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Botswana Is Irked by Germany's Elephant Suggestion

It offers to ship 20K animals to Germany so it can see what it's like living among them

(Newser) - A suggestion from Germany's Environment Ministry didn't go over so well in Botswana. President Mokgweetsi Masisi took issue with the ministry's recommendation that tighter limits be put in place on importing hunting trophies, saying that conservation efforts had led to a surging elephant population that hunting helped...

Country Fans Will Recognize New Owners of Field & Stream
Country Stars Buy Field & Stream

Country Stars Buy Field & Stream

Eric Church, Morgan Wallen relaunching legacy mag, complete with website, merch, music festival

(Newser) - "Welcome to the all-new Field & Stream: Established in 1871. Revived in 2024." That was the message released last week by the magazine's new owners, names that should be familiar to country music fans: singer-songwriters Eric Church and Morgan Wallen, who are relaunching the outdoors lifestyle publication...

Grad Student Dies While Duck Hunting: 'Water Overcame His Waders'

OSU student, 24, was visiting Sooner Lake when 'unfortunate incident' took place

(Newser) - A grad student who went duck hunting in Oklahoma over the weekend has died in what local officials are calling an "unfortunate incident." Citing a statement from Oklahoma Game Wardens, Fox News and News 9 report that the unnamed 24-year-old Oklahoma State University student headed out Sunday morning...

Man Shot in the Face by Fellow Bird Hunter Dies

Illinois resident Seth Egelhoff was fatally shot in wildlife area northwest of Des Moines

(Newser) - The law enforcement division of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources is investigating the death of a man who was shot in the face while hunting waterfowl on Sunday. The Iowa DNR says Illinois resident Seth Egelhoff, 26, was shot by a fellow hunter in Bays Branch Wildlife Area, around...

Study Finds New Worry for Endangered Cheetahs
Study Finds New Worry
for Endangered Cheetahs
new study

Study Finds New Worry for Endangered Cheetahs

They become more nocturnal on hot days, and that could mean less food for them

(Newser) - Cheetahs are usually daytime hunters, but the speedy big cats will shift their activity toward dawn and dusk hours during warmer weather, a new study finds. Unfortunately for endangered cheetahs, that sets them up for more potential conflicts with mostly nocturnal competing predators such as lions and leopards, say the...

Kids' Cat-Hunting Contest Called Off

New Zealand event canceled after outcry

(Newser) - A feral cat-hunting competition for children has been canceled after it was not received as well as organizers might have hoped. As the BBC explains, in New Zealand, feral cats "are considered a pest and a risk to the country's biosecurity," and an annual hunt is held...

Dick Cheney's Most Famous Hunting Partner Dies at 95

Harry Whittington almost immediately forgave VP for shooting him, and even apologized

(Newser) - In Texas, he was known as Harry Whittington, an Austin lawyer with deep roots in the Lone Star State's GOP who served both George Bushes in their time in Texas politics. In the rest of the world, he was best known as the guy who famously survived getting shot...

With One Misstep, Dog Shoots, Kills Hunter

Loaded gun went off in a pickup truck in Kansas, authorities say

(Newser) - A dog fatally shot a member of its hunting party over the weekend. Yes, you read that correctly. The dog stepped on a loaded rifle in the backseat of a pickup truck Saturday morning in Kansas' Sumner County, the sheriff's office said, per KAKE . The gun went off, with...

'Most Famous Collared Deer' Bagged by Hunter

Buck No. 140 was known for migration that took him across the Mississippi River

(Newser) - Buck No. 140 has crossed the Mississippi River for the last time. The huge deer, famous for what researchers call a "mobile personality," was bagged by a Mississippi hunter last weekend, the Clarion-Ledger reports. Over the course of a study that began in December 2020, Buck No. 140...

11-Year-Old Wisconsin Boy Killed as Deer Season Opens

Was only fatality among 6 accidental shootings on opening weekend of firearm season

(Newser) - An 11-year-old boy was killed in an accidental shooting on the opening weekend of deer season in Wisconsin. Per WPR , a 41-year-old man in the boy’s hunting party was trying to unload his rifle and place it in the back seat of a car when it discharged on Sunday....

