florida teen charged with attempting to assault principal; attorney says it was just horseplay

(Newser) - A high school student in Florida was arrested this week after he was recorded raising his hands toward his principal's neck. "It shouldn't have been arrestable," a lawyer for 18-year-old Gianny Sosa of Miami Southridge Senior High School told a judge on Thursday, per the Miami ... More »

He Just Bought a Private Island. Cops Say He Stole From Kmart

Andrew Lippi faces grand theft charges, accused of stealing $300 worth of items

(Newser) - Andrew Lippi owns a resort that's been used in MTV's Real World and a private island in the Florida Keys that he purchased for $8 million last week. He was also just accused of trying to steal about $300 worth of items from Kmart. ABC News and the... More »

Florida to Punish People Who Flee Hurricanes, Leave Pets Tied Up

Bill would make it an offense to abandon dogs during disasters

(Newser) - Leaving Fido to fend for himself outside during a hurricane could soon be a crime in Florida. Senate Bill 1738, which passed the state Senate Agricultural Committee with no opposition last month, makes it a first-degree misdemeanor to leave a dog restrained outside and unattended during a natural disaster or... More »

After Pet Zebra Escapes, Owner Fatally Shoots It

Florida ranch owner wasn't licensed to keep the animal

(Newser) - Authorities say a pet zebra escaped from a Florida ranch and was shot and killed by its owner, who wasn't licensed to own the animal. The Nassau County Sheriff's Office says the zebra, named Shadow, injured itself somehow while escaping Wednesday in the town of Callahan, per the... More »

He Went For a Job, Got Charged With Murder

Fingerprints submitted by Todd Barket link him to 1998 Florida slaying

(Newser) - A decades-old cold case may have been solved after the suspect applied for a job. More than 20 years after a woman was murdered in South Florida, police have arrested a man they think is the killer. Todd Barket, 51, submitted his prints to a potential employer, which matched ones... More »

Robert Kraft Asks for Jury Trial

New England Patriots owner reaffirms not guilty plea, waives arraignment

(Newser) - Looks like Robert Kraft is going to trial. The New England Patriots owner has waived his right to an arraignment and requested a jury trial in his prostitution case, according to court documents filed Tuesday and obtained by CNN . Kraft, 77, pleaded not guilty to two misdemeanor counts of soliciting... More »

Fla. 'Burb Overrun by Scads of Poisonous Toads

The bufo toad is apparently feeling a little amorous

(Newser) - A Florida suburb is being plagued by thousands of poisonous toads, reports the AP . Experts say the amphibians are bufo toads, also known as cane toads. Residents in the infested Palm Beach Gardens neighborhood worry toxins secreted by the toads will harm their pets and children. News stations broadcast images... More »

NYPD Cop Supposedly Killed 20 Years Ago 'Very Much Alive'

Lester Pearson, Vincent Ling's alleged 'killer,' was taken into custody in Florida

(Newser) - On Sunday, the New York Daily News and other outlets posted a story on what surely must've felt like a victory of sorts for the NYPD, and justice for one of their own: the capture of a fugitive who was said to have killed an off-duty cop in the... More »

'Florida Man' Birthday Challenge Is a Hit

You Google the 2 words, plus their birthday

(Newser) - Everybody knows "Florida man." He's the guy who shows up in bizarre crime stories that seem to bubble up out of the state. (Like so , or so , or so .) He's also why the Fark website, famous for its snarky headlines on bizarre stories, has a... More »

Gillum Thinks He Knows How to Take Florida From Trump

And it involves six zeroes

(Newser) - President Trump narrowly won Florida in 2016 with around 113,000 more votes than Hillary Clinton—and it's a lead former Tallahassee mayor Andrew Gillum wants to obliterate in 2020. The Democrat is launching a massive voter registration drive in the state, CBS reports. "We are going to... More »

MMA Star Conor McGregor Arrested After Fan Altercation

Conor McGregor allegedly smashed person's phone

(Newser) - Irish mixed martial arts star Conor McGregor has been arrested in the US again, this time for allegedly stealing and smashing a fan's phone outside a Florida hotel. According to a police report seen by the BBC , the 30-year-old was involved in an altercation outside the Fontainebleau Miami Beach... More »

'Idiot' Jumps on Pelican, Now Faces Charges

Maryland's Hunter Hardesty posted now-viral video involving protected species

(Newser) - Questionable content often finds its way onto Facebook, but viral videos of humans attacking animals generally don't go over well. A Maryland man is finding that out after he posted a clip Thursday from Key West, Fla., in which he's seen apparently luring a pelican over to the... More »

Ex-Cop Accused of Treating Database Like a Dating Service

He contacted more than 150 women, chief says

(Newser) - An ex-cop in Florida is accusing of abusing the Driver and Vehicle Information Database for his own sleazy purposes. Leonel Marines is being investigated by the FBI for allegedly treating the database like a dating website, using it to find and contact women, WBTW. Bradenton Police Chief Melanie Bevan told... More »

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