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Riot Charge Against Influencer Dropped

Kai Cenat apologizes for 'huge giveaway' that caused thousands to descend on park

(Newser) - Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg's office has agreed to drop charges against a social media influencer who may have underestimated his influence. Kai Cenat was arrested last year after he announced a "huge giveaway" of computers, PlayStations, and other items at New York City's Union Square. A crowd...

Influencer Shot to Death by Motorcyclist in Baghdad

Ghufran Mahdi Sawadi was sentenced last year for posts deemed indecent

(Newser) - Iraqi authorities on Saturday were investigating the killing of a well-known social media influencer, who was shot by a motorcyclist in front of her home in central Baghdad. Ghufran Mahdi Sawadi, known as Um Fahad, was popular on TikTok and Instagram, where she posted videos of herself dancing to music...

When Influencers' Kids Grow Up, a Harsh Reality
When Influencers' Kids
Grow Up, a Harsh Reality

When Influencers' Kids Grow Up, a Harsh Reality

Most are not entitled to any of the money they made for their parents

(Newser) - The phenomenon of "influencer parents" has been around long enough now that many of the once-young children featured in their videos and social media posts have grown into adults. And as Cosmopolitan explains, they are encountering a harsh truth upon turning 18: They're not entitled to a single...

Doritos Now Has Its Own Bud Light-Style Drama

Brand has since cut ties with trans influencer Samantha Hudson

(Newser) - Doritos has ended a collaboration with a trans influencer after the snack brand faced a boycott related to her hiring. Doritos Spain ran an ad featuring Samantha Hudson, a 24-year-old Spanish singer, sparking fierce backlash. As TMZ reports, some right-wingers were simply upset Doritos was partnering with any trans person,...

Shopping Frenzy Erupts Over ... This Cup?

Stanley tumblers sell out at Target, resell online at much higher prices

(Newser) - If you thought a relatively quiet Black Friday meant shoppers had grown beyond trampling people to get their hands on goods, think again. Target shoppers say they've endured long lines , pushing and shoving , and apparently some trampling in a rush to get limited edition Stanley cups, and no, we...

Tipping Culture Is Surprisingly Big on TikTok

Users give a collective $11M per day

(Newser) - If you ever considered showing off your skills on TikTok, here's a little incentive. MarketWatch says that users are shelling out a collective $11 million per day in tips. Now the app is "poised to become the highest earning mobile app ever—approaching the $15 billion milestone in...

New Wrinkle in Border Surge: Migrants as 'Influencers'
Migrant Surge at Border
Is 'Unprecedented'
the rundown

Migrant Surge at Border Is 'Unprecedented'

More migrants are documenting their journey on social media, helping fuel the record numbers

(Newser) - "Wearily" is the word used by the Washington Post to describe how Troy Miller, the acting head of the US Customs and Border Protection, spoke. With good reason: "The numbers we are seeing now are unprecedented," he says of the illegal crossings at the border. Agents are...

YouTube Is the New Chess Club
Is the New
Chess Club

YouTube Is the New Chess Club

Influencers like Levy Rozman are becoming the new face of the game

(Newser) - Levy Rozman ranks 6,689th in the international chess world, but on YouTube, he's No. 1. His GothamChess channel has accrued over a billion views, ranking first on YouTube in chess, according to the New York Times . Rozman's status eclipses the world's No. 4 ranked player (American...

YouTuber Who Staged Plane Crash Learns His Fate

Trevor Daniel Jacob sentenced to 6 months in federal prison

(Newser) - An influencer who staged a California plane crash to make a YouTube video of himself parachuting to safety was sentenced Monday to six months in federal prison for obstructing the investigation by destroying the wreckage, according to the US Justice Department. Trevor Daniel Jacob, 30, an experienced pilot and skydiver,...

Influencer's Rant Over French Wine Tour Costs Her
Influencer's Rant Over French
Wine Tour Costs Her
in case you missed it

Influencer's Rant Over French Wine Tour Costs Her

'I absolutely want her dead,' Tana Mongeau griped about international wine expert who led tour

(Newser) - A YouTube influencer is finding out the hard way that publicly slamming a French wine tour, including by calling for a wine expert's death, isn't the way to hold onto sponsors. On her Aug. 6 Cancelled podcast , Tana Mongeau got into the weeds on her recent visit to...

