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Merrick Garland Having Surgery, Will Delegate Duties

Justice Department is making the disclosure under new federal guidelines

(Newser) - Attorney General Merrick Garland will undergo back surgery this weekend and delegate his duties to the deputy attorney general during the procedure, the Justice Department said Monday. Garland, 71, will be under general anesthesia during the back procedure on Saturday, which will last about 90 minutes and is "minimally...

Princess of Wales Undergoes a 'Successful' Surgery

Abdominal procedure for unspecified issue may keep Kate Middleton in clinic for up to 2 weeks

(Newser) - The Princess of Wales has been hospitalized for planned abdominal surgery and will remain at the London Clinic for up to two weeks, Kensington Palace said Wednesday. The former Kate Middleton, 42, is expected to return to public duties after Easter, the palace said, per the AP . The surgery has...

Questions Arise Over 'Evolving Situation' With Defense Secretary

Lloyd Austin's hospitalization on Jan. 1 for complications following surgery was kept quiet

(Newser) - Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin is already home after being hospitalized most of the week—except almost no one knew he'd been hospitalized in the first place. The Pentagon announced Friday that Austin, 70, checked into Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on New Year's Day, after he suffered...

Infant Tongue-Cutting Is on the Rise. Should It Be?

The Times investigates surging business of tongue-tie release surgery

(Newser) - A surgical procedure for infants known as "tongue-tie release" is on the rise, though an in-depth story by the New York Times suggests it shouldn't be. The condition occurs when a band of tissue connects the tip of the tongue to the bottom of the mouth. Detaching the...

Doctors Are Learning a Risky Procedure on YouTube
A Risky Hernia Procedure
Is Gaining Popularity

A Risky Hernia Procedure Is Gaining Popularity

'New York Times' takes a in-depth look at component separation

(Newser) - Some doctors are learning how to perform a complicated and risky medical procedure that has recently gained popularity by watching online videos or attending quick trainings. And the New York Times reports that in a growing number of cases, patients are being left painfully disfigured after going under the knife....

Sophia Loren, 89, Takes a Fall at Her Swiss Home

Movie legend is now recuperating after surgery for a leg fracture 'went very well'

(Newser) - Film legend Sophia Loren is recovering from successful surgery for a leg fracture after she fell in her Switzerland home, an agent for the 89-year-old Italian actor said Monday. Agent Andrea Giusti said in an email that Loren fell in a bathroom on Sunday and that the surgery was performed...

Dinner Plate-Sized Surgical Device Left in Woman's Belly
She Griped of Pain for Over a
Year. Then, a Surprising Find

She Griped of Pain for Over a Year. Then, a Surprising Find

Dinner plate-sized surgical device was left in New Zealand woman's belly after C-section in 2020

(Newser) - A New Zealand woman who gave birth by cesarean section in 2020 lived for 18 months with a surgical device "about the size of a dinner plate" concealed in her abdomen, according to a report released Monday. The unnamed woman in her 20s complained of chronic pain in the...

Patients of Female Surgeons Tend to Have Better Outcomes
Female Surgeons Take
Longer, With Better Results

Female Surgeons Take Longer, With Better Results

2 large studies find that patients of male surgeons have more complications

(Newser) - Two studies involving more than a million patients in Canada and Sweden arrived at the same conclusion: Patients operated on by female surgeons have better outcomes than those operated on by men. The studies found that the difference was small but consistent, even when factors like case complexity were taken...

Pope Francis Goes Under the Knife
Pope Francis'
Surgery Was

Pope Francis' Surgery Was Successful

Surgeon says Francis cracked joke afterward

(Newser) - Pope Francis underwent successful surgery Wednesday to remove intestinal scar tissue and repair a hernia in his abdominal wall. The Vatican said there were no complications during the three-hour surgery, which required the 86-year-old to be under general anesthesia, the AP reports. The pontiff is expected to remain at Rome’...

Bo Knows Hiccups, a Little Too Well
Bo Knows Hiccups,
a Little Too Well

Bo Knows Hiccups, a Little Too Well

Elite retired NFL, MLB athlete, who's had the condition for nearly a year, is getting surgery

(Newser) - We all know how annoying it is to be stricken with a bout of hiccups, but few of us can attest to what it's like when those spasms go on for almost a full year. Elite athlete Bo Jackson now falls in the latter group, and he's "...

