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Gator Took His Arm, Then He Got Lost for 3 Days

Eric Merda of Florida lived to tell the tale

(Newser) - It's one thing to get lost in a Florida swamp for three days before finding your way out. It's another for that to happen after an alligator has bitten your arm off. All of the above happened to 43-year-old Eric Merda of Sarasota, reports the Herald-Tribune . In July,...

The Alligator Was Found. The Tiger, Not So Much

New Mexico authorities put out an unusual animal alert

(Newser) - An alligator, drugs, guns, and money were seized during a raid at two homes in Albuquerque last month, but New Mexico wildlife officials said Saturday they are still searching for a young tiger they believe is being illegally kept as a pet. Investigators think the tiger is with someone “...

Zoo's Wildlife Director Loses Part of Arm After Alligator Bite

'Had this been a totally wild alligator with no training, it would've been a lot worse'

(Newser) - The wildlife director of a zoo in Florida isn't planning on changing careers after losing part of one arm in his second serious alligator attack in less than 10 years. Florida Gator Gardens in Venus, 125 miles southeast of Tampa, said in a Facebook post last week that Greg...

Pennsylvania Man Has Emotional Support Alligator

WallyGator is 'super sweet-natured,' owner Joie Henney

(Newser) - Pennsylvania man Joie Henney has an unusual emotional support animal—but unlike owners of animals including peacocks and squirrels , he's not going to try to take it on a plane. WallyGator accompanies him almost everywhere, though, and sleeps in the same bed, the Washington Post reports. Wildlife experts say...

She Was Gardening Before She Was Killed by an Alligator

88-year-old was found dead near pond

(Newser) - An 88-year-old South Carolina woman was killed by an alligator Monday in the country's fourth confirmed fatal gator attack this year. The woman was found after an alligator was spotted "guarding what was believed to be a person" near the edge of a pond in a gated 55-and-over...

Woman Killed by Alligators in Golf Course Pond

The gators 'grabbed' 80-year-old woman, authorities say

(Newser) - An 80-year-old woman died Friday night after falling into a pond at a Florida golf course and being attacked by two alligators. The woman "struggled to stay afloat" after falling into the body of water at the Boca Royale Golf and Country Club in Sarasota County, authorities say, and...

'Tragic, Freak Accident' in SC Pond Also a Rare One

Officials say alligator yanked victim into retention pond, killed him in Myrtle Beach

(Newser) - There have been only three recorded human deaths due to alligator attacks in South Carolina, but on Friday, a fourth fatality was added to that list. In a Friday Facebook post , the Horry County Police Department reported that shortly before noon that day, a call came in to local firefighters...

Cops: Lake Had 'No Swimming' Signs, but Man Went in Anyway

Largo, Florida, cops believe man was killed by alligator while looking for Frisbees

(Newser) - Florida police believe a man who was searching for a Frisbee in a lake at a Largo park may have been killed by an alligator. The unidentified 47-year-old man was found dead Tuesday morning in John S. Taylor Park. Largo police say that despite there being "no swimming" signs...

First, 'Loud Noises on Their Lanai.' Then, a Surprise Visitor

Alligator breaks through screen, takes dip in family's pool in Charlotte County, Fla.

(Newser) - May is National Water Safety Month, and Florida's Charlotte County Sheriff's Office has its own tip to contribute. "Always check your pool before diving in!" it noted in a Tuesday Facebook post , along with photos showing why it was issuing such a warning. Authorities report that...

Florida Introduces 24-Hour Alligator Hunting

Previous rule limited hunt to 5pm to 10am

(Newser) - From Aug. 15 to Nov. 1, Florida residents will be allowed to hunt alligators 24/7. New Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission guidelines have extended hunting hours during alligators season to 24 hours a day, giving hunters with permits seven extra hours of daylight, the Miami Herald reports. Under previous...

School's Swim Team Finds Surprise Competitor in Pool

3-foot-long alligator was discovered swimming at Montverde Academy in central Florida

(Newser) - Members of a Florida prep school's swim team encountered a surprise interloper when they showed up for practice on Friday. reports the swimmers found a 3-foot-long alligator in the eight-lane, 25-meter competition pool at Montverde Academy , located in central Florida, halting the team's practice. Per a...

Surprise Discovery After Florida Rollover: 2 Gators

2 teens are arrested for illegally poaching them

(Newser) - The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission doesn't typically respond to the scene of auto accidents. But in this case, there were two good reasons: a pair of large alligators "hanging from the rear window of an SUV resting on its side," the commission explains in a...

Heroic Dad Catches Alligator in Trash Can
Dad Saves the Day
... With a Trash Can

Dad Saves the Day ... With a Trash Can

'I used the front like a hippo mouth' to catch alligator, says Florida man Eugene Bozzi

(Newser) - Spotting a 6-foot-long alligator in his yard where his and other neighborhood kids were playing, Eugene Bozzi decided to play the hippo. The 26-year-old man from Mount Dora, Fla., is seen in a viral video approaching the alligator with a trash container on wheels, its lid flung open, per USA ...

Remains of Man Attacked in Hurricane Floodwaters Found Inside Alligator

Police have identified the remains inside captured gator

(Newser) - Update: The human remains found inside a Louisiana alligator are indeed those of Timothy Satterlee, the 71-year-old who was attacked by a gator in floodwaters outside his home after Hurricane Ida on Aug. 30. Authorities had captured the animal almost two weeks later, and now they have confirmed the remains...

Video: Alligator Attacks Handler at Utah Zoo

Visitors stepped in to save her

(Newser) - A zoo handler who was about to feed an alligator at a Utah petting zoo is probably glad she was surrounded by exactly the guests who were there at the time. The gator lunged at her, chomping down on her arm and thrashing her around, and zoo guests quickly rushed...

Experienced Cyclist Falls in Worst Possible Place

Man goes into water in Florida, is attacked by alligator

(Newser) - An experienced bicyclist's fall in Florida on Monday could have killed him, but not the for reason you might think. TCPalm reports the cyclist lost control while navigating a wooden bridge and tumbled into a small body of water some 6 feet down an embankment, where he was then...

Alligator Wanders Into Florida Post Office

Of course in Florida—where else?

(Newser) - A Florida customer who may have been trying to avoid crowds by heading to the post office in the dead of night encountered a different kind of inconvenience instead. Per a Hernando County Sheriff's Office statement , the unidentified patron showed up at the Spring Hill post office around 3:...

Diver Looking for Megalodon Teeth Is Attacked by Gator

Jeffrey Heim doesn't fault the alligator, however

(Newser) - Jeffrey Heim was diving along the Myakka River Sunday, searching for prehistoric shark teeth, when he felt something he compares to the propeller from a boat hitting him at 50mph. What it actually was: an alligator that attacked him, biting his head and hand, ABC Action News reports. The 25-year-old...

Fla. Man Rescues Dog From Gator's 'Death Roll'

Mike McCoy says alligator came out of nowhere and pulled his chocolate Lab, Jake, into the water

(Newser) - Mike McCoy has read up a bit on alligator attacks and what to do if you find yourself in one—and good thing, because he was able to put that knowledge to use this week. McCoy and Jake, his 8-year-old chocolate Lab, were taking a stroll Tuesday near a pond...

First, a Cow Held Up Traffic. Then Came the Alligator

Houston-area cops have an eventful day with wayward animals

(Newser) - Some days, Houston-area traffic can be a nightmare. Other days, it can be a zoo. A cow and an alligator caused traffic delays on Wednesday during separate incidents in which the animals took themselves for a spin on local roadways, per the AP . Around 8am, the cow was spotted moving...

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