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In Indiana, Black Vultures 'Pick the Calf's Nose Off'

Indiana Farm Bureau making it easier for livestock farmers to secure permits to kill them

(Newser) - "Once they get a hold of them, they pick the calf's nose off, pick around his mouth, face, and navel. So then the calf can't make it very long after that." It sounds like something out of a horror movie, but John Hardin says it's...

Protections Are Eased, and Wolf Population Takes a Hit

Hunters killed about a third of gray wolves in Wisconsin

(Newser) - As many as one-third of Wisconsin's gray wolves likely died at the hands of humans in the months after the federal government announced it was ending legal protections, according to a new study. Poaching and a February hunt that far exceeded kill quotas were largely responsible for the drop-off,...

Missouri Hunter Shoots Hiker He Mistook for Turkey

Police say the shooting appears to be an accident

(Newser) - A hunter shot and seriously injured a hiker near St. Louis, Missouri, on Saturday, with police stating that the hunter mistook the man for a turkey. "It sounds like it was just a really bad accident," a police spokesperson said, with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporting that it...

Prince Accused of 'Harvesting' Huge Bear

Activists say he paid $8.4K for the opportunity

(Newser) - Romanian police will investigate a possible poaching case involving an Austrian prince who is reported to have “wrongly” killed a massive male bear in a trophy hunt on a visit to the country’s Carpathian Mountains in March, authorities said Wednesday. Official hunting documents seen by the AP confirms...

Video Emerges of 'Inept' Elephant Hunt by NRA's Chief

One critic calls shooting by Wayne LaPierre 'inept' and 'clumsy'

(Newser) - A video shot for an NRA-sponsored TV series was hidden from the world for nearly eight years—until now. The footage, obtained by the New Yorker and the Trace , shows CEO Wayne LaPierre and his wife, Susan, shooting two savanna elephants in Botswana in September 2013. (The elephants have since...

90% of Idaho's Wolves Could Be Killed Under Fast-Tracked Bill

There would be no limit on the number of wolves a person could kill

(Newser) - A fast-tracked bill allowing for the killing of up to 90% of Idaho's wolves cleared the state Senate 26-7 Wednesday and could come up for a House vote on Friday, the AP reports. Supporters say the bill—which would remove limits on the number of wolves a hunter can...

The Hunters' Photos Were Wild. So Was the Probe Into the Kills

The 'Sacramento Bee' describes the lengths California wildlife officials went to

(Newser) - Depending on whom you ask, the case California wildlife officials made against two hunters over five months in 2019 was either ridiculously complex or not taken seriously. Writing for the Sacramento Bee , Ryan Sabalow has the story, which involves two bow-and-arrow hunters who were "on their way to social...

Hunters' Quota Was 119 Wolves. They Blew Past It

Wisconsin's quota was exceeded by 82%

(Newser) - The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources approved 1,547 permits to kill a quota of 119 wolves during a weeklong hunt. What happened instead: 216 wolves were killed in less than 60 hours, per the New York Times . That's 82% more than the limit allowed, and conservationists are furious....

They Ran Out of Big Game to Hunt. Then Their Brains Swelled

Researchers say shift to hunting smaller game caused early humans' brains to nearly triple in size

(Newser) - In hunting large mammals to near extinction, early modern humans may have prompted an explosion in brain size—in a good way. Humans emerged as big-game hunters in Africa 2.6 million years ago but would ultimately see large animals dwindle as a result of hunting practices, according to Miki...

Hunter's Bullet Goes Through Shed, Shower, Bedroom Wall
Hunter Charged
Over Bullet's Path
in case you missed it

Hunter Charged Over Bullet's Path

Minnesota's William Desmet charged with recklessly discharging a firearm

(Newser) - A Minnesota man's reckless shot while deer hunting could earn him prison time. William Desmet, 40, was hunting on property in central South Dakota with his uncle and another person on Nov. 14 when he allegedly shot through a shed and into a homeowner's bedroom, per the Mitchell ...