That's an Unexploded Grenade Lodged Near Ukrainian's Heart
Ukrainian Soldier's Case 'Will
Go Down in Medical Textbooks'
in case you missed it

Ukrainian Soldier's Case 'Will Go Down in Medical Textbooks'

Unexploded grenade successfully removed from soldier's chest, military says

(Newser) - Imagine living with an unexploded grenade, at risk of going off at any moment, lodged just below your heart. That was the reality for a Ukrainian soldier until recently. Doctors succeeded in removing the explosive from the chest of the man in his late 20s during surgery overseen by soldiers,...

Plastic Surgeon Charged After Young Patient's Death

Emmalyn Nguyen suffered cardiac arrest during surgery, died 14 months later

(Newser) - Update: A plastic surgeon has been arrested in Colorado after an 18-year-old patient died following breast augmentation surgery. Emmalyn Nguyen died 14 months after the August 2019 surgery left her in a vegetative state. After a "lengthy criminal investigation," the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office said it issued...

Surgeon Fined for Amputating Wrong Leg

Austrian surgeon blamed a problem with the chain of command

(Newser) - A surgeon in Austria who removed the wrong leg from an elderly patient earlier this year in what the hospital called a "tragic mistake" has been fined the equivalent of around $3,000, with half of it suspended. A court found the 43-year-old surgeon guilty of gross negligence, the...

Doctor Fined for Sleeping Through Surgery
Doctor Sleeps
Through Surgery

Doctor Sleeps Through Surgery

Boston surgeon ate in his car, then nodded off

(Newser) - A wait for a doctor can be long, but it was especially painful for a patient needing emergency ankle surgery at Boston Medical Center. The patient had been taken into an operating room by two doctors, one of whom then said he had to eat first. He left, went to...

Man Gets Prison Time After Botched Castration in Cabin

Victim claims unlicensed surgeon Bob Lee Allen said he would eat his body parts

(Newser) - A man in Oklahoma arrested last year on charges of performing an illegal surgery has been sentenced to two years in jail and 10 years in prison. Bob Lee Allen, 54, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit unlicensed surgery, practicing medicine without a license, and attempted distribution of a psychedelic...

Hit by Ball in the Face, Pitcher to Need Surgery

Chris Bassitt fell to the ground but remained conscious

(Newser) - Oakland A's pitcher Chris Bassitt will need surgery to repair a cheek fracture after being struck in the face by a line drive Tuesday night. In the second inning in Chicago, Brian Goodwin of the White Sox hit a pitch from Bassitt right back up the middle, measured at...

Crowd Hears Pope on Hospital Balcony
Recovering Pope
Speaks at Hospital

Recovering Pope Speaks at Hospital

In appearance during recovery from surgery, Francis stresses need for free health care

(Newser) - Pope Francis led prayers before a Rome crowd Sunday as he does every week, albeit from a different balcony this time. "I am happy to be able to keep the Sunday appointment of the Angelus, even here from the Gemelli Polyclinic," the pope said from a balcony on...

Update Is In After Pope's Surgery

Vatican says the pontiff is 'alert,' in 'good' condition after procedure for narrowed intestine

(Newser) - It's not unusual for people to be slightly nervous when an 84-year-old goes in for surgery—even less so when it's the pontiff. But it looks like all has gone according to plan for Pope Francis, who underwent a procedure Sunday to remedy a narrowing of his large...

Pope Francis Goes In for Surgery
Pope Francis
Goes In for

Pope Francis Goes In for Surgery

Intestinal procedure had been planned, Vatican says

(Newser) - Pope Francis went Sunday to a Rome hospital for scheduled surgery for a stenosis, or restriction, of the large intestine, the Vatican said. The brief announcement from the Holy See's press office didn’t say exactly when the surgery would be performed but said there would be an announcement...

She Desperately Needed a New Windpipe. Now, a Big First
Doctors: We Pulled Off the
'Holy Grail' of Surgeries
in case you missed it

Doctors: We Pulled Off the 'Holy Grail' of Surgeries

NYC medical team says it has performed first complete surgical transplant of a trachea

(Newser) - In 2014, Sonia Sein was hospitalized after a bad asthma attack. The resulting intubation damaged her windpipe, and multiple surgeries didn't help, so doctors finally cut a hole in her throat and inserted a tracheostomy tube. In the six years after, Sein still labored to breathe, forcing her to...

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