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Surprise Discovery After Florida Rollover: 2 Gators

2 teens are arrested for illegally poaching them

(Newser) - The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission doesn't typically respond to the scene of auto accidents. But in this case, there were two good reasons: a pair of large alligators "hanging from the rear window of an SUV resting on its side," the commission explains in a...

Heroic Dad Catches Alligator in Trash Can
Dad Saves the Day
... With a Trash Can

Dad Saves the Day ... With a Trash Can

'I used the front like a hippo mouth' to catch alligator, says Florida man Eugene Bozzi

(Newser) - Spotting a 6-foot-long alligator in his yard where his and other neighborhood kids were playing, Eugene Bozzi decided to play the hippo. The 26-year-old man from Mount Dora, Fla., is seen in a viral video approaching the alligator with a trash container on wheels, its lid flung open, per USA ...

Remains of Man Attacked in Hurricane Floodwaters Found Inside Alligator

Police have identified the remains inside captured gator

(Newser) - Update: The human remains found inside a Louisiana alligator are indeed those of Timothy Satterlee, the 71-year-old who was attacked by a gator in floodwaters outside his home after Hurricane Ida on Aug. 30. Authorities had captured the animal almost two weeks later, and now they have confirmed the remains...

Video: Alligator Attacks Handler at Utah Zoo

Visitors stepped in to save her

(Newser) - A zoo handler who was about to feed an alligator at a Utah petting zoo is probably glad she was surrounded by exactly the guests who were there at the time. The gator lunged at her, chomping down on her arm and thrashing her around, and zoo guests quickly rushed...

Experienced Cyclist Falls in Worst Possible Place

Man goes into water in Florida, is attacked by alligator

(Newser) - An experienced bicyclist's fall in Florida on Monday could have killed him, but not the for reason you might think. TCPalm reports the cyclist lost control while navigating a wooden bridge and tumbled into a small body of water some 6 feet down an embankment, where he was then...

Alligator Wanders Into Florida Post Office

Of course in Florida—where else?

(Newser) - A Florida customer who may have been trying to avoid crowds by heading to the post office in the dead of night encountered a different kind of inconvenience instead. Per a Hernando County Sheriff's Office statement , the unidentified patron showed up at the Spring Hill post office around 3:...

Diver Looking for Megalodon Teeth Is Attacked by Gator

Jeffrey Heim doesn't fault the alligator, however

(Newser) - Jeffrey Heim was diving along the Myakka River Sunday, searching for prehistoric shark teeth, when he felt something he compares to the propeller from a boat hitting him at 50mph. What it actually was: an alligator that attacked him, biting his head and hand, ABC Action News reports. The 25-year-old...

Fla. Man Rescues Dog From Gator's 'Death Roll'

Mike McCoy says alligator came out of nowhere and pulled his chocolate Lab, Jake, into the water

(Newser) - Mike McCoy has read up a bit on alligator attacks and what to do if you find yourself in one—and good thing, because he was able to put that knowledge to use this week. McCoy and Jake, his 8-year-old chocolate Lab, were taking a stroll Tuesday near a pond...

First, a Cow Held Up Traffic. Then Came the Alligator

Houston-area cops have an eventful day with wayward animals

(Newser) - Some days, Houston-area traffic can be a nightmare. Other days, it can be a zoo. A cow and an alligator caused traffic delays on Wednesday during separate incidents in which the animals took themselves for a spin on local roadways, per the AP . Around 8am, the cow was spotted moving...

Florida Man Explains Why He Wrestled Alligator for Puppy

Richard Wilbanks views 3-month-old Gunner as his own child

(Newser) - It's hard to describe the bond between human and dog, even for a guy willing to wrestle an alligator to save the puppy he'd only known for a few weeks. In viral footage, Florida's Richard Wilbanks is seen standing waist-deep in a pond before pulling up a...

Spotted in Florida: 'It Looked Like a Jurassic Park Creature'

Giant alligator spotted strolling a golf course

(Newser) - Florida is known for its alligators, but one that showed up this week on a Florida golf course is making headlines for a) strolling around during Tropical Storm Eta like it was nothing but a sun shower, and b) its jaw-dropping size, per NBC News . Video shot Wednesday at the...

Hunter Got His Deer. Second Animal Was a Surprise

Minnesota man encounters an alligator

(Newser) - A Minnesota man who was tracking a large buck on the opening weekend of deer hunting season encountered a second animal he never expected—a 3-foot alligator, per the AP . Cory Klocek was hunting Saturday on farmland in East Bethel when he took down with a shotgun what he described...

Florida Fisherman Catches 1,008-Pound Gator

Massive reptile was 13 feet long

(Newser) - A huge alligator stalked the river behind Corey Capps' Florida home for three years, as the fisherman imagined one day catching it. "Three different times in the last two months, I've been back there fishing and he's stalked me. ... So me and him, something was going to...

Artist to Purge Vision of Gator Attack by Painting It

'He had green eyes. The teeth were pearly white, no stain or anything.'

(Newser) - Mark Johnson remembers his attacker in vivid detail. "He had green eyes," he says. "The teeth were pearly white, no stain or anything." Now, the Florida artist wants to paint the perp—an 8-foot-long alligator that mauled him earlier this month. The attack in Port St....

3 Lost Humpbacks Go Where Humpbacks Shouldn't Go

At least one remains in a crocodile-infested river in Australia

(Newser) - Three humpback whales made a wrong turn in Australia and ended up in a place where whales have never been seen before: a muddy, bendy river. That's bad. A little worse is that the river is named the East Alligator River, for good reason, reports the BBC . Two of...

Kayaker's Terrifying Gator Encounter Caught on Camera

Pete Joyce has 'different appreciation' for the reptile after one flipped his kayak on NC river

(Newser) - The first 48 seconds of Pete Joyce's video showing him leisurely kayaking in North Carolina's Waccamaw River are as peaceful as can be, punctuated only by the sounds of his oar dipping into the water. Then, at 0:49, something disturbs the water near the shoreline in the...

RIP, Hitler's Alligator
RIP, Hitler's Alligator 

RIP, Hitler's Alligator

Saturn was 84, lived at the Moscow Zoo

(Newser) - An alligator that many people believe once belonged to Adolf Hitler has died in the Moscow Zoo, reports the AP . The zoo said the alligator, named Saturn, was about 84 years old when he died on Friday. According to the zoo, Saturn was born in the United States and later...

Woman Killed After Petting an Alligator

Said 'I guess I won't do this again' before getting pulled back down by gator

(Newser) - A woman attacked and killed by an alligator in a gated community in South Carolina was visiting the homeowner to do her nails and was trying to touch the animal when it grabbed her, reports the AP . After briefly getting away from the alligator Friday, Cynthia Covert, 58, stood in...

Trapper Uses Unusual Method to Get Gator Out of Pool

Paul Bedard plays with animal until it's tired out

(Newser) - A Florida animal trapper says he corralled a large alligator by playing with it until it got tired after it hopped into a residential swimming pool. Celebrity trapper Paul Bedard, who is contracted with the state's nuisance alligator program, said Thursday that he was dispatched to a house in...

Fla. Man Allegedly Offered Gator Beer —and His Own Arm

Timothy Kepke survived to face charges, officials say

(Newser) - Timothy Kepke said he'd downed a couple of beers. Perhaps that's why the Florida man offered up his arm to an alligator one night in late August, according to a report from state wildlife officials. The report, mentioning unreleased video footage, describes a friend catching the gator with...

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