Hunter Shot What He Thought Was a Deer. He Was Wrong

It was another hunter, who did not survive

(Newser) - Tragedy occurred last week in Minnesota when one hunter mistook another one for a deer and shot him—fatally. The surviving hunter told police he saw movement that looked like one of the animals, fired one round from his rifle, and then immediately called 911 upon discovering it had actually...

Hunter Got His Deer. Second Animal Was a Surprise

Minnesota man encounters an alligator

(Newser) - A Minnesota man who was tracking a large buck on the opening weekend of deer hunting season encountered a second animal he never expected—a 3-foot alligator, per the AP . Cory Klocek was hunting Saturday on farmland in East Bethel when he took down with a shotgun what he described...

Young Woman Made Mark as Early Big-Game Hunter
New Find Upends Thinking
on Early Big-Game Hunters

New Find Upends Thinking on Early Big-Game Hunters

Researchers think up to 50% of such hunters in the Americas were female

(Newser) - Think the women of the ancient Americas were stuck crushing grain into flour while the men went hunting for big game? Researchers say you're wrong. "Early big-game hunting was likely gender neutral," reads a new study in Science Advances . The conclusion stems from a 9,000-year-old burial...

Hunter Killed on Sunday by Elk He Shot Saturday
He Shot the Elk on Saturday.
It Killed Him the Next Day

He Shot the Elk on Saturday. It Killed Him the Next Day

Mark David was bow hunting on private land near Tillamook

(Newser) - An Oregon man managed to hit a bull elk while archery hunting last Saturday—and in a terrible twist, be killed by the animal the following day. The Statesman Journal reports Mark David, 66, was on private land near Tillamook when he shot the elk, but darkness set in before...

Cubs Can Be Killed in Alaska Dens Under Trump Rule Change

NPS, Fish and WiNPS, Fish and Wildlife to relax Obama-era regulations related to federal lands

(Newser) - Two federal agencies are relaxing Obama-era regulations on wildlife, now allowing for more hunting and trapping at national preserves throughout Alaska. The Alaska Daily News reports that the rolling back by the National Park Service and Fish and Wildlife Service of the 2015 prohibitions will allow hunters to take black...

Hunter Kills Massive Bear With Bow and Arrow

700-pound black bear sets a North American record

(Newser) - A hunter in New Jersey set a record last fall for the largest black bear ever killed with a bow and arrow in North America, the Pope and Young Club, a bowhunting and conservation organization, announced last week on Instagram . The bear, killed Oct. 14, weighed 700 pounds and had...

Starting Bid on Trophy Hunt With Trump Jr. Is $10K

Safari Club International's auction will take place Saturday

(Newser) - If you'd love nothing more than hunting for days with the president's son, you just might be able to—but it'll cost you a minimum of $10,000. That's the starting bid for the "dream hunt" with Donald Trump Jr. being auctioned off by Safari...

Brian Wilson: Boycott the Beach Boys

Tweet comes as Mike Love's band is set to perform for Safari Club International

(Newser) - A founding member of the Beach Boys wants people to boycott, um, the Beach Boys. In a Monday tweet , Brian Wilson linked to an online petition asking fans to stop supporting the band until it withdraws from a Wednesday concert at Safari Club International's annual convention in Nevada, where...

Before Miami's Super Bowl, a Massive Snake Hunt

'Python Bowl' participants to hunt down invasive Burmese pythons for cash and prizes

(Newser) - Miami's upcoming Super Bowl will mean death for dozens of invasive Burmese pythons in the Everglades—and wildlife officials say that's a good thing. The game's organizing committee is working with Florida to promote the Python Bowl, a 10-day contest that began Friday that will give out...

9-Year-Old Girl Who'd Just Started Hunting Is Shot Dead

Lauren Drawdy, dad Kim Drawdy, accidentally killed by another hunter in South Carolina

(Newser) - New Year's Day was the last day of deer hunting season in Colleton County, SC, which makes what happened there this week even more tragic. WCBD reports that a father and his 9-year-old daughter were accidentally shot and killed in Walterboro while hunting, just a few weeks after the...

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