She Boasted About Killing a Wolf. It Was a Husky

Montana woman shared photos of herself posing with dead, skinned dog

(Newser) - A Montana woman who boasted on Facebook about killing a wolf pup was told by outraged readers that she had actually killed a dog. "So this morning I set out for a solo predator hunt for a fall black bear. However, I got the opportunity to take another predator...

Trump Jr. Killed a Bear, and His Guide May Go to Prison

Illegal bait traps were allegedly used, according to 'Salt Lake Tribune'

(Newser) - Donald Trump Jr. killed a bear during a Utah hunting trip in 2018, and that kill might land his hunting guide behind bars, reports the Salt Lake Tribune . Guide Wade Lemon is under investigation for allegedly setting an illegal bait trap—one with “a pile of grain, oil and...

Feds: Bear Whisperer Star Is a Bear Poacher

Blaine Anthony accused of illegally killing bears in Alaska park

(Newser) - The "Bear Whisperer" is a bear poacher, according to federal investigators. Harvey Neil Anthony, star and producer of a hunting show called the Bear Whisperer, is accused of illegally hunting bears in a national park in Alaska, the Anchorage Daily News reports. The 55-year-old, who goes by the name...

Florida Introduces 24-Hour Alligator Hunting

Previous rule limited hunt to 5pm to 10am

(Newser) - From Aug. 15 to Nov. 1, Florida residents will be allowed to hunt alligators 24/7. New Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission guidelines have extended hunting hours during alligators season to 24 hours a day, giving hunters with permits seven extra hours of daylight, the Miami Herald reports. Under previous...

Mont. Governor Killed Collared Mountain Lion Outside Yellowstone
Mont. Governor
Killed Collared
Mountain Lion
Outside Yellowstone
in case you missed it

Mont. Governor Killed Collared Mountain Lion Outside Yellowstone

Animal hunted by Gianforte, who has a license to do so, had been chased up tree by hounds first

(Newser) - On Tuesday, Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte announced the 150th anniversary of Yellowstone National Park, praising its beauty and wonder. It's also the same day the governor showed up in a different headline, this one involving his killing of a mountain lion that wandered outside the protected areas of that...

In Indiana, Black Vultures 'Pick the Calf's Nose Off'

Indiana Farm Bureau making it easier for livestock farmers to secure permits to kill them

(Newser) - "Once they get a hold of them, they pick the calf's nose off, pick around his mouth, face, and navel. So then the calf can't make it very long after that." It sounds like something out of a horror movie, but John Hardin says it's...

Protections Are Eased, and Wolf Population Takes a Hit

Hunters killed about a third of gray wolves in Wisconsin

(Newser) - As many as one-third of Wisconsin's gray wolves likely died at the hands of humans in the months after the federal government announced it was ending legal protections, according to a new study. Poaching and a February hunt that far exceeded kill quotas were largely responsible for the drop-off,...

Missouri Hunter Shoots Hiker He Mistook for Turkey

Police say the shooting appears to be an accident

(Newser) - A hunter shot and seriously injured a hiker near St. Louis, Missouri, on Saturday, with police stating that the hunter mistook the man for a turkey. "It sounds like it was just a really bad accident," a police spokesperson said, with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporting that it...

Prince Accused of 'Harvesting' Huge Bear

Activists say he paid $8.4K for the opportunity

(Newser) - Romanian police will investigate a possible poaching case involving an Austrian prince who is reported to have “wrongly” killed a massive male bear in a trophy hunt on a visit to the country’s Carpathian Mountains in March, authorities said Wednesday. Official hunting documents seen by the AP confirms...

Video Emerges of 'Inept' Elephant Hunt by NRA's Chief

One critic calls shooting by Wayne LaPierre 'inept' and 'clumsy'

(Newser) - A video shot for an NRA-sponsored TV series was hidden from the world for nearly eight years—until now. The footage, obtained by the New Yorker and the Trace , shows CEO Wayne LaPierre and his wife, Susan, shooting two savanna elephants in Botswana in September 2013. (The elephants have since...

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