Influencer Charged With Inciting a Riot

New York police say crowd at promised giveaway went from 300 to thousands in minutes

(Newser) - A social media influencer has been charged with inciting a riot after a crowd drawn by his promise of free electronics turned violent in New York City's Union Square, resulting in dozens of arrests and injuries. Kai Cenat was taken out of the park by police, arrested, and charged...

LSU Gymnast Got 'Absurdly Large' Social Media Payout
LSU Gymnast Got 'Absurdly
Large' Social Media Payout

LSU Gymnast Got 'Absurdly Large' Social Media Payout

Influencer Olivia Dunne admits she received more than $500K in one particular brand deal

(Newser) - With more than 4 million followers on Instagram and 7.6 million fans on TikTok , it's not terribly surprising that LSU gymnast and Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover model Olivia Dunne has earned the "top female social media influencer" label, with an estimated worth of $3.3 million "...

Skin Care Brand Sorry for Mention of Campus Shooting

In sponsored Biore video, TikTok influencer discussed MSU shooting

(Newser) - Skin care brand Bioré says it's sorry about a sponsored influencer video that critics said trivialized a school shooting. In the video, which was taken down from TikTok but can be seen here , former Michigan State University student Cecilee Max-Brown discusses both her anxiety after the campus shooting that...

Assessing the Complicated Legacy of Heather Armstrong

The 'original influencer' died this week at 47

(Newser) - When the death of Heather Armstrong was announced this week, many headlines used the term "queen of the mommy bloggers." The term came from the headline of a 2011 profile of Armstrong by Lisa Belkin in the New York Times, and Armstrong herself embraced it. (See her keynote...

She Claimed a Kidnapping Attempt. Now, 'Justice'

Katie Sorensen's videos falsely accusing Latino couple of trying to abduct her kids went viral

(Newser) - A California influencer who accused a Latino couple of trying to kidnap her young kids in a Michael's craft store in Petaluma in December 2020 was found guilty this week of falsely reporting a crime. Per a release cited by CBS San Francisco , Katie Sorensen, 31, was convicted Wednesday...

Her Son Become a YouTube Star—Then She Lost Him
Her Son Become a
YouTube Star. She Regrets It

Her Son Become a YouTube Star. She Regrets It

Johna Kay Ramirez's son Jentzen is a member of the 'Squad'

(Newser) - Johna Kay Ramirez moved her kids Liana and Jentzen from Texas to Los Angeles about a decade ago. Then-13-year-old Liana's Hollywood career was gathering steam, and Jentzen, then 5, was along for the ride. Soon his own career took off, and as he entered his tween years, he started...

He Trolled Greta Thunberg. Days Later, an Arrest
He Trolled
Greta Thunberg.
Days Later,
an Arrest

He Trolled Greta Thunberg. Days Later, an Arrest

Influencer Andrew Tate, brother in custody in Romania on rape, human trafficking charges

(Newser) - This story has been updated to clarify how the pizza boxes came into play. Earlier this week, climate change activist Greta Thunberg got into it online with Andrew Tate, a former kickboxer, TikTok star, and controversial influencer who, until recently, had been kicked off most social media platforms. Now, a...

Woman's Video of 'Delicious' Meal Earns Her an Arrest

Thai woman gleefully pulled wings off bat, scarfed it down

(Newser) - A Thai woman who wanted to go viral got her wish, and now she's apparently in big legal trouble after showing herself eating a bat on camera. Phonchanok Srisunaklua, who has identified herself as a teacher, posted a clip Monday on her Facebook and TikTok pages showing her supping...

TikTok Influencer's First Skydive Ends in Tragedy

Tanya Pardazi, 21, died during jump outside Toronto last month

(Newser) - On Aug. 29, a statement from Skydive Toronto announced the death two days earlier of a 21-year-old skydiving student, citing "fatal injuries obtained from an emergency situation." It didn't identify the student, but now her name is out, and it's a fairly well-known one: Tanya Pardazi,...

Famed YouTube Skateboarder Dies in Plane Crash

Bodies of Josh Neuman, 3 others found in Iceland's second-largest lake

(Newser) - American skateboarder and YouTube star Josh Neuman is one of four people confirmed to have died in a small plane crash in Iceland. The bodies of the 22-year-old, the pilot of the Cessna 172, and two other passengers were discovered Sunday in Lake Thingvallavatn—Iceland's second-largest lake, some 30...

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