Workers Con Time Clock With Boxes Over Heads

So many employees in Italian town have been arrested they may have to close town hall
By Jenn Gidman,  Newser Staff
Posted Jul 13, 2016 9:03 AM CDT

A good percentage of 30 town hall workers in Boscotrecase, Italy, located just outside Naples, have absenteeism issues, with some resorting to ridiculous measures to game the time-clock system by signing in, then leaving, or even punching each other's cards. But while cops recently arrested more than two-thirds of the workers for fraud, there's a new workplace wrinkle: There may not be enough municipal employees to keep the town running, Reuters reports. "I'll probably have to shut down the town hall," Mayor Pietro Carotenuto laments, noting that four departments were shuttered Tuesday. The arrests, which nabbed the town's accounting chief and the head of the traffic police, among others, come during a continuing countrywide sting against what the Local calls "public sector shirkers."

Some of those shirkers weren't exactly inconspicuous: A police video shows at least one man fiddling with a security camera, then putting a cardboard box over his head before running two timecards through the machine; the Local says at least two people were caught on tape going the cardboard-box-on-head route. Twenty-three Boscotrecase employees in total were busted, with six placed under house arrest, four suspended for six months, and 13 suspended for an entire year. And the other handful of employees who (so far) haven't tried any funny business? The Local notes they can get in trouble if they pretend they don't see what their colleagues are doing. (Maybe the busted employees have perpetual hangovers.)

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